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Thursday, 23 April 2015

As per the rumours few months ago that Google was in a plan to launch a wireless carrier service as its Google Fiber and Nexus brand were expanding quiet well they have planned to expand the services to it. So finally today Google has announced Project Fi – its own wireless cellular service.

But as of now Google is providing this service only to Nexus 6 users but eventually this would be available to everyone. And this is available on invite basis only. So to get this quickly sign up for an invite if you are a Nexus 6 users and from a region where this service is available.

The main aim of this Project by Google is to :
Ø   Helping you get the highest-quality connection
Ø   Enabling easy communication across networks and devices
Ø   Making the service experience as simple as possible

Project Fi is built on top of T-Mobile and Sprint Networks and it doesn’t have any contract. They have introduced cool plans i.e., 20$ for unlimited Calls/Text and then 10$ per GB. So if you buy a pack of 5 GB and you only use 3 GB then you will get back your 20$ by the end of the month. That’s a really awesome service.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Yes, the title what you read is a fact now. We often tend to Google our problems in Life and one such problem Google has noted and made it easier for you.

You can now just sit back and search in Google for you Phone with the following terms :
·            Find my Phone
·            Track my Phone
·            Where is my Phone
·            Locate my Phone, etc.
Actually this feature was already there since Google introduced the Android Device Manager but that is a long process where you need to goto the Android Device Manager site of Google and then sign in and then locate it.
So all what Google has done now is it has made all this in-direct process into One single step by include it in the search results itself. So now you can just goto Google’s Homepage and search for any of the above mentioned terms and your device location will be shown right on the results.
Apart from this main feature Google has also included a “Ring” feature to ring the Phone which will help you to locate it more easily.

What if you device is not connected to Internet and is in Silent?
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Monday, 6 April 2015

A mobile handset is necessary for every individual. It helps you staying in touch with your near and dear ones on an instantaneous basis. It’s only the result of sheer hard work of engineers that we could now purchase better handsets with more facilities. There has been a massive improvement in mobile technology over the last few years.

      The journey of mobile handsets is very interesting. Arthur C Clarke, a famous science fiction writer stated it long ago that a small device will enable people to contact each other by dialing a number. His prediction became true and today mobiles have emerged out to be essential equipments for every person. 

      However, the need of the device has increased manifold in recent times. It is not simply used for conversation purpose only, but for other applications too. A single handset could serve a lot of purposes now. Yes, the same mobile will enable you to take good photographs, listen to radio, sending mails and many more. Thus, mobile is a multitasking device and can perform many functionssimultaneously. It is a dream of every person to own good mobiles, but making a right choice is a necessity in this regard.

      Buying a latest technology enabled mobile phone is now also much easier and smarter with available discount coupons on the internet. Just point your browser to and you will get a bunch of discount coupons for free.

Why Online Purchase of Mobiles is Beneficial to Consumers?


      Every time you purchase a product online, you will get full value for money. Products are usually sold on reputed shopping websites and there is no question of getting fake or inferior productsfrom them. Only the items of listed brands and of good quality are made available virtually.


      Who has got the time to go and choose mobiles or other gadgets from shops and malls? It definitely takes a lot of time to do so. Moreover, you can’t expect every shop to keep every mobile. Hence online shops offer you with an opportunity to choose the best mobile for yourself from a wider choice.


      You are free to choose any mobile and electronic gadgets even of huge amounts from online sites. Once your order is booked, you will get the product within the next few hours. You need to enter correct contact details and address for it.


      This is the primary consideration why so many people love online shopping. It is a global trend these days. No matter what is the launch or market price of an electronic product, but the same product is made available at huge discount online. Snapdeal discount coupons help consumers purchase their desired gadgets at amazing rates with a larger discount.


      You don’t need to visit big shops and malls to purchase goods and products of your choice. Online shops deal with almost all types of goods now. So whenever you wish to purchase your favorite mobile don’t look further, visit an online store and book an order for the same by furnishing your details. The booking facility is available 24x7.

Nowadays, Samsung is the number one mobile manufacturer followed by Nokia. So if you wish to buy latest handsets of these companies or any other, then buying online would be the best option for you.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

      Google seems to have good interest on the PACMAN Game as this isn’t the first time that we are seeing Google use this game on their site. Back in 2010 also there was PACMAN Game on their home page which was of great fun as it reminded many of them of their childhood.

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      And now after few years again in 2015 Google has once again tried to put up PACMAN. But, this time they have done it huge by allowing users to turn any location on the world into an interactive PACMAN Game.

      Google allows users to play this game for both desktop as well as mobile users. The desktop users can choose any location on the map and just with a click of the button it will change that whole area into an interactive PACMAN Game field.

      Whereas, for the mobile users the Game is available only at certain area on the map and these areas have to be found out as Google has provided certain clues to find it.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Hello guys in this post I will be telling you how to customize or modify the heading styles in a post on blogger. As we know in HTML we have different header tags namely h1, h2, h3 and so on. These heading styles are based upon the CSS scripting you give it. So in order to modify and give a new look to these header styles all we need to do is modify those particular CSS scripts. Now, let us see how to modify those CSS scripts.

Step 1 : Go to your Blog > Template > Edit HTML

Note : Before you do this its always better and good to have a backup of your template.
So click > Backup / Restore and select > Download full template.
This will download your template.xml file.

Step 2 : Search for “Customize header in Blogger”

in Google you will find lots and lots of new header styles choose one among them and copy the CSS code mentioned for it.

Step 3 : In Edit HTML > Find ( Ctrl + F ) : “.post”

And paste the code below it.

Step 4 : Time to test it.

Your done with the modification. Go to a post and select a header text and change its header style and check it.

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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

      We have listed out the Best Android Smartphones under the pricing of Rs. 10000/- in the Indian Market. Nowadays, smartphones within 10K bucks itself include most of the cool features of the latest smartphones out in the market. Now, lets have a look into the best ones among them.

1. Yu Yureka by Micromax

Key Specifications :
5.5 inches - 720 x 1280 pixels (~267ppipixel density) 
Android OS, v4.4.4 (KitKat) -CyanogenMod11S 
Quad-core 1.7 GHz Cortex-A53 & quad-core 1.0 GHz Cortex-A53 
16 GB, 2 GB RAM 
13 MP | 5 MP 
Rs. 8999/-