Thursday, 17 August 2017

Reasons Why Organic SEO Is Getting More Popular For Small Business

People talk about organic traffic and some talk about paid traffic. These two things are different and both are good to boost a small business popularity. But the question is which is the best and affordable way to boost traffic for a small business? What would be the long term result of organic search engine optimization and pay per click advertising? 
Here, in this post, we will discuss them.

What is Organic and Paid Traffic

Let’s talk about organic traffic. Organic traffic is nothing but a cost-effective search engine optimization technique that helps boost one’s website without investing much. If you know SEO then you can apply on and off-page SEO that generates organic traffic for your website. If you like to increase your organic traffic you need to increase your organic search rank. Organic SEO for organic traffic is a long task and a specialist can help you in this regard if you are a non-tech person.

Let’s talk about paid traffic. There are many advertising campaigns available these days. You can apply one or multiple, but the best one is pay per click. Google’s pay per click is nothing but a paid ads campaign by which Google will help your site rank high in the search engine and get traffic to your website. This way you will get traffic and visitors that can be turned into your customers. This is a paid way, so the more you invest the more you get results.

Why Organic SEO Is Popular

Organic SEO is long term and the result is also long term. Organic SEO is affordable rather than paid advertisement like Google AdWords or Bing Ads campaign, due to the reason companies that have a small capital to invest in internet marketing prefer organic SEO. Where as a small business entrepreneur you might not have time and energy to invest in Adwords campaign and you have a lack of fund, but if you hire a SEO specialist who will take care of your all Organic SEO activities you will be benefited. You will save time, energy and money at the same time, but the result will be long term.

There are some reasons to invest in Organic SEO Marketing, such as:
  • Optimal user experience
  • Finding new customers and assisting growth
  • Organic SEO is cost-effective sans risk of ad campaign
  • You can stay in sync with all new developments that are directly or indirectly related to SEO.

Compared to paid campaign you will have rapid traffic but that would be a limited period because the more you invest in paid campaign the more you get the benefits. Where in organic SEO campaign the more you input energy and effort the more you get the benefits for a long period of time. Albeit, the above given four things are not all when you think of organic SEO and the benefits of doing for small business, but they can be the core of your SEO campaign.

Author Bio:
Sunny Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Alliance International IT – a Web design and Development Company. Helping global businesses with unique and engaging tools for their business. He would love to share thoughts on SEO Services, Web Designing, and mobile app development.
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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

How to write an Awesome Blog Post in 5 Steps

Are you a new blogger? Have you been running a blog for several months already but the results keep disappointing you? Do you want to make your blog a professional platform where you can make money but not a hobby that brings nothing?
You are to learn how to write amazing posts that make your visitors return and become your followers and fans.

Writing an effective post takes a lot of time, good understanding of blogging tendencies, sense of style, and perfect knowledge of your audience. You should also know when to publish your post, how to promote it on social media, and how to react to comments properly. There is a huge number of important details, starting from creating an idea and up to proofreading, but in this article we, will cover 5 the most effective steps that will make your post work!

1. Learn your audience and write for it

Marketers know that to sell a product, you do not need to offer it to anyone. You need to sell it to people who are interested in it. You will not try to sell medical equipment to a teacher, right? The same is with blogging. You need to know who will read your articles. This will help you to effectively manage your writing and build communication with the audience that understands the subject.

Therefore, before you start to write a blog post, you need to create an image of your perfect reader. There are various tools that are used for creating a perfect buyer persona for marketers, and you can use them to create your perfect reader persona as well.

You are to analyze such points as the fears, interests, and hobbies of your perfect reader. In this way, you will understand what to add to your post to make a person read it.

Always write for your audience! There is a tendency that new bloggers try to write for everyone by submitting dozens of posts that have absolutely nothing in common. They may get likes and shares, but these visitors will never return to the blog, as there is nothing interesting for them expect for one post.

2. Create headlines that intrigue

The studies of headlines go further and further. There are even some formulae of effective headlines for each article, like writing How to, include digits, etc. These formulae really work, and if you want to make your blog post a success, you need to try some of these approaches.

However, there are also some other things that are not so obvious. For example, people do like intrigue. Sometimes, they like informal language in formal posts. They like something usual. They have already got tired of classical headlines.

If you are at the start of your career, try different approaches to writing headlines. Do remember about the analysis, as only in this way you will be able to understand what works better for your posts and your audience.

3. Share your personal experience

People love posts where you tell your own experience. They can read studies and scientific research in the news or corresponding resources. They take blog as a representation of a person who stands behind the content. Therefore, it will be better if you start to add some personal touch to your posts.

Tell what happened to you in this or that situation, share your personal insights, write funny stories that happened to you or your friends. You are a blogger, not a journalist, and people expect that you will be more like a human than someone who re-writes pieces of content from different sources.

4. Add visual content

Your post may be perfect: catchy headline, interesting idea, lots of insights. But people still do not read it. Why do that happen? Perhaps, you forgot about the visuals.

The truth is that most of the visitors do not read article once they open a page. First, they skim the page, and if something attracts them, they start reading. Even if your formatting is perfect, it still does not guarantee that a person will start to read an article. He needs something more, and this is visuals.

By addition images and videos to your post, you increase the engagement of visitors greatly. Besides, you can use these elements to draw attention to some ideas, to show how sarcastic you are about what you tell, or just to make them laugh.

Even the most conservative bloggers admit that a funny picture may change the whole story, especially if added to a post with a complicated theme. But to make it work, you need to be sure that your readers are ready to such an extravagant combination. Here, we move back to the first step – learning your audience.

5. Share it on Facebook

If you have many Facebook subscribers and friends, you can try to involve social media to your post promotion. It will be enough just to share it, write some comment to that, and ask a couple of friends to make a repost. In this way, your post will appear on social media, and it will reach out bigger audience.

At this point, you will be able to understand whether you create an effective enough headline, is the picture attract the attention, and who is interested in your materials. By analyzing this data, you will be able to get something new about your blogging talents and perhaps even find out some unexpected truth about your target audience.

Never hesitate to experiment with your blog! Today, experiments lead to better results than long-time analysis of almost no data.

These 5 steps will show you the right direction that you should move to become a successful blogger. Once you get to know how to write amazing posts, you will start to do that almost automatically and will be able to generate better content. And this content will help you get more visitors and readers, and eventually you will find out that your blog became popular enough and you are no longer a rookie but a professional!
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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

How Has Technology Impacted The Recruitment Industry

  Technology is not just a piece which everybody uses to get their work finished and to maintain the connection with others. It also has a massive impact on how businesses or organizations recruit talents across the market and also plays an important role behind the right talent finding the right employer.
Many have presumed that the recruitment trends would be that either the new technologies would have an impact on recruitment or the current recruitment technology are going to stay in the coming years.

Also, the most interesting part of technology and recruitment is that it works concurrently.
Below points might help you get the know how of the impact that the technology has made on recruitment.

Recruiting through Social Media

As we all know that social media recruiting isn't the newest thing in the market nowadays but there are few tactics which have come up in the recent years. These tactics include interviewing over video and also taking into consideration the candidate's social media profile as a component of the application. This can be used a substitute for the current methods that we use while screening the candidates. Reasonably the most important and the effective way to use social media as a recruitment tool is to use it as a referral. Around 35% of the organizations saw a rise in their referral candidates once they go engaged with social media recruiting, and such candidates are the ones who are more likely to stick around with the company and perform better in their respective roles. Nevertheless, the important thing to remember is to not get carried away by using this medium and not forget, you need to have a good relationship with all the potential customers. Social media recruitment doesn't mean that you don't have to communicate with the candidates or you should only post jobs on social mediums or the social media recruitment is cost-effective as the platforms which it offers is free to use. Social Recruitment has its own bunch of protocols or best practices that need to be followed much like other recruiting platforms.

Applicant Tracking Systems

Applicant tracking systems can be one of the most important or one the most harmful, technological impression on recruiting. While most of the hiring managers or recruiters may mention that it is a great tool to screen all the resumes and finding a proper match. But, if take the job seeker's point of view, they might think that the applicant tracking system hampers their chances of getting hired by not considering their resumes on an individual basis. Agreed that the ATS can be very effective and will be of good help to the company by meeting all the compliance protocols, but it has some drawbacks that it cannot read resumes that are in PDF format or identifying some keywords like "Professional Experience" or "professional achievements" could mean the work experience of the candidate.

Mobile Recruiting

According to more than 60% of the recruiters, mobile recruitment is a most trending of all the other mediums of recruitment. At the slightest, your career or the company page should be optimized enough to be able to have an effective experience on the mobile phone. This practice enables you to reach passive job seekers much more quickly than using other strategies. But if this method, being applied well, it proves to be a huge impression on your brand. Most of the people have put forward their views that they have a better experience viewing the site on their mobile. Focussing on things apart from the career page, recruiters think of improving other features of the mobile experience. These improvements would include creating a user-friendly mobile application. One should also consider improving the load times of the application which makes it much more user-friendly. These 2 constituents will tend to lose many candidates if they aren't fast and easy to use.

In recent years, technological developments have taken place a lot and it has changed the scenario in the recruitment industry and many professionals doing HR jobs have adapted to these changes. One of the most remarkable differences highlighted in a research is the disparity between how the people who are seeking for a job find companies for employment and how employers search for the right candidates.

Telephonic Interviews have rise

The uprising of social media is not the only change in the recruitment industry. If we go ahead and compare today's data with the earlier ones, we would definitely notice some changes. Around 8-9 years back, there were around 40% employers who interviewed all the probable candidates on the phone but now the numbers have risen to around 75%. Being able to carry out interviews over the telephone is the one thing that the employers or the recruiters should take utmost use of.


We can also expect that the next impact on the recruitment industry technologically will be an increase in the usage of video interviews. In the recent years, these types of interviews have been lauded as the next big turning point in the industry, but according to a research, this practice hasn't been able to take hold as of yet.
Nevertheless, when human resource professionals were asked about what the future holds for the recruitment industry, around 70% of the professionals stated that they expect more of video CVs. Over a half of employers expect to organize more interviews by video.
There is an important advancement in the technology nowadays which is cloud computing which is touted to change how companies would recruit candidates. For businesses which are not well established, advanced software and various database would prove to be costly for them hence they are unable to buy the technology for their advancement. Thus cloud computing makes it a lot easier for smaller businesses to leverage the improvements in the technology and it is possible that we will witness many more organizations secure their power in their recruitment.
With so many headways, it may be challenging to stay abreast, so success would find those who can consistently stay ahead of the trajectory and make sure they use the available technology quite effectively.

Author Bio
Hi, I am Vikrant Rai, A Digital Marketer who currently works with Aasaanjobs, an India based Job portal. A writer by day and a reader at night, and will be quite fascinated with a good fiction book. Also a freelance blogger.
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Thursday, 3 August 2017

Top 10 Advanced Car Technologies by 2020

In the era of Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai and other visionary scientists and inventors, there are hardly any Sci-Fi dreams that can be termed as practically impossible. Even space travel has now become an ancient discussion as talks about time travel begin to take pace. It’s like waking up to a new scientific marvel every day and trying to digest its greatness before another invention startles us the very next day. Multi-purpose drones flying around, firefighters wearing actual jet-packs, high-tech RADAR monitored road systems, and what not. 

Technology in the 21st century has swelled with leaps and bounds, and the reflection of this advancement can be noticed in the car industry as well. Quite aptly considered as the lifeline of our transportation system, car enthusiasts can expect the following technologies to roll out by the year 2020:

1.  Biometric based door lock/unlock systems

After its successful utilization in residential and commercial automation systems and its very recent implementation in smart phones, biometrics have proven their mettle as the future of security systems. Most car manufacturers have already rolled out the key-less versions of their basic as well as luxury models, and the next step would be the successful implementation of fingerprint based or retinal scanner based door access system. We hope it's rolled out in reality much before its launch in the Mission Impossible movie series.

2.  Self-healing parts?

Car workshops are quite certainly the most hated places for vehicle owners. And the drive from the accident spot to the garage is the longest and the most stressful of all. Nevertheless, scientists at Goodyear Tires have rolled up their sleeves and are fast working towards fabricating tires that can self-heal a flat situation. Another reason not to learn how to fix a flat by yourself? Perhaps! However, for now, we recommend Kwik Fit offers @ HotUKSavings for all the needs of your car.

3.  Solar powered vehicles

Yes, these have already been implemented by teams of the automobile and renewable energy engineers but these cars suffer on regular highways due to their relatively slow speed and glitches in a continuous power supply. Engineers are working towards building faster versions that could stay in-line with the conventional vehicles and be safe enough to avoid collisions and unwanted traffic congestions.

4.  Vehicle Anti-theft tracking
Again, this technology is currently being run on smart phones with Google playing the most important role with the help of periodic data transmission to your Gmail account. Data even includes locational information about the device which can then be used to locate the smart phone and warrant against thefts. The technology is soon to be launched in vehicles as integrated vehicle tracking systems and will be implemented as per specific rules and regulations in each country. The data can either be tracked by the traffic regulation authority or privately by the car owner.

5.  Smart wrap around
Ever seen joggers and runners with a special wrap-around case clamped to their arms and chests? These are used to monitor vital physical parameters of the human body like heart beat rate and calorie burn percentage. Several vehicle manufacturers are coming up with similar installations on seat belts and steering wheels. This could come as a complete package within the Health Monitoring System for cars.

6.  Digital displays on windshields

How cool would this be? This technology has the potential of eliminating our reliance on smart phones while driving in unfamiliar territories. A transparent and multi-functional display between you and the windshield can serve several purposes like over-speed warning systems, navigation systems, proximity alarm systems, etc. A thorough research and development in this technology will provide long distance drivers with a never before experience.

7.  Driverless vehicles

The list keeps getting interesting. Autonomous driving systems without human interference but strictly within ‘pre-defined and controlled conditions’ will be a possibility by the year 2020. Tech-giants have already tested their smart cars in private driving areas and have come out with flying colors. But its implementation in urban roads is still a very long shot considering the morning and evening peak hours where the traffic goes haywire. Even the climatic conditions will play a decisive role in giving a green signal on a particular day and time frame.

8.  Will the final say belong to the car?
Technically referred to as the ‘driver override system’, it is an update within the autonomous driving system. Even when the car is under complete control of the human driver, the vehicle will be programmed to sense situations where it has to take over the control in its hand and execute an override command. A simple example would be the self-braking system during over-speeding.

9.  Distant shutdown
Another security system that already exists but showed negative results during its initial implementation is the remote shutdown feature for vehicles. It is expected that by 2020, this feature will be more commonly used with several upgrades in order to avoid mishandling and misuse.

10. Flying cars

This term has the power to generate a significant number of childhood memories, including TV shows and movies. The world was shown this dream for the first time in the movie ‘Back to the future’ where flying cars were littered all over the urban air s. pace. Kids of the 90’s era would be familiar with this term thanks to the super hit game ‘Grand Theft Auto’ where cheat codes could you get anything from a flying car to an amphibian vehicle enjoying the sea waves and road ways, both. Coming back to our point, a company called AeroMobil has started taking pre-orders for their flying cars that will be delivered by 2020! Even though it’s a childhood dream of everyone, it will be quite some time before these vehicles become a common trend.
In conclusion, we ask you, the way we ask ourselves. What would be the reaction of Henry Ford be looking at his very own invention?
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Sunday, 30 July 2017

Avoid Online Marketing Mistakes and Unlock the Gateway to Success

Online marketing has over-ridden all marketing modes in the current scenario. The reason being, be it a grocery shopping, buying a pair of shoes or ticket booking, users want everything at their doorsteps in a single tap. It has not only made their lifestyle quick but also serves them ease-of-accessibility and lets them comparing multiple services on a single screen. This is why online marketing has become the need of an hour.

Though online marketing doesn’t seem to be a big job for a few service providers, there are a few silly mistakes you unknowingly do while website promotion or online marketing. This can turn to be a zero return on your investment. Here, we are going to list a few mistakes you do, so that you in point them and not let them happen again.

Mistakes to Be Avoided While Online Marketing
     Not Making The Buzz

Launching a new website is not just enough to bring the target audience. You might not know, but there are millions of websites all over the internet. To bring your website in the limelight, you need to shout out loud. Here, we mean to promote your website as much as you can.

     Getting Trapped With Quick Results

A few of your competitors or newbie companies may beat you by getting the rank in short span. In such scenario, you need not panic and adopt black hat techniques. The reason being, it can bring you quick success, but the truth is, Google spends millions just to combat the cheaters. So, keep calm and go with white hat techniques.

     Using Insufficient Marketing Tools

Online marketing is not only about excelling in any one out of PPC or social media or e-mail marketing or white hat techniques. Instead, excelling all of them will let you know which tool to use and when to use. Staying updated with the latest marketing tools will let you lead. In case, you do not have sufficient skills, you can hire online marketing experts.

     Relying Only On Paid Campaigns
Paid campaigns can bring you audience, but not long term goals. Also, it may or may not give you target audience and satisfying ROI. So, always work for organic results as it may give you results slowly, but once you achieve the success, you will rule the world for longer.

     Reaching Irrelevant Audience
Do not get mesmerized with a daily audience, if you are keeping track on your visitors. The audience may be irrelevant if you are promoting it under an irrelevant category. Always, promote your website under relevant category and similar domain. The reason being, irrelevant link building can give you quick results, irrelevant audience, and more backlinks, but ultimately you are also inviting a hit by Google overcoming which can be a longer one.

Did You Get The Key To Successful Online Marketing?
Pinpointing the above tips can be a key your success. Always remember, investing on your website is a matter of few minutes, but letting your efforts, crucial time and money in vain is not smart. It is wiser to stay updated with the latest online marketing trends and tool, so you can always lead among your competitors.

Author Bio:
Priya kapoor is an experienced Technical Writer at SEO Service Delhi, which is a specialized SEO Company in Delhi and providing top-notch SEO services to help businesses get higher ranking on search engines. She is enthusiastic about writing quality and interactive articles/blog posts related to online business promotion.
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Sunday, 23 July 2017

4 Basic Traits that Graphic Designers Must Possess

   There are millions of people who pass out of the graduation school every year and commence their struggle of being a professional designer. So it becomes quite a tough decision for the creative director of any company, to choose the right one and appoint them with the responsibility of building interesting designs for the clients. But there are some basic traits that all the proficient designers have in common. The traits actually help them to stand out  and create their own niche in the business world.

Written below are some of the traits that any graphic designer must possess or should practice to enhance. Just read on to know the qualities so that you can survive and make it big in the industry as a graphic designer.
· Willing to Learn – This is a notion among the creative designers that they should be the superman of designs. They think that they are expected to justify any design that is thrown at them. But that is usually not the case. The creative director already has knowledge about what can be achieved by whom. They do not expect the junior to come in and be as efficient as that of a senior member. But what is desired of a graphic designer is to always be willing to learn. They should listen, watch, and practice to enhance their skills. Not only that, they should always ask for feedbacks and take directions. There should be a sense of collectiveness in them and they should be open to suggestions. This way they will be able to break away from what they already know.

· Passion and Drive – It is the passion and the dedication towards designing that will help you to sustain for a long time in the industry. Once you have achieved a particular standard your next endeavor is how to be even better than yourself and the others.  If you do not have the fire in the eyes to eat, live about designing then it is a challenge for you to survive in the industry. This is the reason why it is said that only the strong are able to survive. So try new things, step out of your comfort zone, breathe and dream design. Then only you will be able to achieve what you have been striving for.

· Attitude Is Half the Battle – A great attitude is sometimes as vital as that of a good portfolio. Sometimes even if the graphic designer is the world’s best, then also he cannot be hired. This is because as a designer you have to be a team player. It is not only how well you design but how well you integrate into the team that actually counts. To work as a team you should always portray a drive to make the design look better, a willingness to work as the team and also offer a positive attitude towards every project.

· Taking a Specific Lifestyle – The designing projects that you have undertaken in the school or colleges are for brainstorming and enhancing your creative skills. But in reality, designing is quite a different game. The projects that have accomplished in school do not have the limitations that brands, budgets and client goals set on you. Designing is just half the battle. The other parts include offering a solution that the client can be content with and can be realized by the developer and the printers. You should know the software, the colour breakdowns and all the nitty-gritties of a design so that you can create the design that your client needs.

The above are some of the most basic traits that every graphic designer must possess to make it big in the visual graphic design industry. If you are able to develop these and make these your second nature you must be able to be a successful designer in the least possible time.
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