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  • Friday, 23 January 2015

          Are you a person who reads a lot over the internet most of the time and are you tired of reading text or web content each and everytime? Then here you have a solution. It time that you make your browser read it for you rather than you reading the text all the time.

          This tutorial will teach you how to make your web browser [Google Chrome]  speak out the text loud for you.

    Video Tutorial

    Follow the steps below –
    Step 1 – Goto the Webstore of Google Chrome.

    Step 2 – Search for “Text Reader” or “Text-to-Speech”, etc.

    Step 3 – Select any of the top extensions.
    We would suggest you to use “SpeakIt!” which is one of the best extensions available.

    You could skip the above steps by directly jumping into this LINK to install the extension.

    Step 4 – Now select the Text from any website example, Wikipedia or any other blog.

    Step 5 – Click the SpeakIt button on the Top-Right Corner of the browser.

    Thats it.. Now the app will start speaking out the text that you have selected previously.

    Saturday, 10 January 2015

          Losing our smartphones has become one of the major issues in the present times. So its better to take up some precautions as the saying goes precaution is better than cure. All you need to do is select a good anti-theft app and install it on your device.

          But out there on the playstore there are like hundreds of apps which does these anti-theft functionalities so which among those are trusted ones and which is the better one. So to solve this confusion among you here we bring to you the Best Top 5 Apps for Tracking Down your Lost or Stolen Device.

    WheresMy Droid

          Its the first of its kind on the Android App Market and still it continues to be the best and most used Anti-Theft App on the Google playstore. It has got lots of features like it can send a SMS of the GPS coordinates to another device or take a snapshot of the user secretly or remotely wipe down the data or lock down the device, etc.

    LookoutMobile SecurityPlanB

          Lookout acts as an Antivirus as well as it has got the Anti-theft features too allowing the user to remotely wipe the complete data or set the phone to scream aloud and allows safe browsing, etc.

          Whereas PlanB a product by Lookout Mobile Security itself is an alternative app that is as the name suggests its a Plan B. When you don’t have an anti-theft app installed in your device at the time you lost it then you got this option left i.e. PlanB. All you need to do is goto a PC and open playstore on it with the same gmail account as in your lost mobile and install PlanB from it. The app will get installed on your device and immediately send you the location.

    PreyAnti Theft

          It is one of the most popular anti theft app not only for Android but available on various platforms. Even laptops could be traced with this app. It is really a very robust app. It helps you to track and locate your lost or stolen device. You can have a track of 3 devices for free on one single account.

          This is also one of the popular apps for anti-theft. It also has the usual features like remote data wipe, remote alarm alert, etc. But along with these it has a special features by which it tracks the location travelled by the stolen phone on the map.


          This app lets you remotely control many features of your device via the internet or SMS. For example, SMS lock and unlock, erase SD card, wipe phone, activate alarm, etc. Also allows you to take pictures from front cam or the rear camera.

          There are tons of apps out there available on the Google Playstore but these are a set of the top 5 most popular and best apps to protect your device from the threat of getting stolen. So if you have a better app on your list then do comment below we will so try to include it onto the list here.

    Friday, 9 January 2015

          In the previous post of our blogging tutorials we saw about how to create your first blog and then how to write and edit a post on it. The initial look or what we call as a template that we get by default in blogger is a pretty old and basic looking style which is not at all attractive to the users who come to read your posts.

          A certain part of the users who come to read your posts tend to get attracted by the look of the blog which helps them to keep up the interest to continue reading from your blogs thus giving your users a good using experience.
    So now lets see the steps to follow to Change your Blogs Look :
                                                 Step 1                                            
          Firstly asusual sign-in to your blogger account. And select the blog for which you wish to change the template.

                                                 Step 2                                           
          Now goto and type Blogger Free Templates and you will find a large variety of templates available for free just check the demo of each and download on among those. And extract out the files out of which the required file is the .XML File.

                                                 Step 3                                           
          Now Go to Blogger and click on template from the left side menu. You will now get a button named Backup / Restore at the Right top side. Click on it. Now a small window will pop up in that you need to upload the .XML file that you extracted in the step 2. And click on upload.

          Thats it, your job is done. Now try to view your blog and you can see your blog in a new look.

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                       How to Create a New Post on Blog or Website?

    Sunday, 28 December 2014

         Samsung recently admitted that it was too slow to respond to the rapid shifts happening in the industry. Last couple of quarters were not good for the company as it lost a good chunk of market share to the new players. Better late than never, it has realized the mistake and is now gradually revamping its portfolio with the posh-looking metallic smartphones. After the metal-rimmed Samsung Galaxy Alpha and Note 4, the company has now introduced a pair of all-metal smartphones – the Samsung Galaxy A3 and A5. They look good, and are priced affordable, making them desirable options for the youngsters. In case you are planning to pick one of them, let’s have a quick look over their features in order to decide which one better suits your need.

    Samsung Galaxy A3 vs Galaxy A5

    Design and display

         Unlike the Galaxy Alpha, which had a metal frame with plastic back, the new smartphones get full-metallic body made of aluminium. They have unibody design, and are noticeably slim. Pick either of them and you have looker in your hand. Both the smartphones can be availed in six colors – black, white, gold,silver, blossom pink and light blue. Since the back cover is not removable, the slots are embedded on the right side.
    Samsung has equipped both the Galaxy A3 and A5 with Super AMOLED displays, but with different sizes and resolutions. While the Samsung Galaxy A3 features a 4.5-inch panel with 960x540 pixel resolution, the Galaxy A5 gets a bigger 5-inch display with HD (1,280x720 pixel) resolution.

    UI and configuration

         Both the smartphones will ship with Android 4.4 KitKat, supercharged with Samsung’s own TouchWiz UI. Besides regular software tweaks, Samsung has enhanced the UI for these smartphones with some additional features, like new themes, new touch sound and a voice related feature called Wise Voice, which adjusts the volume of the device according to its distance from your face.
         Both the devices are powered by similar processing units i.e. 1.2GHz quad-core, but while the Galaxy A3 gets only 1GB of RAM, the Galaxy A5 gets 2GB of it. So, in case you have plans to play heavy games on your next smartphone, consider the later. For storage, you get 16GB built-in memory in both the devices, which can be expanded up 64GB via microSD cards.


         Keeping up with the trend, Samsung has launched the phones with a lot of selfie-focused features. The 5-megapixel front camera can capture wide-angle selfies of 100 degrees in portrait mode and 120 degrees in landscape. It can be triggered with voice, or start the 3-second countdown by holding your palm in front of the snapper. It also has beauty mode, which helps you look better in selfies.
         Just like the Galaxy Note 4, the rear cameras of these smartphones can also be used to take selfies. The Samsung Galaxy A3 ships with an 8-megapixel AF shooter, while the A5 gets a better 13-megapixel lens.

    Connectivity and battery

         The smartphones are packed with powerful connectivity features including 3G, 4G LTE Cat4 (selected markets), GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth v4.0 with ANT+ and BLE. Keeping the Galaxy A3 and A5 juiced up are 1,900mAh and 2,300mAh li-ion batteries respectively.
         The all-metal smartphones not just look great, but also pack great set of features to suffice consumers looking for a mid-range smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy A5 is certainly a better option out of two in all aspects. Better primary camera, better resolution and additional amount of RAM make it a winner here hands down. However, if you would like save some bucks by compromising a bit on features, the Galaxy A3 isn’t bad either.

    About Author – The Author have great interest in writing article on Technology and Handset reviews, currently he is working with 91mobiles.
          CRM outsourcing is become interesting option for many companies in time of economic recession. The rising demand is making outsourcing services popular among major industries. Managing a business in this globalized world is not everyone’s cup of tea. Rising expenditure and resources cost has encouraged companies to Outsource CRM Integration services for business’s health. These services enable business development and growth opportunities for entrepreneurs and make workflow manageable by handling customers and their data in a secure way.

        With introduction of innovative technologies and applications in outsourcing sector, business operations have experienced intense improvements. Regardless of the business nature and industry type, clients are always considered as invaluable asset. Even a small mistake can ruin the relation with client and this would be a potential loss for any business. In such situation, most companies become helpless and search for reliable and convenient option for managing existing clients.

    Why business sector takes CRM help?

        There is no line or segment for entrepreneurs that experience low competition. Companies are finding new and innovative tools to beat their competitors and rescue their business. CRM is a unique, tried and tested business management tool that is introduced to save every entrepreneur from such situation.

        With CRM, companies can synchronize client data with their systems, automate business processes and avail technical support and plan marketing strategies with the help of CRM tools. Outsourcing client relationship management services is a great option for limited budget people. Many companies have started offering such facilities for their offshore clients due to huge demand. Business would be able to leverage the talent, resources, and expertise using CRM tools.

    Benefits of CRM

    • Enhanced profits
    • Improved efficiency and quality of customer relations
    • Gross expenditure reduction
    • Improvement in customer management data

    Risks involved in outsourcing services when you find wrong partner

    •  Your money will get dumped
    • Your resources and time will get wasted
    • You won’t get efficient CRM tool for your business
    • All the benefits shared above will get null

          Any dissatisfactory outcome or failure can affect your business rank in the market. Therefore, it is necessary to pick a right outsourcing partner for your company to avail best CRM solutions at reasonable rates.
        Contracting out CRM services to third-party is useful option, yet it involves planned implementation for successful results.

    About Author :
    These article written by Samual, who has worked extensively in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developers India. He works as a technical architect in Aegis, an organization specializing in CRM Outsourcing India and customized software and mobility solutions.

    Thursday, 25 December 2014

          At first sight, Acer smartphones might not look great, but if you are getting mid-range Quad-core SoC from MediaTek device with powerful Android KitKat OS is remarkable. We are talking about the new Acer’s Liquid E700 that can operate 3 SIM cards and proves to be versatile in many things.

          Most devices cannot promise to offer beyond 16GB memory that can be expanded through a micro SD card. Acer E700 competes with LG L70 and iOcean X7S. Recently, Acer has come up with fresh devices Acer Liquid E700 and Acer Liquid Jade with unique features. Let’s review these devices.

    Acer Liquid E700


          This device gives you a 5” screen and a HD resolution of 1280*720p. Its image is appealing with sharpness and shines bright. Devices like iOcean X7S is on par at this category. 
          Its screen uses IPS technology and has great viewing angles. Its content brightens in steep angles.

    ► Software

          Acer’s device runs on Android 4.4.2 KitKat OS that makes this device very powerful. The device has a Float App with which you can display many applications and widgets at the same time. Few apps can be installed like Polaris Office 5, radio app and Google’s standard bundle.

    ► Camera

          Liquid E700 sports an 8MP camera and a 2MP webcam with LED flash for clicking selfies. The camera units manage to take focussed pictures in ideal light conditions with image noise.

    ► Performance

          E700 has quad core SoC from MediaTek is installed in Acer Trio. MT6582 clocks with 1.3GHz and an ARM Mali-400 MP2 with integrated graphics chip. 
          Its processor comes with good application performance and allows the user to use many applications.

    ► Battery
          E700 comes with non-removable 3500mAh battery and lasts up to 60 days of standby or 24 hours of talk time. 
          It was measured 5 hours and 27 minutes under full load with Stability Test app and maximum brightness.

    Acer Liquid Jade

    ► Display

          The Acer Jade smartphone also has a large 5” screen HD display with IPS technology that gives 1080*720p. It also has Gorilla Glass 3 that gives long durability. This device is very portable for everyday use.

    ► Software

          With Android 4.4 OS you can download many apps to make life simpler.Its 2GB RAM boosts its performance level.

    ► Camera

          You can click selfies with its 2MP camera of this device. You can enjoy video calls with ts front facing camera. For change in settings, with just a tap you can get Quick Menu.

    ► Performance

          With 1.3GHz processor you can browse internet applications at a decent speed. You can open many apps and navigate smoothly.

    ► Battery

          Its 2100mAh battery gives you long hours of talk time. You can watch videos, surf web and do a lot more with just one hand.

    About Author: Nandan is a tech blogger for different topics from gadgets to lifestyle, and a passionate writer, currently working with Having a keen interest in writing he tries to learn all aspects of writing.