Sunday, 18 June 2017

10 Incredible New Technologies That Have Changed the World

Do you know that Bill Gates was a college dropout? Yes, the founder of Microsoft, one of the top grossing companies of the world, was a college dropout. Does this give you some serious goals?

Taking cues from the current scenario, information technology engineering is evolving at a fast pace. There are products and services in the market which the common man could not even believe existed some time ago. There is no looking back now, the rate at which technology is developing; there is so much ahead.
From nano robots to 3-D printers to self-driving cars, technology advancements have changed the face of business spheres. Here are some of the most impressive technological inventions that have made the technology world incredible.
1. Nano Robots
Imagine a very tiny sensor performing surgery on you or detecting cancer. This is what nano robots can do for the world. These tiny robots are currently in research and have already been tested to deliver drugs to a specific body part.
Quick Fact: The parts/components of a nano robot are close to the scale of a nanometer (10-9 meters).
2. 3D Printing Technology
3D printing is a type of additive manufacturing technology where a three-dimensional object is made from scratch by piling up the layers of a material. You can use 3D printers to print anything from teapots to guns to anything you like.
The automotive and aerospace industry has already been using it for a long time, but the printers are another experience altogether.
3. Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence is the latest trend, which will drive how we consume and execute the current and forthcoming data needs.
Artificial Intelligence does everything from facilitating semantic data extraction to aiding consumer experience with information. After being amongst enormous stockpiles of data in the past, Artificial Intelligence is a positive change for the technological world.
4. Voice Interface Technology
Voice recognition/ Voice Interface technology aims at changing the user experience and how we operate our daily lives. VUI uses natural language interface to perform its voice recognition function. In future, even for a simple task like operating google maps, VUI would be the ‘in thing’.
5. Face Detecting Systems
Face detection is a computer technology which is used to identify human faces through digital images. It is one of the latest evolutions among other biometrics like fingerprint, retina recognition, hand geometry recognition etc.
The face-detecting systems technology is being widely accepted and used in China to do even minor things. It helps to authorize payments, provide access to facilities, track criminals, etc.
6. Graphene
Graphene is a layer of graphite that is just one atom thick. The layer is strong and an excellent conductor of heat and electricity and is said to transform mobile devices and revolutionize technology.
So, how does it really work? Imagine having a flexible smartphone or an ultra-thin strong condom or a flexible tablet. In fact, they are in the process of coming up with an ultra-thin condom made of a layer of latex and graphene.
7. Vein Identification Device
Another latest technology in the field of biometric identification and security device is the vein identification device. Like our fingerprints, the vein patterns are also unique to each individual. It focuses on the security features by identifying the vein pattern in the palms of our hand.
As compared to the traditional methods of identification, this technology is much easier to manage and more reliable as well.
8. Self-Driving Vehicles
One of the greatest accomplishments in the car industry are self-driving vehicles which are an artificial intelligence marvel. With a number of accomplishments in the car industry, this one absolutely steals the show.
A self-driving car is a robotic vehicle, which helps to transfer a person from one place to another without a human operator.
9. Brain Controlled Computers
Brain controlled Computers are a boon for people who are physically challenged. These computers are controlled by the brain and would be a great investment for the people without arms or legs.
10. Agricultural Drones
Have you seen flying cameras at marriages and various events these days? That is exactly what agricultural drones are supposed to do.
Farming requires a lot of physical labor and hard work. These drones autopilot themselves from take off to landing. Besides this, they also take extensive pictures of a farm on a daily basis. These would help in pointing out where we are going wrong with the whole procedure of farming and show where the problems are being faced.
There is a lot more in store
Besides these technologies, there are a number of other upcoming ones as well. So, don’t give up on flying cars and men and hoverboards just yet! With the advancement of technology, everything will go into the development stage today or tomorrow!
Editor Bio - Ms Sahiba Sadana is a professional content editor and an avid book-reader. She is a regular contributor to Sharda University, Business Town, and, Munfarid Consulting. The editor is well-known for her Content Marketing skills and has dealt with more than 150 clients.
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Friday, 9 June 2017

The Top Challenges of App Development Faced by Startups

App market is turning out be more competitive with every passing day; particularly for startups coming up with new app ideas and expecting quick success. There lie several challenges to get an app that will really benefit a business. A startup, in a process of getting an app, whether for marketing or popularity, has to face these challenges to emerge as a successful brand in their industry.

Although, it’s not easy to make an impact in the app market but it’s also not impossible, at all. Here are the points helping startups to become successful with their mobile app:

The Mobile App discovery
App discovery is big thing for any startup. It associates several aspects such as whether there is audience available for particular app idea or not and, whether your app idea makes life of app-user simpler or not. If your app delivers what exactly the audience is looking for, it certainly has better chances to attain success.
Startups need paying attention in the beginning that how discoverable there app will become because the more it will have ability to be discovered, the more it will have users and of course, the more it will have users, the more it will be successful.

Mobile App Development Approach
These days, apps are created with more than one approach. We have native mobile app technology and then, we have hybrid approach to create an app. Every approach has its advantage and disadvantage. Native approach, for example, is the preferred way of building a mobile app because an app created through this approach is capable of accessing the native hardware of a device but because it’s fairly expensive, not all businesses can afford it. On the other hand, hybrid is the suggested approach for those businesses which are looking for low-budget app implementation but then, this approach doesn’t support all native hardware functionalities.
You have to decide on an approach as per the features and functions you need in your app, along with cross checking whether particular mobile app development approach supports the implementation of these features or not.

How Many Devices Does Your App Support To?
One big factor contributing to the success of a mobile app is its availability on all key devices/ platform in use. People use different types of devices from different brands or companies. Also, they prefer devices running on different operating systems. However, it’s not possible to make an app available for all the devices/OSs but it should at least be expanded to popular devices and operating systems which hold major market shares. iOS and Android are the names to a few of them.

Delivering Better Performance with Consuming Minimum Device Battery
The success of an app depends on its acceptability. But people accept and want to keep only those apps which deliver high-end performance, are bug free, and consume minimum battery.
An ideal app is one which delivers the best performance it can with consuming minimum battery of the device it’s running on. This attribute can be attained when mobile app development team chooses the right tools and technology to build an app.

Keep the Required Investments Already Arranged
Taking mobile app development as a one-time process is the biggest mistake many startups do. Like any other software development, a mobile app development, regardless of the purpose it’s aimed at, is never a single-time process. When app is fully developed, you will need adding new features based on the requirements and suggestions of users and to do so, you will need adequate amount of money.

Market Competition
Once you successfully launch an app, the next thing to do is to begin its marketing. Marketing and promotion of an app is all about informing your audience for whom you have entered the industry with your app.

ASO (App Store Optimization)
Last but not least, you will also need app store optimization so that the store-page hosting your app will receive higher rankings in manual search results.

Author Bio: "James Stewart is a digital marketing expert in Mobilmindz, a prominent mobile app development company which provides iOS and android app development services across the global. He loves to write on latest mobile trends, mobile technologies, startups and enterprises.

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How Tablet Computers Can Be Viable Tools to Shape Your Business

It’s been approximately five years since the first tablets, Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab, reached the consumer market. Ever since then, tablets have become omnipresent. We have all acknowledged their use for sending emails or for entertainment, but tablets PCs can do a lot more than this. The unique blend of portability, touch screen capabilities, and processing make them a preferred choice over notebooks and laptops when it comes to handling business. A large number of tech-savvy business owners are now incorporating tablets for their daily business needs.

No matter the business is small or big, tablets are serving every business in one or the other way.They can serve as catalogs, POS devices, concierge devices, and customer service connection.  Moreover, they don’t necessarily have to burn a hole in your pockets. There are numerous good configuration Android Tablets under 5000 that are widely available in the market which effortlessly combine display features with performance.

Let us here take a look at different ways in which tablets are proving to be an essential tool in a modern business.
Digital Portfolio
When you present your business to your prospective clients, a digital portfolio works wonders. From photographers and fashion designers to real estate agents, tablets are a boon. Have your impressive catalogs ready toshowcase clients, which can alsobe shown on larger screens using USB/HDMI ports.

Presentations & Trainings
Tablets are quite handy in creating presentations or conducting training sessions irrespective of your location. Their portability makes it easier to carry around to a meeting room or to the podium. Most of the tablets these day scan be easily linked to projectors or larger screens for an impeccable demonstration.

Work on the Go
Whether it is checking emails or viewing documents, these lightweight and handy tablets are the best devices to use while on the go.  Tablets also provide multiple apps that help you to edit and save the documents. Because the screen size of tablets is bigger than mobiles and smaller than laptops, they become a perfect fit for mobile business workers.

Meeting Notes & Minutes
On connecting a keyboard to your tablet, it unifies the benefits of mobiles and laptops when taking notes. Along with the quick note-taking options, they provide easy options to access other documents, incorporate photos, videos, and voice recordings. Further, their portable nature makes them less intrusive and easy to take to the meetings.

Tracing inventory
The tedious inventory process can be made a lot easier with the tablets. There are several apps available on different operating systems where you can keep a track of inventory. Moreover, you can also create your own database to track the inventory process.

Tracking time
When the employees are paid on an hourly basis or when they work from home, tracing their working time is important. Several tablet apps help in managing time tracking of the employees in an easy way no matter where they are working from.

Manage finances
Tablets are very helpful in issuing estimates, sending invoices and scanning the receipts. Apps such as Freshbooks, Quickbooksetcare quite good and helpful for managing the accounting needs of a business.

Tablets these days have become much affordable, that even small to mid-size business can think of incorporating them in their day to day activities. Tablets ranging from under INR 5000 to up to no limits are available in the market to suit every need.
Whatever is a business model, everyone can benefit with the incorporation of the tablets in their business. The functionality, size, and adaptability of these computing and communication devices make them the future of business technology.
Author Bio: My name is Shubhi. I am a content writer. I am fond of writing technology content since last 5 years. If you loved the topic, do share and comment. 
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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

How to Get Back into Blog Writing After a Long Break

Any creative job is somehow at risk of bringing a person to a point of a creative burnout. This is especially true for writers who put all their heart in their works, and often find themselves stuck and having no ideas on how to continue the good work you started.

That is why, writers often take breaks. They switch to a less creative job, leave writing behind only to get back to it sooner or later.
However, the process of getting back to writing might be complicated.
Most writers feel stuck not able to answer the question of where do I start and what should I talk about after all this time.
It is completely normal. And since you gained some new strength and experience and are ready to dive into blogging, let’s go over some practical things you should bear in mind when returning on this path.
Ways to get back to writing after you paused it for some time
· Realize that the first steps would be the hardest
You should keep in mind that the first steps might be hard to conquer. The thing which so many of writers forget is that after you put something on hold, you need time and effort to get back on track.
There is nothing wrong with you; it’s just how it works. Therefore, remember that you should not count on very productive first days of writing. Let your mind dive into these things again, and do not pressure it with your high expectations.
So, be ready to spend a few days getting used to a long-forgotten feeling of putting the words together into sentences and finding your inspiration on the way.
· Look up to the pros
All creative people face these hardships at some point. You are not alone. But this also means that you can look up to them and follow their footprints. How did they get through this hard time? How did they get back to work after a long break them took?
You are likely to find answers to these questions in their blogs or interviews. So, if you are really willing to learn how to get back on track, check out how the greats did this.
· Get inspired
You need to find a real source of inspiration, because even though you had a break and gain back the strength, you still need to find something that will ignite your inner genius to produce some great works.
Therefore, we recommend you to find a few books that you always wanted to read, but never really had time or read some professional literature that can help you improve your writing skills. If you ask your fellow writers for a piece of advice on this, you will get an extensive list of great books. So, do not waste your time and get down to reading them right away.
· Get organized

It’s not a secret that success comes to those who are organized and disciplined. So, if you are striving to become successful, you need a good plan. You need to create a schedule for your day or at least add several hours for writing into your day. Specify when you will take breaks, how much you want to write within that time, and who you will be accountable to.
Being accountable to someone is an amazing way of always staying on track. So, do not hesitate to ask your friends to be there for you during this time and keep you accountable.
· Start somewhere easy
It is better not to rush into anything from the beginning. On the contrary, you need to start with creation of a text that is not too hard for you to work on. This way, you won’t put too much pressure on yourself during this time. Do not go straight for a blog post series but rather create a good content plan in which the content is developing from something easy to something slightly more complicated.
· Proofread your texts
You need to accept the fact that you will make mistakes, maybe more than you used to. So, to ensure the high quality of your writing, you need to pay special attention to revision.
Some say that revision might take up to as much time as writing does, so be ready to dedicate some significant amount of time to it.
But don’t worry, proofreading your blog post can be much simpler if you use technological solutions like Grammarly. Make your life easier – and opt for technologies.
It’s great that you want to get back to your blog. It takes courage. And to make this transition easier you can use our tips that will lead you step by step to blogging regularly after a long break.
Bio: Christina Battons is a web content writer and blogger from LA. I am a graduate of the University of Southern California. Currently, I write for various blogs. I am interested in topics about education, writing, blogging. My writing I use as a tool to further the education of others. You can connect with me through Twitter. I'll be happy to hear you, just drop me a line!
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Friday, 2 June 2017

Developing Social Media App – 5 Key Features That You Should Consider

When it comes to considering social media from a business perspective, it is one of the most promising markets. Undeniably, this industry is completely occupied by many big players; however, the rapid development of technology is bringing enormous new opportunities for the understanding of new ideas.

At the time of developing a social media application, it is important to comprehend that having an application is a need for the success of any project. Moreover, you also need to comprehend that you should not load up your app with enormous features than required at the outset as it can effect on your app’s success. 
By including more features in your social media app, you can confuse your users and deceive them of the core functionality and purpose of your app that will lead to increased abandon rate. Therefore, it is essential to include key features in your application and allow your users to use it without any hassle.

To make it easy for you, we have listed below 5 key features to include in Social Media App:
Instant Login
Social media channels allow users to connect with their family members, friends, and relatives across the world. Making social connections are easy and instant that demands simple methods of drawing in.
It would be great if you provide them easy login options. By offering easy login option, you can decrease the abandon rate and allow users to come back to your application on a daily basis. Try to make your application more user-friendly as this way you can increase the chances of being rated highly.

Most of the social media apps profile-centric. For professional developers, it only means that a database with personal details of the app’s members is at the majority of social network app development.
One of the simplest ways to develop a user profile is to connect the application to social networks that users are already using. For instance, some basic profile info can be taken through REST API calls from social networking channels like Google+, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
Moreover, you can also allow users to enter an email and password to sign-up as an alternative; however, it needs some work so that people may be less inclined to select this option. It is also imperative that an application offers some tools, which can help users to personalize their profile. Here are some of the basic functions to include:
        Background Colors
        Customizable bio with different animated options, showing hobbies, interest and other favorites.
        Hipster photo effects
        Settings of themes that define content, layout, style of the profile.

Highly Engaging News Feed
As you all know that social media is all about expressing. Today, most of the users use the power of social media for expressing their thoughts, views and give opinions that influence the society. 
The news feed is considered as the most thrilling places, where users are sharing their stories and opinions in the form of content, pictures, status, videos, etc. Eventually, the news feed consists of highly exciting stories, informational content, and videos that can be linked, shared and commented on. 
It is must that your post must be highly engaging as engagement measure notices a new high as users get the concept, posting violently on the same.

Search & Address Book
With a huge data obtainable to access, you can provide a search functionality as it is a requisite for any social media application. Unlike traditional, the all new search functionality delivers an advanced search option for different groups and communities, allowing users to look for the desired results. 
It would be good to add a relevant filtering option that enables users to instantly find the content that they have been looking for. Moreover, you also need to take care of placing buttons and bar at the right place as it plays an important role. Make sure that you place it at the right place.
Along with the search functionality, you can opt for address book, allowing users to send invites to their friends and peers. The letter comprises of one template with the message that can be composed by users.

Privacy and Security
There are various development firms that are bothered about these aspects from long and most of them have already invested a lot in covering their aspects of the business. Today, it has become important for developers to have the highest rate of security features in the app as there are real users with their personal information.
With regular updates fixing, the breach corners and bugs can be raised the standard and value of your app; therefore, it is advisable to do the required regularly.
These are the top five features that you can include in your social media application. By including these features, you can make your app safe, secure and widely adopted. Moreover, you ensure that you hire a veteran mobile app development company that has proficiency in developing social media applications.

About Author – Jyoti Bharwani is a sr. content developer at Space-O Technologies. She loves to write blogs on different topics and share information that she has. In her free time, she prefers to read non-fictional books and Quora writing. 
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Monday, 29 May 2017

6 Successful Instagram Case Studies to Get Inspired for Your Next Campaign

Would you like to get your brand known by a wider audience, grow a massive social following of users, and get leads? If that is exactly the case, then Instagram is the key.

Instagram is not just the platform to post your morning selfies, food pics, show your love for cats, or your baby bump, it’s a lot more than that. It has now become one of the top engaging, user-friendly and profitable digital platforms for businesses of all types and sizes.

Instagram has reached over 400 million active monthly users. But the amazing thing is the fact that only 23% of brands are doing it right. Many businesses are finding ways to interact with Instagram community and earn personally invested customers who can really relate to their brands.  

Is Instagram marketing a wise choice?
It’s not simply the numbers you should care about as a digital marketer, it’s the massive number of people using it. Instagrammers are shoppers – your potential customers, they absorb you marketing message, brand voice or brand story without any hard sales, and appeal to them without actually selling to them.

Shoppers turn to social proof that can be used on your website and social media platforms for references. If truth be told, Instagram helps convert passive shoppers into repeat customers.
Instagram gives brands an opportunity to share their brand stories with a wider audience in a very creative and impressive manner.

How Instagram Can Unlock Profit Potential of Your Brand?
Instagram doesn’t permit to share links, even the images don’t support any links. The only place to link back to your website is the bio on Instagram which creates a new game for social media marketers. To give you a clear understanding of how Instagram can do wonders for your brand, here are a few successful Instagram case studies that used Instagram to promote their brand.

1. Adidas Neo

Adidas smartly played on Instagram and invited Instagram influencers and common people to take part in an Adidas Neo marketing campaign. Users were asked to create Adidas inspired Instagram posts and from these, Adidas picked the best content creators and give them a chance of modeling in a professional photo shoot and their branded content with massive Instagram audiences.

Adidas used Instagram’s most famous celebrity Selena Gomez to help the brand to get the contest sharing. And the contest created a buzz on Instagram with the hashtag #MyNeoShoot.

To have a chance to get selected as a model for Adidas, Instagram users had to post images using the hashtag #MyNeoShoot. With this Adidas Neo campaign, the brand generated 71,000 mentions for this single hashtag. And the Adidas Neo Instagram account increased their following to 41k new users.

2. Airlines

Airline companies including Cathay Pacific, British Airways, Alaska Air, Qantas, Air France and more, partnered with leading lifestyle and aspirational travel influencers to create sponsored Instagram content and integrate their brand message for new audiences. This tactic leveraged the social stars’ large social following to increase brand awareness, user engagement, and audience exposure, ultimately drove up and supported profitable actions.

3. Mobile App Bejeweled

The popular gem-matching puzzle game Bejeweled used Instagram smartly to grow its fan base, increase brand engagement and inspire mobile users to download their mobile game. They picked high-reach Instagram influencers to take part in their branded hashtag #shinyplace campaign by simply sharing photos of themselves playing the gem-matching puzzle game. This way, they not only created brand awareness among social media audiences, they also succeed to drove audience attention to the app store to get more downloads of their mobile app.

4. Frank Body

It is an Austrian-based body and skin care brand that products are based on coffee. And this is the specialty of their products that makes the center of images they used to brand with Instagram. They used their hashtag #letbefrank on Instagram and increased their followers.

5. Bloom and Wild

Bloom and Wild is a company that delivers bouquets, they gained a massive growth by Instagram advertising. Their main goal was to gain a wider audience to their young business. They came up with a simple strategy and used the Power Editor feature of Instagram to create Instagram ads. They used the data of their existing email list and created a similar audience from it. Then, they analyzed their ad photos by running paid campaigns. With Instagram ads, Bloom and Wild increased their bouquets orders by 62% and observed many new customers showed their interest to buy a bouquet from their shop.

6. Levis

The iconic American retailer was the very first advertiser on Instagram who took a great benefit from the Instagram ads to promote their brands. Though they focus on the idea of living in the moment and they express this approach in their images. It helped the brand get known for the most classic and iconic jeans in the world. With Instagram ads, Levis ads featured people wearing the classic clothing while sharing beautiful experiences. Their target audience was the people between the ages of 18-34 in the U.S.

Final Words
There are many amazing ways to promote your social media agency and personal brand on Instagram. All you need to browse around, research, and experiment with different Instagram marketing techniques to check what works best and gets you the desired results.

You can drive traffic to your website with your Instagram marketing strategy and create a vast audience for your brand which will ultimately has a huge potential for branding and building a strong social following. So, create your Instagram marketing strategy and let your brand voice be heard by the world with this engaging tool!

About the Author:
Saher Naseem is a professional content marketer, brand strategist and blogger. She is associated with Branex - a digital marketing agency in Toronto that provides ecommerce website design and development solutions, social media marketing and mobile app development solutions for businesses of all types and sizes.

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