Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Ways to make a great app for shopping stores

    Mobile has turned out to be shoppers’ first choice for browsing and buying. According to IBM Watson Trend 2015, mobile accounted for 57.2 percent of all online traffic and 36.2 of all online sales. There was a great increase of 15.2 and 30 percents from 2014.
But not all apps intended for online shopping do succeed. A handful of them perform and rest does not even receive any attention from users. Is there any formula to create such app which will certainly perform and create engagement of customers with brand of a business? Yes, there is. As online shop owners, you can learn following from the most successful mobile apps and the ongoing trends.

Context is the new king
Businesses over the world have spotted it that users want customized mobile interactions. The only way provides such interaction is the integration of the context into the mobile experience. We have heard the phrase “content is the king but now the new king is context. Users expect quality content and, it should be served up to them at right time, in the proper way.

Creating natural interactions
The next frontier in mobile is now represented by cognitive computing. The two aspects of cognitive apps letting business-owner take the UX to completely new level are natural language processing and personality-insights. A cognitive app is one that has ability to process the way human speaks and in result higher response is experienced.

Securing the brand and corporate reputations
It’s visible that mobile security issues are getting heavy stress these days. It will continue all through the 2017 and so on. From enterprise mobile application development to business app development, all sorts of implementations are being expected to be fully secured.

Identifying the difference between good and great
You must know the difference among great, good and mediocre apps because of all the time users spending on their smartphones, 85 percent is spent within apps. They are not good apps or mediocre apps but they are the great apps. So you apps should also be a great app to become the part of that 85 percent of the all time.

According to a research from the IBM Center for Applied Insights, following traits are required to build great apps:
- Experience: At least one mobile app developer in the team should have experience of more than 5 years. Mobile application development for shopping stores is complex area and no one can master it overnight. People learn from their past, from their mistakes and then do them correct in present.

- Collaboration: There must be a better collaboration among all the responsible people or departments. There is no magic way to create an app in silo.

- Analytics: The developers responsible for creating the app should have sharp eye on changing fashions and trends. They should look at metrics like what screen should be used, what sentiments hit users, etc. Also they should follow what reviewers in the store are saying make changes in the app accordingly.
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Friday, 14 April 2017

Practical Apps All Marketers Should Give a Try this 2017!

     With digital marketing becoming a major thing in the corporate arena, more professionals are now encouraged to learn the ropes of the practice and boost their competencies in communicating through the online medium. Unlike traditional media and modes of communication, digital marketing requires timeliness and relevance at all times.

Trends don’t wait, and marketers need to understand that for their market to hear what they want to say, being relevant is a requirement.
But staying up-to-date at all times is difficult especially if you are juggling various social media platforms along with the regular content maintenance of a corporate website. It is easy to break into your work process and end up not finishing tasks due at a specified deadline. This is where apps come in.
Mobile apps are ideally meant to automate. They make work easier. But just like any other human inventions, apps are not created equal. There are those who perform better than the rest and offer more comprehensive features that fit your work needs.
Let’s have a look at the best ones that top today’s list!

We all have websites and blogs that we favor above the rest. But visiting every site on a daily basis just to check what is new can be a daunting task. Feedly helps digital marketers get the best content from their chosen sites straight to their app. It does the screening on your behalf and shows you the articles that are guaranteed to pique your interest whether for personal or professional use. By using the app, marketers can keep track of the information that matters to them while saving time.

It’s natural for digital marketers to have their LinkedIn accounts. But if you’ve been using the platform through desktop, then now might be the right time to consider going mobile too. With LinkedI app, you get to access the same features as when you’re using the desktop version but with the added convenience of doing it anywhere.
Digital marketers need to continually beef up their professional network. And how else can they best achieve this than by staying connected? If one is maintaining a corporate LinkedIn account, then having the app is convenient especially when you’re blogging about an ongoing event.

If you are a fan of inspirational and educational talks, then you must have heard already how amazing TED Talks are! They’re brief speeches or talks by the world’s best academics, medical professionals, engineers, and anyone who has some quality, inspiring and practical information to share.
The TED official app brings you closer to the collection of thousands of videos that the program has published.
As marketers, continued education is highly valuable to keep your knowledge about the industry sharp and relevant. How else can you do this than by listening to experts? Whether you’re looking for in-depth information about something or just want to get motivated, indulging yourself to a TED lesson or two can make a difference.

It’s safe to assume that most, if not all, digital marketers have one way or another encountered and learned from Mashable. It’s a haven for tech-savvy individuals with a knack for social media, and apps. It is a treasure trove for anyone who wishes to know what is trendy in the mobile world. For marketers who focus on online messaging, there is no substitute for knowing what most people are talking about online. It’s even more important if the topics are directly relevant to your work.

This app is based on the book by Annmarie Hanlon and Joanna Atkins and contains helpful answers to the top 100 digital marketing questions. There are five sections present in the app, which you can randomly browse depending on what topic you wish to review. Topics like marketing tools and techniques, instruments in promoting one’s business and money making online are only a few things you can check while going over the app.
In case you need a refresher or quick review on something, you can always count this app to give you helpful data.

This tool is centralized on helping digital marketers manage the social media activity for the company or people they work for.  It’s a social media dashboard that allows users to monitor post performance and receive details on the optimal time when a particular post received more engagement. With the app, one gets to follow each post performance across different social media platforms without having to open each one in separate tabs.
Digital marketers work in a fast-paced environment, and the practice is never static. Now and then, changes are implemented to respond to the change in innovation. Automating one’s task to save time is an efficient method to provide more moments to learn and beef up one’s knowledge of the industry. Evaluate your current performance in online marketing and see how the apps on the list can benefit your work process!

About the Author
Janice is a twenty something who loves to write. She is currently employed with one of the best digitalmarketing agency as a copywriter. She likes to travel around the world to meet new people and gain new experiences.
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Monday, 10 April 2017

7 Killer Design Tips for Creating Attention-Grabbing App Designs

Thing that catches your eye can match your heart. Mobile app is not exception of this. If the app is capable enough to catch the eyes of users, your goal of acquiring users is half done. A random design doesn’t make any magic in attracting and engaging users. In fact, it may leave a bad impression. But, what makes a simple design an outstanding design? If you’re in the hunt of the same, this guide is exclusively for you. Whether you are trying to be an app owner or a designer who is striving to master the art of design, this guide works splendidly.

Top 7 Tips for an Elegant App Design

1.     Create intuitive color hierarchy
You no need to tell everything in text. The values of colour can be used to denote purpose. If users have to choose between 4 options of different values, you can present that in this style. I hope it tells you everything.

Instead of presenting all the options in the same color, if you just put an extra effort to design like this, it creates much more values to your entire design effort. Particularly, mobile app development companies Delhi and Bangalore are very popular in using it.

In another instance, use the colour variations to indicate ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ decisions. The below image tells you everything about it.

2.     Display simple lists stylishly, so stylishly
The majority of mobile apps present information in simple lists. But presenting the same information in the form of stylishly cut mango slices or in sections can be a cool visual experience for users. This is where you should know Information Architecture (IA). With a disciplined ground work, the same UI designer can convey the same information in a captivating manner.

3.     Be responsive to users’ actions
Nobody enjoys loading time. If you want users to bear the loading time, do this.

4.     Implement trending Flat Design
Most designers make simple things complicated by using “skeuomorphism design” in the place of “Flat Design”. Flat design is trending now a days. It doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have texture or shadows. Instead, it shouldn’t be confusing. The ultimate decision of choosing between these two designs depends on your target audience. Though, most people like Flat Design.

5.     Use trending gestures
If you’ve used Tinder app, you have an understanding of how gesture makes a solid impact.Touch, swipe, double-tap, pinch and zoom are turning out to be second nature to users. Check Luke Wroblewski’s gesture guide, so that your interaction design can have better sense. Mobile application development companies in India are internationally recognized for creating trending gestures for apps.

6.     Finger-friendly design
Fingers are much thicker than pixel-precise mouse cursors, so you should have a special focus for finger-friendly design.If your buttons are too small or kept closely, users can’t tap them accurately. So it may lead to frustration and ultimately abandonment.

7.     Medium and decent fonts
Both small and large fonts are dangerous, which may enforce them to quickly leave from the space where they are. Instead of too small, a bit bigger is not a bad idea. Use fonts that are readable and pleasing to the eyes. Prefer a font that is balanced well with the other elements of the screen.

While doing all these exercises, don’t forget to look into competitors’ apps. They are a key resource that you can’t find anywhere. Follow the above rules and blend it with ideas that you find in competitors’ apps. For the best outcome, you can collaborate with top app design companies who are one of the bests in this field.
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Friday, 24 March 2017

Is Google Analytics Helpful for Mobile Apps Too

Whenever a new website is developed for a business, it is registered on the Google analytics so that the incoming traffic could be checked and the owner can see the progress of the website. Analytics gives the clear image of user behavior and gather important data to explore, analyze and understand the data so that owner can employ better futuristic approaches.

However, mobile apps have changed the business environment globally and every business is highly dependent on its mobile app to reach to new clients and maintain the existing ones.
By applying mobile app analytics to your business plans, you create an acquisition plan which increases the return on Investment (ROI) and allows you to help your customers in the most beneficial way.

How to apply Google analytics for your mobile app-
Google's analytics tools for a mobile app is known as Firebase analytics. Now here are the following simple steps through which your mobile app could be aligned with Firebase analytics so that you can keep track of your mobile app's performance-
1. Sign in to your Google Analytics Account.
2. Go to admin.
3. You will see the Property Column, now Create new Property from the drop-down menu.
4. Select the mobile app.
5. Now Select Firebase Analytics and click the option Go to Firebase and you will be navigated to the Firebase analytics where you can sign up easily.

After installing Google analytics tool for your mobile app you can get some key insights like the source of user traffic, Information of users, review historical data etc. Now here are some significant benefits which you will witness after adopting Google analytics for your mobile app-

1. Accurate data to serve your customer better
It is a quite difficult task to understand the user behavior and response without any user patterns or feedback. The app analytics gather a huge bulk of user information like their average time spent on the app, which options they click more, which service is getting maximum attention of user etc. Such large chunk of data gives your business an insight to serve your customer better.

It is a well-known fact that most users do not use the app after downloading it and using it for the first time only. The long-term strategies of running the app cannot only base upon only acquiring new customers but retaining them is also important and the data you got from app analytics will be vital for it.

2. Helps you to adopt customer-centric marketing strategies
Now it is completely possible to create an individual experience for a user through mobile app analytics. Some customer-centric push notifications can amplify the chances of opening the app in a short period of time and can convert up to more than two to three time than general push messages.
App analytics works in the proper symphony with your business marketing strategies and can help you in winning the customer attention with targeted messages.

3. You can track the individual as well as group marketing goals
Analytics apps always provide you most accurate and goal driven data. Such data could be used to check the individual customer behavior or a group behavior. It can also check how many users completed their specific or general tasks within the app and app marketers can get the perfect insight related to customer behavior. Now the possibility to capitalize such data in the favor of your business is boundless.
App analytics can clearly tell you that whether are you spending your money in the right direction or not.

4. Best chances of Return on Investment
App business is a cut-throat business where millions of app contest each other to gain the customer attention and retention. There is a heavy investment involved in the development, testing of the app and later it's marketing. So it requires lots of strategies working together to get a better return on Investment. Without an ROI-focused retention strategy, you are most likely to loose your money in the wrong directions.

5. Better App store optimization
Yes, there is App store optimization strategy similar to the Search engine optimization. In ASO (App store optimization) different apps which have performed better and users have ranked them with higher points come earlier in the app stores search engines.
Here app analytics becomes vital for your business app to come higher in the app stores. So a winning analytics strategy will not only bring your app higher but make sure that your business generates higher revenues.       
6. Improved user engagement and retention
Every app wishes to have a great number of customers using the app regularly. But it requires a strong pool of customers which are constantly engaged with the app and use it regularly.
A good app analytics program reduces the gap between user churn and user retention. It shows that how, when, and why the customer uninstall the app and you can focus on such key points to provide the user a better user interface and services. App analytics always work behind the curtain but provide some vital inputs which optimize an app's market performance and deliver some higher return on Investment.

About Author :
Ruchhir Agarwal is the Chief Executive and Technology Officer at E2logy, an mobile application development company that brings innovative solutions to the digital world. He is a technology enthusiast and a passionate blogger. Ruchhir leads the company in developing custom web and mobile applications that exhibit powerful features and latest technology.
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Sunday, 19 March 2017

The Top Reasons causing mobile Apps Crashed!

What are the reasons that cause an app crashed? The article tries to locate the top reasons that make apps crashed on all platforms.
Apps! We all love them but not when they crash again and again; in the middle of an important course and so on. Nobody likes an app completing 99% of an assigned task, giving us hope, and then all of sudden, crashing in the middle. It’s really hurting.

We now depend heavily on mobile technology and applications but, the more we rely upon them for both business and individual requirements, the greater we need for their consistency. Though, it does not happen because apps crash regardless of devices and operating systems. Whether you have an iPhone or Android powered smartphone, apps will crash on both. Users of both platforms know that.
Many users have complaints that apps on their device crash more than the devices of other users while some users hardly encounter such an issue. So what’s the reason? What causes it? Are these some faulty apps that always crash? Yes, these are. Are some devices responsible to make apps crashed? Yes, these are too. There are multiple of reasons causing apps crashing and in this article we will try to figure out most of them.  

The demand is interrupting supply
The success has some disadvantages and, it applies on apps too. One big disadvantage of a successful app is growing demand which is interrupting its supply. When millions of users simultaneously access an internet-connected app, there are certain chances that it will crash if it’s not treated to handle that traffic. We often see many popular apps freezing in the middle and not responding the way they used to be earlier. This is one big reason causing crash to an application.

No or limited Bandwidth
Many apps always need internet connectivity when launched by users. But if the internet connectivity isn’t reliable enough or there is any sort of interference then the app will crash. If the bandwidth is limited or user is available in no-single zone, there are chances that an app will crash until it’s treated to work offline. Many mobile app developers have now spotted that internet connectivity doesn’t remain equal at all locations and that’s why they try to add offline functioning to some of the features of their applications.

Switching Networks
Now most of the smartphones come with double SIM slots which allow users to operate two different mobile numbers via a single device. This also lets them switch between internet connections. Users will switch between internet connections if they also have Wi-Fi. Switching between two different internet networks may affect the stability of an app. OS cannot do anything for this, but app developers can do. They need to build better code.

Bugs left during the production
Many bugs left during production do not easily accept new features. It may affect other parts of an app and make it crashed. To avoid any sort of bugs in a mobile app development, the testing process must include following:
·        Test Case preparing
·        Automated Script identification & modification
·        Manual & automated testing
·        Usability testing
·        Performance testing
·        Security & compliance testing
·        Device testing

Badly Optimized front-end
Apps need to access various resources to deliver their functioning but if they are poorly optimized, they will crash. Here developers need to create a strategy that harmonizes both on-screen and device capabilities. Native apps are created for particular mobile platform and written in a particular language supported by that platform only. If developers optimize the front-end of an application in the best way, the app can fully leverage the hardware and functionality of a device and in result, deliver the best user experience. 

Integration Issues
Many apps crash because the back-ends do not respond quickly or have been poorly integrated with the front-ends. The functioning wants content, but the back-end is not available to deliver that. This may make the app unstable and ultimately cause a crash.  

Database Issues
If the app generates bad queries or excessive sessions, the performance gets halted. The app may crash or hang.  Here are the common issues in the integration of the database with an app.
·        Excessive permissions
·        Weak passwords
·        missing patches
·        poorly configured login auditing
·        default account name
·        excessive stored procedures
·        SSL not enabled
·        Access database over RPC
·        Blank passwords allowed
·        Duplicated passwords

Cross browser compatibility
Web based mobile apps also crash if the browser in which apps are running is not compatible. While building an app, developers need to test it in all commonly used browsers.

Incompatible device
In case of Android, there are devices that fulfill minimum hardware requirements. But they often crash apps.  Here, developers need to input additional efforts to avoid these crashes. They would need scaling their application to multiple versions of the same OS and even to the different device running a single OS version.

Too many apps
Too many apps may crash one another. A user experiencing frequent crashes to more than one app also needs to check how many apps are in his / her device. Uninstall the apps that are not in the use.

Memory Management
Mismanaged memory and processing power can also crash apps.
Both iPhone and Android powered phones do crash apps. Developers need to understand the capabilities of a platform because, if an app is frequently crashing, users will not wait to uninstall it. On the other hand, users also need to pay attention to their devices and make some adjustment to settings to avoid crashing to apps.

Sofia is a digital marketing expert in Rapidsoft technologies, a prominent mobile app development company which provides iOS and android app development services across the global. She loves to write on latest mobile trends, mobile technologies, startups and enterprises
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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

How spying software are trending in the markets?

Spying software were initially developed for military and intelligence agencies for security purposes. Today, the applications of mobile spying software extend beyond these reasons. The spyware industry also serves parents worried about their kids’ safety, jealous spouses to overcome their fear of infidelity, and also overbearing bosses who are concerned about corporate espionage.

The new wave of innovation, spy apps, are a break-through for marketers. According to some analysts, these monitoring software are positioned somewhere between hype and disillusionment. These apps are no more a well-trod idea but a phenomenon that makes human imagination become reality. However, amongst much hype and excitement, such a technology still has a long journey ahead towards mass adoption.

Mobile spyware trends – Facts and Figures
Proliferation of tech gadgets have made a huge impact on our lives. Though it may seem as invasion of privacy but the prevalence of social evils has resulted in mainstream usage of mobile monitoring software. The dark side of the internet has been exposed which can have traumatic effects on the lives of kids and adults alike.
Since 89% of the Americans owned smartphones for personal use in 2016, they are prone to engage in evil around them, as per Ofcomconsumer research. Internet accessibility in these mobile devices have allowed people to visit multiple websites and apps. According to a report, there is a rise in the volume of texting among teenagers due to the increase the communication channels. It was reported that in 2010, an average of 60 messages were sent by a teenager. The number is doubled by now.
Studies also show that the rise of social networking channels require people to provide their personal information which can then be used by bullies, scammers, or online predators to harass them. In order to avoid becoming the next victim, people rely on spy apps.
The above facts and figures are there to validate the effectiveness of spyware technology since the balancing act of handling the technology is both difficult and nuanced. And we as parents, spouses, and employers have to constantly face this struggle.

Reasons for increase in the trends of spy apps
Why have the mobile spying trend sped up? What actually pushes a person to monitor someone? There are a plenty of things you need to take into account for the welfare of your family or business. How a mobile monitoring software is utilized determines its usefulness in the long-run.
Due to globalization and technological advancement, mobile spying has increased rapidly. The number of potential users have had an exponential rise because of the heart’s ease provided by monitoring via spy apps. Here are some of the reasons why this modern technology is being used with a sense of urgency.

1.          Conduct business from anywhere
Due to the turbulent nature of businesses today, firms come up new management techniques that can help in the growth. Employee management can either mar or contribute towards business prosperity. Today, businesses are conducted on a global scale, which means that fincanical consultants might be in New York, the IT sector might be in Bangalore, and the owner himself might be in Europe. Such a long-distance business can easily be conducted due to monitoring tools such as The app enables the employer to keep a tab on his employees so that they do not waste the valuable company time. Daily schedule of the employees is monitored and the suspect of data theft or leakage confidential company information can be caught by checking his message and mail correspondence and monitoring his calls.

2.          Track the stolen phone
The word ‘spy’ is mostly used in negative connotation but it is often used for security and safety. Since phone thefts are on the rise, any of your family member’s phone can be stolen. It might have their personal photos or data that could be used by blackmailers later. If you have a spy app like xnspy installed in your target’s phone, you can remotely command the control panel to wipe data or block certain apps so that it remains nothing more than a machine.

3.          Protection of mobile data
Nowadays, most people conduct business and other activities online. Emergence of M-commerce has caused people to do banking, shopping, etc. all via online apps. Therefore, a phone may contain important passcodes, bank details, or biometric prints. Some hacker might access your target phone to obtain their personal information which can result in monetary losses. So a spy app needs to be installed in order to lock the phone screen or take Live-screenshots, etc. Through GPS tracking, you can also retrieve the stolen phone from the thieves.

4.          Online safety of teens and tweens
The reported number of crimesagainst kids such as sexual harassment, cyberbullying, suicides, abduction, etc. have caused parents to lose their sleep at night. They worry for their child’s safety and there is a nagging uncertainty about what is going on in their child’s life. Since kids have a carefree nature, they can easily venture into the wilds of internet without thinking of the consequences. xnspy enables parents to keep a track of their kids’ communication platforms including WhatsApp, Skype, iMessages, etc. along with monitoring their social media activities to figure out their every move.

It is wrong to generalize that all reasons to use spy apps are unethical and illegal. In some cases, these are used as a necessity. Today, the number of cases for spy app usage are increasing in volume. This advanced monitoring tool with its unlimited features has become more than human fantasy.
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