Tuesday, 21 June 2016

8 Most Effective Node.js Tools for Developers

      Node.js is a server-side JavaScript environment that uses an asynchronous event-driven model. Here you will find 8 best time-tested Node.js file system tools, which are amply used by Node.js developers. You’ve come to the right place if you are going to streamline routine tasks related to a file system.


Cylon.js is a next generation JavaScript framework based on Robotics, physical computing & internet of things. You can command robots and devices extremely easy using Cylon.js. You can also run multiple different hardware devices concurrently using this simple, but powerful tool. As far as command line concern, Cylon uses the Gort Command Line Interface (CLI) for generating new robots, adaptors, and drivers.

2. Hapi.js

Well-heeled powerful node.js framework especially used to construct application program interfaces as well as software applications as per the popular Web & Mobile app development companies. Instead of spending lots of time on building infrastructure, Hapi.js permits developers to focus on writing recyclable application logic. Many big companies including PayPal are enriched with hapi's stability and reliability. It is also having countless features like configuration based functionality, implement caching, error handling, input validation, logging etc.

3. Math.js

Math.js is the extensive, powerful and easy to use math library for JavaScript and node.js. It is having quality features such as flexible expression parser, offers an integrated solution to work with big complex numbers, matrices, etc. It comes with a large set of built-in functions and constants. It is open source, easily extensible and having an ability to run on any JavaScript engine.

4. Eskimo

Eskimo is the easiest way to build Node.js apps. Frame your APIs and online store more fleetly using Eskimo. It can be also used for referral systems, coming soon pages, CDN hosted assets, etc. Simple commands and options are packed with the Command Line Interface, making app or web development easier and faster.

5. del

The name 'del' itself says the motive of the tool. Yes, you are right. It allows deleting the current working directory and outside. It also defends you against deleting the existing working directory. The del tool will help you to get rid of files and folders both with the help of globs. The tool is almost looking like a rimraf along with a promise API and support for multiple files and globbing.

6. Socket.io

For all mobile devices and browsers, the cross-browser web socket is most impressive in fabric real-time apps. Socket.IO authenticates you with a real-time bidirectional event-based communication. The main strength of the tool is, it works on each & every platform, browser or device, focusing equally on speed and reliability. I want to share some major features of the tool which are Real-time analytics, Document collaboration, Binary streaming, and Instant messaging and chat.

7. cpy

Copying files is the most continuous process which carries out within every file system. You can speed up this process by taking the benefit of streams, powerfully built it by using graceful-fs, and make copying files user-friendly with the help of globs and imaginary destination directories.

8. Sails.js

The best Node.js tool is almost same as the MVC architecture from frameworks like Ruby on Rails. An advancement of this tool over MVC is, it supports the modern apps. Building chat, real-time dashboards, or multiplayer games are the main features of the given tool. It is built purely based on JavaScript and supports in any database. Sails comes with auto generate REST APIs, easy web socket support and reusable security policies.

About Author:
Deepak is marketer, developer, designer, storyteller, thinker, founder, CEO at iMOBDEV Technologies. Good proficiency in Web Development. Get the first-rate IT services for your start-up with down the earth cost.
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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Windows 10 vs iOS 9 vs Android M: Clash Between 3 Most Efficient OS

Three industry giants Microsoft, Apple and Google are in the healthy competition as all three are launched their new operating system. Microsoft reveals its' latest version Windows 10 in Lumia 950/950 XL first time. At the same time, Microsoft's biggest competitors Apple & Google also launched their mobile OS, iOS 9 & Android Marshmallow respectively. When all 3 operating systems are coming to you, it's difficult to decide that which one is appropriate for you. Here, I have compared all 3 OS in every possible aspect that may help you to select adequate OS as per your use.

1. Interface

Windows 10 comes with live tile user interface that supports transparent tile background. Wallpaper can follow you without being distracted from the front content using transparent tile background. The latest version has a notification center that adjusts messages based on relevant category.

iOS 9 is having all features that the previous version have, along with more renowned fonts, more elegant theme & enlarged typography.

Android M is all about user-friendliness of of Mobile application. Android M becomes heir to Lolipop by adding the feature of the app drawer. Drawer shows a more instinctive app list by which user can easily jump to wanted apps.

2. Customization

All 3 operating systems have almost same type of customization in terms of profiles, backgrounds and account syncing. Nevertheless, each OS tries to give as much control as possible to the owner over the device.

Windows 10 is well-known because of its' user-compatibility. Microsoft allows first time to the user to select the background in its' windows 10 mobile. Windows 10 also authorize users to use developer mode as well.

iOS 9 empower the user with the far better customization compare to Windows 10. The user can utilize the feature of display zoom in iOS 9 but can not enter into the developer mode. In fact, there is no developer's mode in iOS 9.

Android M is the best option in terms of customization. There are multiple options available to customize your device. Like Windows 10, Google also provides developers mode first time in it's Android Marshmallow update.

3. Features

Windows 10 arrives with multifarious, new features. Some of the more important features are Cortana, Microsoft edge, App store, USB support and other hardware features. Data syncing from mobile to PC & interchanging of stream photos and documents are the most significant features of Windows 10.

iOS 9 has many latest inbuilt features including maps, messages, notes, mail, Apple pay and Apple music. It comes with very small size than previous version. So, users can get more space to install required third-party apps. I think "Siri" is the biggest feature of this version of iOS as it is responsible for efficient response in less time. Another important features like slide over, split view and a picture in picture makes the multitasking better.

Android M having a significant feature based on Google search. Marshmallow comes with tap based Google search. Just long press the home button for search or voice command to start with it.

4. Security

Non-Windows related third-party apps have become more secure in Windows 10 than the previous versions. Even built-in windows related apps are also preventing devices from attacking.

Addition to almost same security constituents as Windows 10 Mobile, iOS 9 consolidates passcode to increase difficulties for other users to access your Apple ID account and personal information.

Exceptional fingerprint option for unlocking the phone in Android M secures devices from unauthorized human beings. There is also some mutation in the sense of permitting you to an app accessing camera & other features.

About Author: 
Mr. Deepak Patel is an entrepreneur and CEO of the prominent Mobile Application Development Company India iMOBDEV Technologies Pvt. Ltd. His immense experience in the field of development is enough to shape up the superior applications in all platforms including Android, iOS & Windows. He is passionate to learn the modern techniques & implement them in recent projects. He frequently releases many articles & share his thoughts and knowledge of mobility solutions.
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Friday, 13 May 2016

7 Tips To Improve Your Website Security

There are two sides of the coin. One is useful while one is harmful. If one side is really useful for us, then another side may be dangerous. The same logic can be applied in Website Application Development. Use of CMS like Joomla, WordPress, & Drupal, utilization of various tools, plug-ins, modules & extensions make Web development more efficient and extensible. Unfortunately, sometimes use of such type of modern tools leads to the several security issues. Here is the list of steps you need to consider for better security.

1. Software Up-gradation
As most of the hacking is automated nowadays, you have to update the software continuously. It is more important when you are using various CMS like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. You may face the problems like, hacking, website down, loss of data or spam, etc if your software is outdated. It is recommended to use a web application firewall as it protects your website like a virtual patch, if you are unable to update latest version quickly.

2. Passwords
Well, I don't think, I need to talk more about passwords as each individual knows the importance of strong passwords. I want to draw attention on common mistakes generally done by website owners @ the time of setting username and password. Chance of hacking will increase, if the combination of  your username & password is very common. Hackers are very clever as they first attack your website by applying such type of common combinations.

There are many mis-beliefs about strong passwords. The password should be messy instead of your birthdate or brand name so that hackers can not assume your password easily. Password should have more characters than the regular size. It is very difficult to assume long passwords for hackers.

3. User Accessibility
Most of the times, multiple users access login panel of the website. Multiple users of one admin account may raise security issues. It is advisable to permit temporary rights and remove them instead of giving full access to admin panel. It means do not give the full accessibility to anyone all the time. The simplest example is; if someone who need credentials for blog posting, it's not necessary to provide full admin authority. You just need to give access to create and update blog posts.

4. Encryption Methods
Encryption techniques prevent your login credentials and stop the unauthorized person from accessing your private data. Secure socket layer (SSL) is widely used security technology for encryption. SSL secures your online transactions, login credentials and social security numbers very sensitively. By creating an encrypted link between a web server and a browser, SSL ensures that all data between web server & a browser remain private and integral.

5. Malware Detection
Malicious Software (Malware) is the source of all criminal activities. It includes computer viruses, worms, spyware, trojan horse, etc. Detection of such type of malware is very difficult. Most of the malwares may become visible @ the back door of your website and hidden within the website. Malware harms your website by allowing secret observation, providing intermediate access to the hackers, thieve your personal data, etc. It is preferable to check endlessly, using a modern malware detection techniques which can prevent your website from malware attacks.

6. Hire a Security consultant
There are many security dimensions which can not be handled by your own. You have to hire an expert for such type of issues as security plays a major role in your web success. Even some small things matter a lot in terms of security, so it's better to hire an adviser for the same. You can also stay in touch with a company that provides security services. They daily scan your website for debility, execute various security inspections, monitor for spiteful activities.

7. Choice of Extensions
Modern web development is well-known for it's CMS applications which comprise millions of plugins, add-ons, and extensions. Such kind of extensions are providing functionalities beyond your imaginations within a minute & without writing a single line of code. However, overdose of these plug-ins or extensions creates multiple security problems.

Selection of the right extension is very important. Choose the extension that is actually important for your website. Before adding any of the extensions, check-it-out when it was last updated & Select those which are updated regularly. Also, consider the age of extension & number of downloads till the date.

About Author
Deepak is marketer, developer, designer, storyteller, thinker, founder, CEO at iMOBDEV Technologies. Good proficiency in Web Application Development. Get the first-rate IT services for your start-up with down the earth cost.

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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Smart App Marketing and Distribution Techniques

Designing an app is one thing, but making sure it reaches your target audience is another. With so many applications on the market, getting yours to stand out through audience interest and engagement can be hard. How can you make sure you employ the right techniques to bring visibility to your app, while increasing your distribution? Here are a few suggestions:

Make it something they need

In order to effectively market your application, it’s important to have an app that your audience needs. It should be something original that will capture their interest and keep it while branding your organization. Good apps aren’t just extensions of a website; they take on a shape of their own.

Offer an incentive

Getting your users to market your app for you is genius. Give them a reason to share the way your app works with others. This will increase the demand, and will provide a better user and product experience. When there’s something to gain, users will continue to use your app and tell others.

Create a unique presence

When distributing your app in different markets, you have to impress the audience on the first try. That means everything you display, from screenshots to the highlights must be compelling enough to make them want your app in their store. With so many apps on the market that may be similar to yours, this is your chance to shine and show the users why yours reigns supreme. Everything you distribute must be over the top to catch the attention of every type user in the store. Use creative graphics, witty words and sleek punch lines that will resonate even after they have downloaded the app for use. You want to make sure they can get the word out for you too, so be sure to include a share button.

Be visible

Distribution can be tricky. It’s important to have a number of outlets where people are sharing the news. Make sure you can be found on all the major social media platforms, and any niche platforms to talk about the app and share information. Getting reviews about your app from reputable sites will also help build credibility, which helps different distribution markets want to carry your app in their store.

Consider mobile advertising or QR codes

These are two effective and easy ways to get the word out about your app. QR codes are useful in that they can be added to a number of communication methods, whether digital or print. When promoting a new app, mobile advertising is also a good way to get users interested. Giving away coupons or discounts, or a trial use, especially if it’s a paid app. Take the time to understand and know your target market to choose which avenue would be best.
Marketing and distribution tactics of products are continuously changing, based on customer needs. Staying true to the best methods, while integrating creativity and unique concepts to help you stand out always work well. Use these five techniques to get a buzz, while gaining users and new followers who will continue to pay attention long after your initial tactics havworked. The key is implementing techniques that will enhance your brand, each and every time, whether this is a new app or an update. Maintaining the right balance of both markets is key. Try these techniques and see how quick you get results!

Author Biography

Sophorn Chhay
Sophorn is an inbound marketer specializing in attracting targeted visitors and generating sales qualified leads. Through Trumpia’s SMS marketing automation solution he helps businesses and organizations communicate effectively with their customers or members. Trumpia is offering a free Mobile Marketing Success Kit so don’t forget to grab your free copy.
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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Know How To Open .bkf File On Windows 8/8.1

Windows 8 was accepted by many users despite of many adaptations in features and facilities. Some of these modifications were considered productive and some were not. Removal of NTBackup utility and no provision to support the old BKF files was one of those modifications, which was criticized by users. Apparently, users searched for other modes to know how to open .bkf file on Windows 8. This blog shares some techniques that can be used in order to open the Windows BKF file in Windows 8 OS. Let us see what can be those probable methods.

Create NTBackup Environment in Windows 8 System

In order to view the BKF file details, users can download the files externally in order to execute the NTBackup application. These files can be either downloaded from internet available as .cab file comprising of three files archived in it. On the other hand, it can be copied from the Windows XP machine where these files are available in C:\Windows\System32 location. The below mentioned files have to be copied in the Windows 8 system;

Once these files are copied, the NTBackup.exe file can be run and executed. “Restore files & Settings” function can be used to restore the files from the backup files. However, experts suggest that this method should not be adapted. This is because there are severe chances of system issue while executing any external application, which is not meant for that Operating System. Moreover, this method can be used by users who are technically adept so that all the steps are performed well.

A Brilliant Alternative to Open BKF in Windows 8

Technology has evolved and has taken every possible step to meet requirements of all types of users. BKF Repair is one of such solutions, which lets you know how to open .bkf file in Windows 8 machine. This software solution is designed to open and restore the NTBackup BKF file in any version of Windows including Windows 8 where NTBackup utility is not available. It is foremost solution to let users view BKF file content, and restore it successfully without any complications.

Author Bio: We are leading developers of technical solutions and have multiple solutions associated with the technical requirements. BKF Repair is one of the solutions that let users to open BKF file on Windows 8 system.
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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

What is Apple 3D Touch?

     Apple has recently launched the iPhone 6s and 6S Plus in which they have introduced a new way to interact with your phone. They have named it the 3D Touch which is kind of confusing to many people because 3D here doesn’t actually mean you get to touch some holographic 3D object or something of that sort. Here 3D Touch is an innovation introduced into the touch screen interactive levels.

Apple has been introducing lots of new touch patterns and gestures in the recent times which includes the Force Touch in the Apple Smart Watch, on pressing firmly it brings up additional actions in various apps such as Alarm, SMS, etc. And Apple has also been added more accurate haptic feedback with new technologies. So we can say that 3D Touch is like an evolution to the Force Touch introduced on the Apple Smart Watch.

How is it beneficial?

With the 3D Touch Apple offers three new innovative features on its new Smartphones:
> Pressure Sensitivity - This feature brings innovation into various apps mainly for Drawing and other creative apps which can take advantage of the pressure-sensing capabilities of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus display, for example to make lines thicker or give a brush a changing style.

> Peek and Pop - This is one very useful features which lets users preview all kinds of content and even act on it — without having to actually open it. Users can then just press a little harder which will Pop up the information.

> Quick Actions - This feature will prove to be really very useful for various users who love to see Quick Actions. This lets users do the things they do most often, faster and in fewer steps. Many of these actions can even be done with a single press, right from the Home screen.

So these features help users to reduce the number of touches or steps they have to perform in order to get some info. For example, if you receive a message from a friend which a time and date about some meeting you need not go back into apps select calendar and check if you got some appointment all you need to do is touch that data on the message with some extra pressure and your calendar app will pop up or if it’s a location the maps app will pop up showing you the location on it.

How does it work?

Capacitive sensors are built into the backlight of the iphone’s HD display which on each touch measures “microscopic changes” in finger pressure between the glass and the backlight. To improve the feedback for this they have also introduced a Taptic engine which gives the 3D Touch a more wonderful experience.

Capacitive sensors reading distance between the cover glass and backlight.

Final Words

We can say 3D Touch is like an evolution to the Force Touch with much more features added onto it. To make it even simpler 3D Touch feature is more like an alternative to the Right-Click action that we perform on our PC. Initially people may find using this a bit difference but once we get used to this, it makes the interaction which phone much easier and faster. To know more about implementing it on iOS apps check out the Apple’s developer site for SDK and sample code.

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