Sunday, 19 March 2017

The Top Reasons causing mobile Apps Crashed!

What are the reasons that cause an app crashed? The article tries to locate the top reasons that make apps crashed on all platforms.
Apps! We all love them but not when they crash again and again; in the middle of an important course and so on. Nobody likes an app completing 99% of an assigned task, giving us hope, and then all of sudden, crashing in the middle. It’s really hurting.

We now depend heavily on mobile technology and applications but, the more we rely upon them for both business and individual requirements, the greater we need for their consistency. Though, it does not happen because apps crash regardless of devices and operating systems. Whether you have an iPhone or Android powered smartphone, apps will crash on both. Users of both platforms know that.
Many users have complaints that apps on their device crash more than the devices of other users while some users hardly encounter such an issue. So what’s the reason? What causes it? Are these some faulty apps that always crash? Yes, these are. Are some devices responsible to make apps crashed? Yes, these are too. There are multiple of reasons causing apps crashing and in this article we will try to figure out most of them.  

The demand is interrupting supply
The success has some disadvantages and, it applies on apps too. One big disadvantage of a successful app is growing demand which is interrupting its supply. When millions of users simultaneously access an internet-connected app, there are certain chances that it will crash if it’s not treated to handle that traffic. We often see many popular apps freezing in the middle and not responding the way they used to be earlier. This is one big reason causing crash to an application.

No or limited Bandwidth
Many apps always need internet connectivity when launched by users. But if the internet connectivity isn’t reliable enough or there is any sort of interference then the app will crash. If the bandwidth is limited or user is available in no-single zone, there are chances that an app will crash until it’s treated to work offline. Many mobile app developers have now spotted that internet connectivity doesn’t remain equal at all locations and that’s why they try to add offline functioning to some of the features of their applications.

Switching Networks
Now most of the smartphones come with double SIM slots which allow users to operate two different mobile numbers via a single device. This also lets them switch between internet connections. Users will switch between internet connections if they also have Wi-Fi. Switching between two different internet networks may affect the stability of an app. OS cannot do anything for this, but app developers can do. They need to build better code.

Bugs left during the production
Many bugs left during production do not easily accept new features. It may affect other parts of an app and make it crashed. To avoid any sort of bugs in a mobile app development, the testing process must include following:
·        Test Case preparing
·        Automated Script identification & modification
·        Manual & automated testing
·        Usability testing
·        Performance testing
·        Security & compliance testing
·        Device testing

Badly Optimized front-end
Apps need to access various resources to deliver their functioning but if they are poorly optimized, they will crash. Here developers need to create a strategy that harmonizes both on-screen and device capabilities. Native apps are created for particular mobile platform and written in a particular language supported by that platform only. If developers optimize the front-end of an application in the best way, the app can fully leverage the hardware and functionality of a device and in result, deliver the best user experience. 

Integration Issues
Many apps crash because the back-ends do not respond quickly or have been poorly integrated with the front-ends. The functioning wants content, but the back-end is not available to deliver that. This may make the app unstable and ultimately cause a crash.  

Database Issues
If the app generates bad queries or excessive sessions, the performance gets halted. The app may crash or hang.  Here are the common issues in the integration of the database with an app.
·        Excessive permissions
·        Weak passwords
·        missing patches
·        poorly configured login auditing
·        default account name
·        excessive stored procedures
·        SSL not enabled
·        Access database over RPC
·        Blank passwords allowed
·        Duplicated passwords

Cross browser compatibility
Web based mobile apps also crash if the browser in which apps are running is not compatible. While building an app, developers need to test it in all commonly used browsers.

Incompatible device
In case of Android, there are devices that fulfill minimum hardware requirements. But they often crash apps.  Here, developers need to input additional efforts to avoid these crashes. They would need scaling their application to multiple versions of the same OS and even to the different device running a single OS version.

Too many apps
Too many apps may crash one another. A user experiencing frequent crashes to more than one app also needs to check how many apps are in his / her device. Uninstall the apps that are not in the use.

Memory Management
Mismanaged memory and processing power can also crash apps.
Both iPhone and Android powered phones do crash apps. Developers need to understand the capabilities of a platform because, if an app is frequently crashing, users will not wait to uninstall it. On the other hand, users also need to pay attention to their devices and make some adjustment to settings to avoid crashing to apps.

Sofia is a digital marketing expert in Rapidsoft technologies, a prominent mobile app development company which provides iOS and android app development services across the global. She loves to write on latest mobile trends, mobile technologies, startups and enterprises
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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

How spying software are trending in the markets?

Spying software were initially developed for military and intelligence agencies for security purposes. Today, the applications of mobile spying software extend beyond these reasons. The spyware industry also serves parents worried about their kids’ safety, jealous spouses to overcome their fear of infidelity, and also overbearing bosses who are concerned about corporate espionage.

The new wave of innovation, spy apps, are a break-through for marketers. According to some analysts, these monitoring software are positioned somewhere between hype and disillusionment. These apps are no more a well-trod idea but a phenomenon that makes human imagination become reality. However, amongst much hype and excitement, such a technology still has a long journey ahead towards mass adoption.

Mobile spyware trends – Facts and Figures
Proliferation of tech gadgets have made a huge impact on our lives. Though it may seem as invasion of privacy but the prevalence of social evils has resulted in mainstream usage of mobile monitoring software. The dark side of the internet has been exposed which can have traumatic effects on the lives of kids and adults alike.
Since 89% of the Americans owned smartphones for personal use in 2016, they are prone to engage in evil around them, as per Ofcomconsumer research. Internet accessibility in these mobile devices have allowed people to visit multiple websites and apps. According to a report, there is a rise in the volume of texting among teenagers due to the increase the communication channels. It was reported that in 2010, an average of 60 messages were sent by a teenager. The number is doubled by now.
Studies also show that the rise of social networking channels require people to provide their personal information which can then be used by bullies, scammers, or online predators to harass them. In order to avoid becoming the next victim, people rely on spy apps.
The above facts and figures are there to validate the effectiveness of spyware technology since the balancing act of handling the technology is both difficult and nuanced. And we as parents, spouses, and employers have to constantly face this struggle.

Reasons for increase in the trends of spy apps
Why have the mobile spying trend sped up? What actually pushes a person to monitor someone? There are a plenty of things you need to take into account for the welfare of your family or business. How a mobile monitoring software is utilized determines its usefulness in the long-run.
Due to globalization and technological advancement, mobile spying has increased rapidly. The number of potential users have had an exponential rise because of the heart’s ease provided by monitoring via spy apps. Here are some of the reasons why this modern technology is being used with a sense of urgency.

1.          Conduct business from anywhere
Due to the turbulent nature of businesses today, firms come up new management techniques that can help in the growth. Employee management can either mar or contribute towards business prosperity. Today, businesses are conducted on a global scale, which means that fincanical consultants might be in New York, the IT sector might be in Bangalore, and the owner himself might be in Europe. Such a long-distance business can easily be conducted due to monitoring tools such as The app enables the employer to keep a tab on his employees so that they do not waste the valuable company time. Daily schedule of the employees is monitored and the suspect of data theft or leakage confidential company information can be caught by checking his message and mail correspondence and monitoring his calls.

2.          Track the stolen phone
The word ‘spy’ is mostly used in negative connotation but it is often used for security and safety. Since phone thefts are on the rise, any of your family member’s phone can be stolen. It might have their personal photos or data that could be used by blackmailers later. If you have a spy app like xnspy installed in your target’s phone, you can remotely command the control panel to wipe data or block certain apps so that it remains nothing more than a machine.

3.          Protection of mobile data
Nowadays, most people conduct business and other activities online. Emergence of M-commerce has caused people to do banking, shopping, etc. all via online apps. Therefore, a phone may contain important passcodes, bank details, or biometric prints. Some hacker might access your target phone to obtain their personal information which can result in monetary losses. So a spy app needs to be installed in order to lock the phone screen or take Live-screenshots, etc. Through GPS tracking, you can also retrieve the stolen phone from the thieves.

4.          Online safety of teens and tweens
The reported number of crimesagainst kids such as sexual harassment, cyberbullying, suicides, abduction, etc. have caused parents to lose their sleep at night. They worry for their child’s safety and there is a nagging uncertainty about what is going on in their child’s life. Since kids have a carefree nature, they can easily venture into the wilds of internet without thinking of the consequences. xnspy enables parents to keep a track of their kids’ communication platforms including WhatsApp, Skype, iMessages, etc. along with monitoring their social media activities to figure out their every move.

It is wrong to generalize that all reasons to use spy apps are unethical and illegal. In some cases, these are used as a necessity. Today, the number of cases for spy app usage are increasing in volume. This advanced monitoring tool with its unlimited features has become more than human fantasy.
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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Follow Effective Mobile App Testing Tips to Attain Success

Mobile app testing in app development is one key component which ensure that your mobile app meets business goals. Hence, you should carefully test the app.

Mobile apps are very important in today's life as people manage their expenses with expense IQ, stay fit with calorie counter and last but not least, capture their ideas, thoughts as well as images in different ways by using Evernote. Hence, there is no exaggeration in saying that mobile apps have become the need of the hour. However, an app can gain success when it is able to satisfy the requirements of its target market and is of high-quality. As per a recent survey, most of the users will immediately delete an app that needs a lot of registration as more than half of users want an app to launch under two seconds. Apart from this, bugs can also be the most important factor for a bad user experience and thus, effective mobile app testing is of utmost importance.

Understand the difference between app and software testing

However, in order to move forward with testing an app, it is important to understand the difference between software and mobile app testing. The major difference is that mobile users are always on the move and thus, it is very important for developers to make sure that the app is working properly everywhere. For example, if an app is meant for skiers, then it should work properly on high mountains. Every feature of the mobile app should work well in real-time situations.

For testing a mobile app, philosophy of KISF (Keep It Simple and Functional) is followed. This is because it is believed that a simple design and functionality can undoubtedly win the game as nobody have a lot of time to waste in understanding the convoluted apps. Entrepreneurs want to have well-developed apps for their businesses, but the million dollar question is how do you ensure that you are doing app testing in a proper way.

Tips for successful mobile app testing

Consider careful planning 

There should be a prior planning about the requirements your mobile app requests to function in a streamlined manner. This will help you in knowing the platforms on which it will work without any glitches. On the other hand, eventually, you can work on all those needs so that it can work without any problem on most of the operating systems and this way a lot of time and effort of repeated testing can be saved.

Consider specific conditions exclusive to mobile devices

 Conditions like unstable network connections, small free space volume and changes to the sound and notification settings should not be overlooked. This is because these things can make the mobile app testing stand out from the testing style of your competitors.

Establish clear communication

There should be clear communication between testers and developers. In other words, testers must have complete information about the features as well as specifications. This way testers can invest their time on supported features.

Examine app on low battery

Considering mobile app testing on low battery is of utmost importance. The behavior of an app during the case of low battery can be observed, but don't forget to perform the testing until and after the battery goes completely dead. In addition, you have to make sure that the application installation as well as data is not corrupted. There is no exaggeration in saying that this is the best way for examining network related scenario also.

Effective mobile app testing on cloud

Cloud testing is considered as an important way to test apps. Such testing helps in minimizing the cost of the project and in increasing return on investment. In addition, it also saves businesses from forming on-premise test environments which are said to be very time consuming and many more.

Final Note

It is believed that testing is a never ending task, but smart testers must know when to stop testing and release an app. However, you can't deny the benefit of proper mobile application testing. In this regard, all the above-mentioned tips should be taken into account so that best mobile app testing can be performed correctly.

Author Bio:

Alesia Nik is the Content Marketing Manager at Appinventiv, a top mobile app development company in USA that provides mobile solutions to various industries. Passionate by new technologies and apps, she loves finding new ideas to spread valuable content on ASO and App Marketing.
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Thursday, 23 February 2017

The 6 Rules to Mobile App Designing That Help Your App Succeed

    A study was conducted by Andrew Chen, an entrepreneur from Silicon Valley, to find out the reasons why some mobile apps have extremely poor user retention graph.  A large number of app users abandon the app within 3 days of the installation.

And the reasons were, the app is full of errors/bugs, the app didn’t deliver what it claims to, it is not easy to navigate one screen to another and then come back to home page at any time in this app, the app sends too many notifications and in-app messages, the app keeps asking for ratings/reviews, the log-in process of the app is too much time-consuming, etc.
If you put these issues in consideration while designing your mobile app, you can certainly lower the risk of poor user retention. The app design is the first thing your users will hook up their eyes to. And if design is bad, no out-of-the-box app idea can come to your rescue in giving good return of your investment.

Here are 6 proven rules to mobile app designing you must consider to obtain higher conversion rate:

Give your design some depth
Check the Uber app and you will get better idea on how material design concept can make your app UI more intuitive and more user-friendly. Material design is one of the hottest trends in app designing this year. The most striking element to this innovative designing concept is the layers.
Different layers in your UI design have different purpose and they enable users interact with the app design more actively. If you check Uber’s app, you will find the base layer is the map screen. Next you set the pick-up location using the address layers. Each layer in the app will enable you to communicate with the app more effectively.

Clearly define the core of your app
The core of the app should speak clear and loud about the main purpose or objective of your app. Your design plan should resonate perfectly with the primary application of the app. And the UI design should revolve around the users’ needs with a single concept/ application at the core.
Once you define what are the primary roles of your mobile app, the designer should ensure the app design don’t drift from its core concept. This approach will enable you to further upgrade the app and add new features/applications without adding complexity to the app design.

Adhere to the OS-specific design guidelines
Android, iOS and all other mobile operating system provide app developers with a set of design guidelines. It is essential that your mobile app development team go through these guidelines before they begin designing the UI. These guidelines will help you develop user interface that best fit the OS it run on, ultimately leading to good user experience.

Draft your prototype
You can always sketch out how your app users will navigate between different views/contents/screens and mock responses of their different actions on a piece of paper. When you draw your app prototype, think of the most important feature or application of your app and put it at the center in your wireframes. A well-defined user flow structure will help you build a more practical and more user-friendly navigation scheme.

Select the color palette wisely
Each color has unique emotion. And thus in app designing, you need to choose your colors wisely. Consider your business segment, psychology of target users, age group of the targeted audience, type of product/service the app is offering, etc., while selecting your app’s color palette. Remember, the colors you choose should add to the reading experience of app users. Maintain the consistency of color contrast across different screens of the app.

Always consider the readability of the app when deciding fonts
Unlike desktop screens, mobile screens are smaller in size. And thus, it becomes even more challenging for graphic designers to accommodate all information in small screens without compromising on the readability of the content. Bold typography with intensely contrasting background will not only make your app content easy to read but will help engaging users.There is no harm selecting simple font types and choosing font size that isn’t too small or too large. In fact, expert designers recommend novice app designers to stay away from novelty typefaces.

When you begin designing your mobile app, always consider the latest design trends in the niche. And consider the app designing tips listed above to create best app design.
Author Bio:

Author is a website consultant and digital technology professional working with small businesses. Offering a variety of business services like SEO services , website design & development, mobile apps development in Ahmadabad. He is committed to helping businesses succeed in an increasingly technological environment.
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Saturday, 18 February 2017

Guiding Ways to Help you find Profitable Mobile App Development Ideas

Working on profitable mobile app development ideas could be next big move for your business to increase benefits & client’s interaction with trade.

While searching for exceptional mobile app development ideas, you may come across a number of such concepts that are equally ideal and profitable for your business. While it is easy to conceptualize the idea, the execution is something that needs a proper planning to succeed the same. Helping hand from professionals could help you reap the best benefits from the same.

While searching for the ideal concept, you could either visit the app store or could work on your own idea. Visiting the app store will give you thousands of ideas to develop an impressive app but there are some considerations that must be kept into the mind. If you find the app idea while browsing through the app store, the first and the foremost element to take care of is that the idea has already been used in an impressive app and thus you should be careful while utilizing the idea again.

In order to develop an app and let it succeed, the key is to develop the same with the functionalities that have not been utilized yet. Another element to consider the most is to offer a whole new impressive app browsing experience to the users. It will enrich their understanding while interacting with the app, which is one among the several ways to gain applauds for the business idea.

Here is a brief discussion on what to look while developing the app:

Choose an exceptional app development idea

As it was discussed above, the idea must be something that could easily grab the attention of the users. Working on such a concept is sure to earn extended visibility for your website and the business as well. The idea behind developing an app is to extend the visibility of your business to the global audience and nothing could complement the idea better than having a business application. Let your app be the product of an idea that is brand-new, original and contemporary all at the same time. In case, you are able to create the buzz among the audience your app is sure to ring the bell perfectly.

Utilize the best methodologies available

The tools, techniques and methodologies in mobile app development arena are changing like never before. New innovations are replacing the older app creation ideas and with the same reason it is important for you to utilize the tools that are in trend for developing your brand new application. It will help to embed some of the exceptional functionality into the app. Employing an experienced developer is another way that could help you in the making of an impressive application.

Search for apps that are no more updated

An exceptional way to look for an app idea is to search for the apps in the Google play store or in Apple store that are no more updated even if they are available for download. This will help you get the idea in order to create the wireframe of your business app. The fact that these apps are no more updated makes it safe to develop your app idea on the base of these applications. It is advised not to copy the entire concept but just some of the ideas.

The marketing

While the app has been conceptualized, processed and developed, it is now time for creating a marketing campaign so that you could aware the users about the same. Meanwhile, you will need to register your app in the app store. Creating awareness about your application among the users is a way to market the same among the audience. Give it your best try while indulging in such a marketing technique. It will boost the app popularity.


Mobile app development ideas if created and utilized exceptionally well could help a business shine extraordinarily. What else is needed to create the success story of your application and the business thereby.

Author Bio:

Janet Scott is a content maven associated with, a USA-based research and review platform for top mobile app development companies. She has been helping many small companies establish. She has more than 3 years of experience in extensive project research and has been associated with many websites.
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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Major Role of Applications in the Digital Transformation Industry

Today, the world has been driving by big data and the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud connectivity, applications become the system that used by us to record everything and the platform that used to interact with customers, suppliers, and things (Smart things).

It doesn’t matter whether businesses are using on premise cloud or an amalgamation of both, apps are playing the biggest role. When it comes to talking about the data, it is an asset and tool for any business, and recording data for using is gradually important.

Applications are considered as an excellent system for the sourcing and recording of data through engagement with different arena from customers to suppliers to personnel. It is also important to know how apps sit at the core of digital transformation when viewed as a system of record and a platform for systems of engagement.

Different Roles of Apps in the World of Digital Transformation

Applications for Customer Experience
Today, customers are ruling business and businesses are constantly working hard for an innovative and rich customer experience so that they can set themselves apart from their competitors.

In any business, customer experience is the most important, and applications allow customer experience irrespective of the channel. Being a system of engagement, mobile apps enable anyone like the staff, supplier and customer alike – to interact with a business from virtually anywhere. When it comes to the customer, they can engage with a business using a different channel with which they are comfortable.

The data collected and recorded from interactions across many applications can be analyzed to assess things from purchasing and ordering trends to customer preferences. It delivers businesses with a single view of their customers, allowing them to streamline and plan their business strategy across the customer of one.

Workforce Management
In a business environment, the utilization of applications will not only ensure hires, but also ensures a business and will retain the best-suited personnel for any specific function. It will be also helpful to know faintness and dismissals within a workforce.

Applications that are informative and user-friendly can serve to motivate and inspire staff, helping businesses to decrease high staff turnovers and maximize performance. High-level management people can make use of them to communicate with personnel and even incentivize them through delivering in-house loyalty-type programs.

By using apps for the hiring of staff, you can also make sure that a business hires only suitable candidates and given sufficient information that can also predict whether an app will succeed or struggle in a position.

The Scale of Mobile Moments
All the numbers that included with mobile can tell a fascinating story. Being consumers, we should reach mobile first and more often. As per the Deloitte Digital’s 2015 Global Mobile Consumer Survey, it has been found that a full 92% of users’ look-up products and reviews while out shopping.

Another 81% check social media feeds and account balances at the time of eating outside. And about 89% at least glance at their mobile devices whereas relaxing at the park, spending some leisure time. eMarketer survey in 2016 also found that users are spending their average of 37% of their day with their smartphone – and that number has more than multiplied over the last five years.

As marketers, it is important to have a mobile strategy, which covers mobile web and applications. A survey by comScore also found that 72% of digital moments take place on smartphones – and that a full 65% of those smartphones moments within apps.

Supplier Partnership & Business Networks
You can think a business being able to automatically refill standard stock items and bestsellers as supplies dwindle, making sure the business never runs out and meet all the needs.

Consider a business having an overview of all the suppliers and their pricing that enables them to place orders cost effectively. You can also imagine a business where never missing a payment and knowing the exact whereabouts of expected deliveries at any time.

It is fact that allowed by applications, giving business a new way to interact with their suppliers as they are a single entity at the same time, allowing separate for practical purposes. Vendors and suppliers can be managed easily whereas data can be predicted supplier habits.

Revolutionary Start to your Business
As we all know that all the companies launch their own mobile application sooner or later. For example, Google and Facebook have started as web applications; however at least following the trend they should make the mobile application obtainable for every smartphone ad now having more customers compared to most other social media giants.

As per the latest data, seven out of ten companies are looking forward to having a mobile application to expand their business and enhance the communication between the customer and company.

They can also get great feedback that is related to product or service that provided by them. You can enhance the service or product that you are providing; and therefore, growing and earning great revenue for yourself.

You can easily do it also; however, the mobile application will make it more simple and concrete as compared to complex web apps. However, there are some companies that started a business as the mobile app and develop the web version of the service later.

The mobile application is not only for big brands like Google, but it is also important for every small business and startup that has dedicated mobile app for their business.

These are the major roles that played by the mobile application in the digital transformation world. If you have decided to have own mobile application for your brand or business irrespective of the size and type, you can get in touch with a leading mobile app development company that has a proficient team of mobile app developers.

Author Bio: SohelAther is a tech savvy writer who works for, a leading Mobile App Development Agency. You can contact, if you are looking to Hire experience Mobile App Developers.
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