Thursday, 12 January 2017

Cool Apps that aids the Businesses to Enhance their Prosperity

   Our world is being thoroughly transformed by the digital technologies and also by the mobile devices. New technologies are introduced at the astonishing speeds. These innovations reach the mainstream adoption in just a fraction of the time. There is a factor that is forcing businesses to develop new sources of growth. Most of the companies have highly concentrated on the innovation and differentiation. Most of the IT people are under the immense pressure to find faster and better ways for the developing and deploying the new applications to support all their business aspects. As the world has changed, it is easy for the people to understand the difficulties of the IT people and other business people. In order to reduce their stress, mobile apps have been developed to help the business people in their work.

For all the organizations, including the small and big companies mobile has become the primary marketing product. It helps in developing a user and mobile-friendly version of the company’s website. And it helps in adding an awesome e-commerce capability to the mobile user experience. Many businesses have wisely improved in the business field by developing a Smartphone app, which helps in the business operations and processes.
The apps that help in the business growth are as follows.

Data collection apps
People can gain many benefits in using the mobile technology and its related apps for data collection. These benefits depend on the organization’s scope and goal. The data collection apps will capture unconditional data including audio, video, GPS, camera and text. And these apps will make the data to be flexible enough and they remove the necessity to carry the expensive and specialist equipment. Business people and other organizations can replace the bulky and heavy training manuals with something that is more compact and handy.
It engages the customers with more online demos and the video tutorials. Another benefit is that it has very few data errors. The drawback in using paper is there is a high possibility for errors to occur when data is reproduced in the digital format. Apps can reduce the errors, which occurred while reproducing the data in the digital format.
Data analysts can correct all the errors, which occurred while transcription. Digital data collection can correct the data auditing features these features help in standardization of data and also maintains the quality of data.
Instant data visualization through the mobile applications helps in identifying the problem associated with the data before analytics and it finds quick feedback for the data analysts.

Lead generation apps
One of the important marketing strategies that a mobile app should satisfy is a lead generation tool. In some cases, mobile apps are better than the social media because these mobile apps provide personalization of communication and interaction at a much-localized level. Because of this, many users will be comfortable with the mobile apps.
Winning the customer trust and loyalty has become the key factor in the business growth. Businesses have to implement all the possible tools to impress the qualified leads and help to build a strong relationship with the existing and new customers. A victorious lead generation app can improve the relation building by creative engagement, localization and by sending news notifications and updates.
A mobile app is the worthy tool for the customer profiling. They have the ability to collect very precise data related to user’s location, phone model, mobile carrier, and other related information. It is helpful for the companies to know about the user’s location when they are interacting with the company. Mobile apps help the organizations by providing such user information. Localization helps the organizations to create the push notifications. With this, the mobile app subscribers can be offered with the promotional offer or the discount code, when they are within the same driving or walking distance from the business.
While organizing a public event, creating the customer engagement at the correct time is the most important thing which is needed. When launching the new product, it will be an additional plus, if the company notifies all the app subscribers and offers them some promotional discounts.
If users find that there is a special offer especially available for them, users will feel special and they will like to share their personal information with the company. Not only providing the personal information, they will be more interested in interacting with the company through the app more and more. This will definitely strengthen the customer-company relationship to a great level. Sending the latest push notifications will be an opened and read straightaway method than sending the mobile notifications. And it is also the best way to enlarge the customer engagement.

Product demo apps
A demo will help the organization to know more about the app. With the demo, a right app can enter into the organization and it can help the company in building assets. The demo apps will also help the company in events like a product launch. They act as a guide at the time of product launch and users and organizations will know what the app all about is.
These apps will help the users in the step-by-step learning process; so that users can use the app more easily.

Campaign apps
When creating the business apps, it highly important to consider the company’s goals and the user’s preference in mind. Developers have to keep the user’s habits in mind while designing the app’s user interface. The general development app should contain the multiple assessments and questionnaire tools. The app should generate reports, graphs, key insights, and charts. Campaign apps will help the user in making decisions for the planning and the future growth.

Sales engagement apps
The sales engagement apps should contain the product catalogs, meeting planner, sales presentations and a number of calculating tools. All these features help the staffs during the client meetings. These apps help the sales force to provide even better sales analytics to customers. Companies can get faster feedback for the products and services and they also help the organizations to plan better for the future.
This sales tool will be available for all major mobile platforms.

Employee engagement apps
Working from home is becoming a trend nowadays. Many companies are highly focusing on the employee engagement apps. The desktop versions are available in the mobile in the app format. The app has the same level of performance for both desktop and mobile versions. Some business require solutions for the everyday activities and challenges; whereas, many companies require the apps to provide solutions for the long-term problems and there are special apps available to do these functions.
These apps will clear the errors, improve functions and helps in effective business operation.

Pros of business companion apps
There are many advantages of using the business apps. Some of them are as follows.

·        Enhances customer’s value
Business is all about correspondence. If the customers’ requests a product, the company will try to satisfy the customer’s needs. The company’s importance towards the customers and the customer’s response are directly proportional to each other. Business apps will try to increase the customer’s focus towards the company.

·        Build a stronger brand
One of the important things that the business apps offer the customers is the communication with the brand and the awareness regarding the brand. With the apps, the customers can show their customers why they should trust the company and they can show the customers for what brands they stand for.

·        Hike profits
When customer satisfaction increases, the sales will automatically increase. Business apps are the main factors that enhance the customer interest towards the company. The more interested and pleased people will become the part of the business. Therefore, the consumer demand will grow.

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Anand Rajendran is CEO and Co-Founder of, best PHP scripts development company located in India. Zoplay is a part of Casperon Technologies a leading social and mobile development company. I’m a Tech geek, Digital marketing expert, Entrepreneur, and Atheist who loves to write everything about PHP Scripts and mobile application development.
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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

6 Apps We Should Have In Our Lives

Our highly digitalized age has brought us many perks but also many pitfalls we’re still discovering. It’s not always easy to focus solely on the upsides of technology when it is simultaneously the thing that makes us reachable practically anywhere on the planet when we want to be left alone. We won’t even get into the whole subject of photographing the experiences rather than living them and the list just goes on.

Thankfully, we’ll focus on the good side of the digital era and how we can benefit from using the best of it without getting too entangled with the dark side. There are apps out there that can make our lives not just easier, but also more fun and we’ll talk about them today. Know that this is only our selection and you may like other things, but you can always use this article as inspiration to explore the world of apps more thoroughly.

1.  Moves

You’ve probably heard of the apps that count the number of steps you had in a day and for a while it was the bomb among all wellness aficionados. Moves is the ultimate version of these apps and it will not only inspire you to take a closer look at your daily routine, but it will also help you see how you can improve your overall fitness. One of its greatest perks is that you don’t have to carry your phone in your hand so that the app could work, it will do its job just as fine from your pocket, or even your bag. It’s a sobering experience to see just how (in)active we are in a day and once you see the calorie count next to the numberof steps, you’ll know if something in your everyday events needs to be changed for the better.

2.  Swackett

Consulting the weather forecast or your weather app before you leave your home is the thing of common sense, but Swackett takes it one step further. The name of the app comes from three words put together – sweater, jacket and coat and just by knowing this, you can figure out how this weather app is upgraded compared to all others. Aside from getting an insight in what the weather will be like during the day, you get a list of suggestions what you could wear to be chic but also protected from the elements. The Swackett will give suggestions on what shoes you should wear, as well as what pieces of clothing you should consider and it will even remind you to take some accessories with you, like an umbrella for an example.

3.  Daily Art

How much of an art lover are you? Do you think you could improve your artsy inclinations? If so, then Daily Art will be a game changer for you. You’ll get a high daily dose of artistic info on your phone regularly, so that you can take charge of your education in this area singlehandedly. This virtual gallery is being expanded constantly and with the picture you’ll get some backstory about the painter, as well as some information about how that particular masterpiece came to be. You can never know enough about art history and Daily Art will be of great help in broadening your mind.

4.  Using a Virtual Private Network of Any Kind

With so many possibilities to use the World Wide Web, we all too often forget how important our online security is. If we’re not sufficiently protected when browsing the web, we put all other aspects of our lives in danger of becoming victims of cybercriminal. This is why we decided to call to your attention the need of tending to your online privacy and one of the most efficient ways to do that is to use virtual private networks whenever you’re connecting to the internet. These little helpers (both free and paid likeExpressVPN) will not only encrypt all the data coming out of your device, but it will also enable you not to be limited by restrictions and geo-blocking, so that you can access any content on the internet without complications.

5.  Calm

Here’s an app that brings some much needed tranquility into our fast-paced lives. The name says it all – Calm will serve as your private pause button whenever you need to take a break from too many things happening around you. The app gives you access to guidedmeditations that are very short (up to 10 minutes) but still enough to calm you down and give you a fresh perspective on things. It is designed beautifully, it’s very easy to navigate and after a while you’ll see just how much you’ve benefited from it.

6.  Spritz

If you’re an avid reader, then this app is custom made for your needs. Spritz allows you to practice speed-reading on a whole new level and while it won’t be a substitute for speed-reading course, it will help you significantly with your reading skills. The app can enable you to scan through a text of 1000 words in a minute, which is perfect for every time when you’ve got some emergency reading to do and not enough time to do it thoroughly.
Apps are there to make our lives easier and better in every way, and we should take full advantage of this fact. Depending on your lifestyle, you can choose one of the suggested apps and give it a go to see if it will pleasantly surprise you and chances are, it will, so thank us later. – By Adam Ferraresi

Though Adam really loves his job of web developer, he’s also quite passionate about his writing, which is always gladly accepted at As every Texan, he loves spending time outside playing sports with his friends. He may have graduated from college a couple of years ago, but he’s already working on his dream job and couldn’t be happier about it, as well as his new life in Dallas.
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Monday, 9 January 2017

5 Cool iMessage features in iOS 10

In iOS 10, iMessage looks similar to Facebook Messenger. There is a huge array of new features and visual effects in the iMessage app on iOS 10. Apple included new emojis, stickers, bubble effects, handwriting and much more in its latest software update. Here’s a list of 5 new features and how to use them.

Emoji Prediction
This feature allows you to replace text with an emoji by tapping on the emoticon button located at the bottom left corner of the keyboard within the iMessage app. When you tap the icon, this app will automatically highlight the words found in your text that can be associated with an emoji. If there are multiple options available for that message, then you will see a selection of emoji to choose from.

For example, tapping on a highlighted 'aubergine' will automatically replace it with an emoji of that vegetable. In addition to the predictive text, iMessage can also scan and suggest emojis to add to your messages.

Take pictures directly from iMessage
You can now take pictures and videos directly through the app just like WhatsApp and Viber. Just tap on the camera button located at the left-hand side of your text box and the camera will function.
You can take selfies, photos and videos and even edit them before sending. If you swipe to the right side, you can have full access to your gallery or even insert previously clicked pictures as an iMessage.

Handwritten messages
As soon as you rotate your device to landscape mode, the virtual keyboard turns into a blank canvas.  Here you can use your finger /stylus to write your message and send it as a picture. If you turn your phone to landscape orientation and the keyboard shows up, don’t panic – there's a button with a crooked line on it. Simply tap on it to open the blank notepad.

iMessage will save your handwritten notes, so you can reuse them whenever you want.
Once you hit "send" button, the recipient will see it play back, right from scratch. If you want to edit or delete the saved notes, you can do so too.

Website preview in messages
With the new update in iOS 10, iMessage now automatically picks the main image from the website and adds a preview for your recipient.

Even better, if you are sending in a YouTube video link, you can watch the video directly through the App. This implies that you can now watch videos directly in the App without having to open the YouTube app or browser.

Conceal images or text behind an invisible message
You can hide an image or text behind a message tap by holding the blue arrow icon before sending your message and you'll be able to select the invisible ink option. This will hide your message and your message recipient will have to swipe over the message before being able to see it. This feature can be helpful if you want to keep your message extremely private or add an element of surprise.

Deepak Raghav is a distinguished research consultant and writer. He is having vast experience in writing and Digital marketing and now operates his own blog Myapps4pc on the regular basis. 
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Friday, 23 December 2016

Why the Spy App Market Is Growing So Rapidly?

    When there is a rise in the rate of bullying at school, cyber bullying over the internet, an increase in the rate of depression among the people and a rise in the number if people that are being put on suicide watch every single day. This is then that when people are given a medium through which they can halt the progress of cyber bullying in its tracks get the people suffering from depression the help they need before it is too late which can indirectly reduce the number of people committing suicide watch list every day, people would definitely clamour, left right and centre to get their hands on such a thing.

That is why, in the last few years, a 400% hike has been reported in the sale of spy applications courtesy of the number of apps being released every year and the demand of these apps by parents and other individuals that would like to keep their loved ones and the people of interest and target devices and hardware safe from harm.

Who Can Use Spy Apps?

One can understand from the name of the app alone that the creation of these apps were based on the fancy, state of the art gadgets being used by our favourite spies on the big screen and on television such as James Bond, Ethan Hunt, Jason Borne and many, many more.
When these apps were released, the intended targeted audience and clientele of these apps were a very exclusive set of people yet the app was exploited by every single Tom, Dick and Harry on the block. This app was purchased by groomers, kidnappers, stalkers with all sorts of nefarious intentions who used these apps illegally as a source of a means to their personally intended devious end.

The intended people spy applications were truly created for are:

·        Parents

Dubbed as the “Parental Monitoring Application” to ease a parent’s conscience of all the guilt and the doubt created, courtesy of the word “spy” in the title of such apps. 40% of the users of the spy apps who would like to protect their children from all sorts of danger around them as well as from all sorts of danger that they may get into intentionally with a cavalier disregard of the bigger picture and their future.
These apps, from the prospective of a parent, allow them to;
·        Keep an eye on the calls being sent and received by the child to see if they are engaging in something that may have negative implications on their lives.
·        See who they are texting and who is texting them and receive complete logs of the entire transaction taking place both via SMS and instant messaging apps.
·        Restrict them from venturing off into the places marked restricted by you using GPS tracker. This way you can also know where they are at any given time.
·        Keep them from texting and driving and getting into an accident by their own carelessness to say a few.

·        Spouses

There are two primary reasons for which a spouse uses spy apps:
·        To ensure that their other half is safe.
·        To ensure that their other half is not cheating on him or her.
The various features that were mentioned earlier are just as useful in this instance as they were before and help in any manner that you would like, whether it is to clear up your safety issues or more.

·        Employers

Employers can also make use of spy apps in a way that it would let them know:
·        If their employer is abusing the power given to them via all access free internet.
·        Using the internet and other services provided by the office for personal reasons.
·        Using the office provided phone to make private, long distance phone calls.
·        To use and steal office hardware and other things that they feel like for their personal use or to sell them off.

The Bottom Line

The things mentioned here are just a few instances where spy application can be quite useful. Seeing the number of uses that these things have can be incentive enough for people, concerned parents and others to purchase these apps, making the spy app market growing bigger every single day.
Author Bio:
   Angelica Dowson is an exemplary writer when it comes to consultation on tech related issues. She works with TheOneSpy blog as a senior and active contributor to provide her experienced based researches. If you want to know more about her you can follow her on twitter @angelicadowson2
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Saturday, 10 December 2016

Joomla: It's properties & more about Joomla 3.7

Joomla is one of the popular content management systems. Many effective features are strength of Joomla. Know more about upcoming version Joomla 3.7. 

Before switching to the term “Joomla”,it is important to know that what is “Content Management System,(CMS)”. In simple words, one can define the “CMS “as a set of interlinked programs. It helps you in managing your content which is in the form of a simple text, video, photo or any document. Joomla is also the CMS which provides an open-source solution for developing various powerful websites and online applications.

Joomla has proven to be the best platform for creating the interactive sites and is user-friendly as well.

Why Joomla?

A lot of factors such as cost, quality, time, etc. are considered while selecting a platform to create any website. Choosing the right platform is the first step towards it. One can choose Joomla for developing the website because of its numerous features as listed below:

Open-source and User Friendly: Joomla can be used by anybody as it is free to use. Joomla is user friendly as it makes it easy for non-technical users to create their websites.

Supports OOPS:  Developers working on the Joomla platform are convenient to develop the powerful applications as it supports the Object Oriented Programming language.

Substantial features of the Content Management:  Joomla serves to be the best CMS when it comes to deal with the various websites carrying a large number of sections, categories, pages or menus.

Multiple Access Control list (ACL) Features: Joomla has became an ideal choice for the websites that consist multiple ACL levels and user registration features.

Extensive Control over the Templates: It is not necessary that every  CMS platform allows to set all the templates or themes for the entire website, some CMS platforms allow only for one active template across the whole website. So, by using Joomla, one can achieve this.

Recently, an announcement was made regarding the release of the Joomla's new version with various improvements. The release date for the Joomla's new version i.e. Joomla 3.7 is 28th March/2017.

The dates to be noted for Joomla 3.7 are:

Alpha 1: 20th December 2016
Alpha 2: 10th January 2017
Beta 1: 24th January 2017
Beta 2: 7th February 2017
Release Candidate 1: 21st February 2017
Release Candidate 2: 7th March 2017
Release Candidate 3: 14th March 2017
Release Candidate 4: 21st March 2017
Stable Release: 28th March 2017

Extended Features of Joomla 3.7: The Joomla! Project and the Production Leadership Team is planning to embed some new features to this version of Joomla. There will be a lot of improvements from previous versions of Joomla. Some of the added features are like:

1)  Router Improvements in Joomla 3.7:  The relevant code for processing the search engine friendly URLs is the work of router in Joomla. Lots of problems are faced by the Joomla users with the current versions of Joomla. So, Joomla 3.7 is coming up with the advanced routing strategy in which it will remove all the unnecessary ID's in URLs.

2)  Advanced Media Manager: Joomla 3.7 is going to include an updated media manager with the extended and improved usability thus helping the users to control their use of images in the back-end by allowing them to crop the image or re-size it or make some changes directly on the server.

3)  Custom-Fields:  Introducing the custom-fields in Joomla 3.7 will allow the users to add their own pieces of information to their content that will be the added advantage for the Joomla users. Below provided, an overview of the custom fields that will be added in Joomla 3.7.

·        Captcha
·        Calendar
·        Check boxes
·        Color
·        Editor
·        Email
·        Image
·        Integer
·        List
·        Media
·        Article
·        Radio buttons
·        SQL
·        Telephone
·        Text
·        Text area
·        Timezone
·        URL
·        User
So,these are some of the features which are expected to be added in Joomla 3.7.
Steps to install Joomla  manually: In order to install Joomla in your local PC manually, you need to follow the under-listed steps:

Step1: Search & Get Joomla 3 installation Package:

In order to install Joomla 3 on the web server, first you need to download the Joomla installation package. Visit it's official website & start downloading. Many other sites also offer the Joomla installation package. But, going through them might be risky. You can do it at your own risk. 

Step 2: Uploading of Joomla files on your Web Server:

After the successful installation of Joomla package on the web server, transfer the extracted files and folders to your web server. Upload the Joomla installation files easily using the File Transfer Protocol,FTP.

Step 3: Creating a Database for Joomla:

Once the transferring of the related files is done, create a database and assign a user to it with full permissions. Then, write the database name, username, password that is created by you.

Step 4: The Final Installation Process

Once the installation files are uploaded from your end, you need to open your browser and navigate to your main domain depending where you have uploaded the Joomla installation package. Once it has been completed , the first screen of the Joomla Web Installer will open in front of you.
This is how you can install Joomla to your local PC.
Joomla is an acknowledged CMS among the users. Developers prefer it to write the stunning websites as it comes with a package of great features. Moreover, the upcoming version Joomla 3.7 is considered as the more matured by the developers' end. Accoring to the resources, 28th March 2017 is the final release date for Joomla 3.7. Follow the simple steps and utilize the brand new version with extended features.

About Author:

Mr. Dev Gor is a key person of TRL IT solutions. He is the core person to handle and manage all web & mobile app development tasks. He has well expertise in Joomla Web Development. As an expert and experienced techie he shares many informative write-ups to help professionals for the same.
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