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  • Thursday, 26 March 2015

    Hello guys in this post I will be telling you how to customize or modify the heading styles in a post on blogger. As we know in HTML we have different header tags namely h1, h2, h3 and so on. These heading styles are based upon the CSS scripting you give it. So in order to modify and give a new look to these header styles all we need to do is modify those particular CSS scripts. Now, let us see how to modify those CSS scripts.

    Step 1 : Go to your Blog > Template > Edit HTML

    Note : Before you do this its always better and good to have a backup of your template.
    So click > Backup / Restore and select > Download full template.
    This will download your template.xml file.

    Step 2 : Search for “Customize header in Blogger”

    in Google you will find lots and lots of new header styles choose one among them and copy the CSS code mentioned for it.

    Step 3 : In Edit HTML > Find ( Ctrl + F ) : “.post”

    And paste the code below it.

    Step 4 : Time to test it.

    Your done with the modification. Go to a post and select a header text and change its header style and check it.

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    Wednesday, 11 March 2015

          We have listed out the Best Android Smartphones under the pricing of Rs. 10000/- in the Indian Market. Nowadays, smartphones within 10K bucks itself include most of the cool features of the latest smartphones out in the market. Now, lets have a look into the best ones among them.

    1. Yu Yureka by Micromax

    Key Specifications :
    5.5 inches - 720 x 1280 pixels (~267ppipixel density) 
    Android OS, v4.4.4 (KitKat) -CyanogenMod11S 
    Quad-core 1.7 GHz Cortex-A53 & quad-core 1.0 GHz Cortex-A53 
    16 GB, 2 GB RAM 
    13 MP | 5 MP 
    Rs. 8999/-

    Tuesday, 10 March 2015

          Nokia has a wide variety of models in the Asha Series it has released in India. There are a wide range of users also for this series. As many models of these support Whatsapp, Hike, etc. and many more apps like these which makes them to stay connected to the Internet all the time. This obviously as we know will drain away the battery.

          In Android, iPhone and other smartphones we have an option to turn on and off the Mobile Data. But this one major feature is found to be missing in the Asha Series of Nokia. All its users have been expecting this feature as an update but till date there isn’t any such feature update by Nokia which is really disappointing.
          But, we can turn of the internet by the following manner.

    Step 1 : Goto Menu > Settings > Configuration Settings

    Step 2 : In Preferred access point, we have various set of settings among which one is the actual working Internet Setting.

    Example, In this particular device we have “Aircel Network” so we have the following settings,
    Aircel Pocket Internet
    Aircel MMS
    Aircel Online

    So the first one i.e., Aircel Pocket Internet is the working one.

    Step 3 : Now to turn of Internet all you have to do is select another setting lets say Aircel MMS in the above case.

    Once you select MMS setting you Mobile Data will be turned off.

    Step 4 : To turn it back on, all you have to do is select the actual working setting back again.

    Isn't that a simple alternative to achieve the Mobile Data ON and OFF feature.

    Wednesday, 4 February 2015

          The Android 5.0.2 Lollipop update has started rolling out in India for a number of devices and handsets like Google Nexus 5, Google Nexus 4, Moto G First Generation and Moto G Second Generation, among others are already on-board. This latest iteration of the Android is one of massive upgrade since Android Ice Cream Sandwich in terms of design, features and overall performance. Visually speaking, Android Lollipop is simply stunning and anyone who has seen the update is all praises for the new update. However, if you think Android Lollipop is all about aesthetics then you could not be more wrong as the new update also brings some really ground breaking features to the forth. We all know that the Android Kitkat was one of the best update released by Google in terms of performance. This article is a comparison between two updates as to how Google has bettered the Android ecosystem with the Lollipop update.

    Material Design

          While the Android Kitkat managed to impress the one and sundry with its impressive Holo UI, which was quite beautiful and straight forward with grey and blue user interface. However, when you place it side by side with the Android Lollipop, the latter is an altogether different level of visuals. With Android Lollipop update, Google has introduced its all new Material design, which is intended to look flat as well as 3D. The new Material design embodies clean, bold lines and colors that transform and alter with the improved animations, which are the highlights of the new update. Android Lollipop also features a renewed recent tab that boasts of a flattened card stack style. Despite the overall flatness of the users interface, there is a certain depth to the operating system that looks refreshing. Google has also changed the looks of its on-screen soft keys, that looks way more simplistic, flat and stylish then before. The flat and enhanced aesthetics has been spread across the entire user interface including app icons, fonts and notification bar icons.

    Improved Security

          Google has a pretty decent security in place in its Android operating system, however, the Kitkat update did not bring anything radical in terms of security. However, with Android Lollipop, Google has introduced two new security features. The first feature allows you to set a number of safe zones, which your smartphone can detect and will automatically unlock the handset in those zone. To illustrate you can set your home as a safe zone and every time you enter your home, the device will unlock itself. The second security update is the ability to pair it with another smart gadget including the Android smartwatch that you own. So whenever you bring both devices close, the smartphone will again unlock itself. This may be a little risky in case both your smartwatch and smartphone is stolen, all your data will be exposed to the thief. Moreover, with the Lollipop update, Google allows users to set whether they want to receive any notification on the lockscreen or hide the content of the notifications. All in all, the Android Lollipop update is pretty impressive in terms of security and aesthetics.

    Enhanced Notifications

          The incoming notifications on Android ecosystem has always been a strong suite for the operating system. Accessing the notifications was pretty easy on the Android Kitkat requiring only a swipe down to access the notification panel and a simple tap to visit the app. However, with the Lollipop update, Android notifications have gone a step ahead and are a lot more convenient then Kitkat. Now, the notifications appear right on your lockscreen, where you can double tap them to fire the relevant app or slide away to dismiss them. Now the notifications are more interactive and also lets you respond to them right from the notification bar. The major upgrade is the incoming call notifications, which are non-intrusive in nature. This means in case you are watching a movie or playing a game and a call comes in, a pop-up will turn up on top of the screen with caller's name and option to dismiss or answer the call, without interrupting the movie or the game. Moreover, Android Lollipop also brings aboard the do not disturb feature, which allows users to silence the handset indefinitely or for few hours or better yet, only let notifications from specific sources come through. This are quite nifty features, which were not found in Android Kitkat.

     Better Performance

          Now let us come to the core performance of the Android Lollipop update, Google has designed the new update to be faster and smoother then the last update. One of the major difference in Android Kitkat and Lollipop is that the former ran on Dalvik runtime by default, whereas, the latter comes with ART runtime as default. Now, with Dalvik runtime, Android used to compile the sources of an app and then fire them when tapped, this took some time as well as was battery heavy. What ART in lollipop does is to compile the sources at the time of installing and save them on internal memory, now all Android need to do to fire the app is to access the compiled sources and open up instantly. Regardless to say that apps now fire up faster on Lollipop and also consume lesser battery then before. The user interface and speed overall feels slightly faster thanks to the ART runtime on the Lollipop update.

    Improved Battery

          With Android Kitkat, Google introduced the Project Butter, which was intended to make the whole operating system a lot more smooth and faster. Now, with the Android Lollipop, the developer has initiated the Project Volta that is intended for better battery backup. The Project Volta basically shows the list of applications that are eating up battery, just like iOS. This will allow developers to determine the battery hogging applications and improve the same. Moreover, with the Android Lollipop, Google has hardwired the battery saving mode into the operating system itself that is much more efficient and eliminates the need for third party battery saving applications, which consumed more battery then actually saving.

          Theoretically speaking, Android Lollipop is eons ahead of the Android Kitkat in terms of looks, performance and efficiency. Though the Lollipop update came with its own share of wrinkles, however, Google was quick to spot these bugs and have rolled out two updates for the same since its initiation and eliminated most bugs. The Android Lollipop is now the best update released by Google so far.

    Above Article is contributed by Sanjeev, A tech connoisseur who has been written for many top tech websites about mobile technology & trends. Follow him on @ (

    Friday, 23 January 2015

          Are you a person who reads a lot over the internet most of the time and are you tired of reading text or web content each and everytime? Then here you have a solution. It time that you make your browser read it for you rather than you reading the text all the time.

          This tutorial will teach you how to make your web browser [Google Chrome]  speak out the text loud for you.

    Video Tutorial

    Follow the steps below –
    Step 1 – Goto the Webstore of Google Chrome.

    Step 2 – Search for “Text Reader” or “Text-to-Speech”, etc.

    Step 3 – Select any of the top extensions.
    We would suggest you to use “SpeakIt!” which is one of the best extensions available.

    You could skip the above steps by directly jumping into this LINK to install the extension.

    Step 4 – Now select the Text from any website example, Wikipedia or any other blog.

    Step 5 – Click the SpeakIt button on the Top-Right Corner of the browser.

    Thats it.. Now the app will start speaking out the text that you have selected previously.

    Saturday, 10 January 2015

          Losing our smartphones has become one of the major issues in the present times. So its better to take up some precautions as the saying goes precaution is better than cure. All you need to do is select a good anti-theft app and install it on your device.

          But out there on the playstore there are like hundreds of apps which does these anti-theft functionalities so which among those are trusted ones and which is the better one. So to solve this confusion among you here we bring to you the Best Top 5 Apps for Tracking Down your Lost or Stolen Device.

    WheresMy Droid

          Its the first of its kind on the Android App Market and still it continues to be the best and most used Anti-Theft App on the Google playstore. It has got lots of features like it can send a SMS of the GPS coordinates to another device or take a snapshot of the user secretly or remotely wipe down the data or lock down the device, etc.

    LookoutMobile SecurityPlanB

          Lookout acts as an Antivirus as well as it has got the Anti-theft features too allowing the user to remotely wipe the complete data or set the phone to scream aloud and allows safe browsing, etc.

          Whereas PlanB a product by Lookout Mobile Security itself is an alternative app that is as the name suggests its a Plan B. When you don’t have an anti-theft app installed in your device at the time you lost it then you got this option left i.e. PlanB. All you need to do is goto a PC and open playstore on it with the same gmail account as in your lost mobile and install PlanB from it. The app will get installed on your device and immediately send you the location.

    PreyAnti Theft

          It is one of the most popular anti theft app not only for Android but available on various platforms. Even laptops could be traced with this app. It is really a very robust app. It helps you to track and locate your lost or stolen device. You can have a track of 3 devices for free on one single account.

          This is also one of the popular apps for anti-theft. It also has the usual features like remote data wipe, remote alarm alert, etc. But along with these it has a special features by which it tracks the location travelled by the stolen phone on the map.


          This app lets you remotely control many features of your device via the internet or SMS. For example, SMS lock and unlock, erase SD card, wipe phone, activate alarm, etc. Also allows you to take pictures from front cam or the rear camera.

          There are tons of apps out there available on the Google Playstore but these are a set of the top 5 most popular and best apps to protect your device from the threat of getting stolen. So if you have a better app on your list then do comment below we will so try to include it onto the list here.