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  • Tuesday, 9 September 2014

         A business Solution to Transform Lotus Notes Mailbox Data in Outlook PST document Format. This product comes to turn into an answer for best utility to exchange information from one format to another.
    In case you're searching for the online answer for Lotus Notes to Outlook Conversion, then you may get the answer here. Now, there is not need to search online for the utility. As this obliged bunch of endeavors and wastage of valuable time. It might additionally cause frustration, which bring wrong decision or makes people bewildered. So no need to worried about this because we resolve your this issue by clarifying you the best utility that gives a finer result in correlation to others.

    Convert NSF to PST | Software

    Concise Overview
         Notes to Outlook Converter is the reliable and effective relocation programming that effectively introduced on any Window Operating System. It colossally migrates all NSF database into Outlook without taking much time. So feel free to utilize any Lotus Notes and Outlook form as it supports all versions.
    It is an honor winning programming which is utilized by numerous clients. They granted it is as a most reliable utility. The prerequisite of this product may be for distinctive purposes. It might be utilized by a single client or by an association. So remember this utility accompanies three licenses, such as, Corporate, Technician and Enterprise. Notwithstanding this, you will get a free demo interface that helps the client to go through the whole procedure of Notes to Outlook relocation.

    Performance of the Software
         Customers are very crucial for this software developer’s that why they designed its interface  very basic and illustrative that even a novice user can without much of a stretch work it. It makes transformation of file and folder from Lotus Notes to Outlook so simple. It requires few steps to be performed to get all records in PST file format. While developing this utility software developers spend lots of time in identifying all the  all customer need after that design it.

         Relocation is an errand that needed to get complete data in another format which effecting its data arrangement, information and its storage structure. So keeping this in mind Notes to Outlook converter bring all mail, calendar, contacts, to-do-list, notes, journal etc. records in PST format. You will get exact same files and folder in Outlook Framework also. No need to rearrange them.
         Download free demonstration of the NSF to PST software and migrate first 16 files from each folder of the mailbox. And after that take an astute choice of acquiring this utility by reviewing it by considering these terms: Outstanding, Excellent, Good or satisfactory.

     Software Features Galore
         Notes to Outlook migration software is a completely fledged  database converter. It perfectly handles PST document size restriction and other relocation issues. It makes immaculate transformation by performing fundamental steps. Now, investigate different peculiarities offered by this Utility: 
    1.   Migrates Complete NSF data, including mails, calendar, contacts, task etc. in PST format.
    2.   Migrate  Notes mail with attachment irrespective of its text format. Your mail may include HTML formatting, inline images, rich text format, simple text and so on.
    3.   Allow Bulk data transmission, which losing any single data item.
    4.   Remove Encryption from NSF mails, which is applied for security reasons.
    5.   For selective data migration Filter option is provided which need to specify the  date range of mail, calendar and to-do-list data.
    6.   Preserve Folder Formatting and allow to use the same folder name in PST format also which is known as Folder mapping.
    7.   NSF data convert into any PST file formats.

    System Requirement of the Application
    NSF to PST conversion software requires very common configuration that almost used by every individual. It needs a machine which composed of following configuration. We explain you the base necessities:
    • Any Windows Operating System
    • Processor: 1 GHz
    • RAM: 512 MB
    • Disk Space: 20MB Free Space
    • Any Lotus Notes edition, which should not be connected to Domino server
    • Any Outlook Version which must be installed with POP3 configuration
    Benefits of Using this Notes to Outlook Converter
    • This Utility reveals a user-friendly GUI
    • Show entire working procedure by providing screenshots and conversion video for users.
    • Capable of using any Windows, Lotus Notes and Outlook editions.
    • Provide free trial, so that user analyzes the software performance before purchasing it.
    Disadvantage of Using This Utility
    • Some Users think it is a costly programming as it has the cost of 250 USD for personal and 500 USD for multiple users.

    Thursday, 3 July 2014

    Hi friends this is Aryan alex from Top 10 softwares, today i am going to post an article about how to change your processor name permanently. Do you really want to fool your friends by showing that you have fast and expensive processor??? then you gonna check out this article, which gonna change your processor name permanently (Only for windows).

    Change your Processor's Name Permanently !

    It is very easy to change your processor name permanently, all you need to do is to create a registry key and placing a short-cut to it in the windows start up folder. To do so, just follow this steps given below:-
    For more tricks - Check this !


    1. Open notepad
    2. Copy and paste the code given below in the notepad

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ HARDWARE \ DESCRIPTION \ System \ CentralProcessor\0]

    “ProcessorNameString”=“Intel(R) core(TM) i7-4500u CPU @ 1.80GHz 1.80GHz

    To change the processor name, edit the part of the code which is given in blue. It is also noted that \0 in the above code should only be present if Windows store your processor name at particular location. to check whether or not to include the \0, Please open Registry Editor and navigate to the above mentioned keys.

    3. Click on the File Menu, click on Save As and select “All FILES” in Save as Type option. Save the file as " ProcessorNameChange.reg (or) *.reg "

    4.Create a new shortcut on your desktop (Desktop>New>Shortcut). Enter regedit / S “Location of the .reg file” as the location of the item. For example, enter regedit /S “C:\Processor Name.reg” in the root of C:\ drive if registry file is located.

    Processor Name

    5. Copy the Shortcut file which you have created.
    6.NavigatetoC:\Users\User-Name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\StartMenu\Programs\Startup (in Windows 8 and Windows 7 and C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup (in Windows XP) and paste it. And remember that AppData is a hidden folder by default, So you need to enable hidden files ( Folder option>view>Show hidden files and folders, select it and click on apply. Now you can see hidden folders.

    Top 10 softwares provides you the top 10 best softwares of each category out there in the software market with free download.

    Friday, 6 June 2014

    Mobile technology is basically a form of technology that can be used while on the move. It is the use of portable devices in communication. However, in the recent past, this has changed and mobile technology is not only used for communication purposes, but also for carrying out business activities. With the development of various mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets, smart phones, mobile applications and GPS devices, it is now easier to carry out business activities while on the go. A business owner does not necessarily have to be in the office in order to carry out his business duties. Mobile technology has enabled the small scale business owners to provide better and accessible products and services to his customers wherever they are.

         It ensures that he remains in contact his fellow colleagues and is always in touch with his customers. Since communication is necessary while dealing with employees and customers, mobile devices can be used in video enabled communication. An example is the use of Skype in communicating. A business owner can be present in business meeting through the video enabled communication even though he is away from the office. Mobile devices also enable the business owner to interact and develop new relations with customers through social media, making communication and networking a lot easier.

    The business owner is able to carry out his business activities even while on vacation away from his computer. With the use of Smartphones or laptops, he is able to access his assignments and work on them just as though he was in the office. Customers on the other hand can be able to access information on the various products and services offered by a particular producer while on the go. They do not necessarily have to go the producer’s office for information.  They can send an email and get instant feedback from the producer. Payment of products and services can also be done by the use of mobile devices. This can be made possible by the use of mobile banking services. A consumer is able to pay for goods and services from his/her mobile phone to that of the producer. This ensures that there is quick delivery of services and that the customer does not have to go to the office or bank to pay for goods and services. 

         Creation of a mobile friendly website is an important step for a small-scale business owner. It ensures that the customers are able to access the company’s website with the use of their mobile phones. This not only attracts customers loyal to the producers, but also those who may be looking for a particular product but are new to the area. This therefore calls for the use of SEO professional writers who ensure that the producer’s website is well written with the information about the business which will promote traffic to the site and hence become more visible to users. Creating a mobile friendly website includes simplifying the web design to ensure it is easily accessible through mobile phones or creating a website that is specifically meant consumers who use the mobile phones.

    Author’s Bio: He is a writer by profession. He contributes articles and blogs on traveling, education, technology, fashion and shopping. He has good knowledge in all writing field. He helps the student’s any papers to buy from custom essay writers

    Wednesday, 21 May 2014

          Corruption of PST or data deletion taken place in it; are two of the most annoying issues faced by Outlook users that ends up restricting them from accessing their own data. SysTools Outlook Recovery is amongst the highly employed third party applications intended towards the same cause. As per the observation made, it is an appropriately designed application for the recovery of Outlook Data File from different set of consequences. The tool offers a smooth functioning over Windows platform and is capable of tackling severe cases of corruption and data deletion too.

    Interface Analysis
    The software offers an interactive and interesting Graphical User Interface (GUI). It resembles the look of Microsoft Outlook client interface up to a large extent.

    1. The tool has an interface resembling that of MS Outlook client. This helps make the tool quite familiar to users. As far as the benefit is concerned, the application can very easily be understood and each of its functioning too.
    2. Inclusion of all the features is done on a single interface. This helps eliminate the confusion users mostly face while navigating between multiple screens to make use of involved steps and facilities of the tool.
    3. Tabs and buttons on the software interface are self-explanatory for each purpose or function. Novices can have a better experience of recovering PST files with this software by getting a better understanding of the tool without any guidance.

    Feature Analysis
    On a deep observation of the software features, precision can be observed.
    1. Recovery Plus Conversion is what the software serves which ensures that once the data is recovered, no chances are taken with it by storing the data back into source file. Hence, a conversion feature is additionally provided for storing recovered data.
    2. Hard Deleted Data Restoration is a feature can be considered as the most beneficial feature as we tend to carry out permanent deletion of data from mail or Deleted Items folder; accidently or otherwise.
    3. Restoration to PST format is the most preferable choice anyone would make on recovering their Outlook data file contents. Apart from that, the software also features MSG and EML for storing recovered PST file data.
    4. PST Split Option proves to be a highly beneficial feature as users recovering PST file due to corruption caused by file size limitation can overcome it by recovery followed by split of the output data in PST format.

    Pros & Cons
    On a comparative basis, the software is more about pros and less about cons. However, a thorough observation brought forward the following points that were quite evident about the tool.
    1. It offers restoration of permanently deleted messages. On selecting Advance Scan option, one can repair an extremely corrupted PST and get back permanently deleted items from the selected PST file.
    2. An interface resembling as that of Outlook client makes it easier for users operating it; understand the working and functions easily without feeling like a novice.
    3. Severe as well as minor cases of corruption encountered with PST files are resolvable which will be a huge help for users in replacing built in utilities that come with a risk of data loss.
    4. Once a PST file corrupted by 2 GB file size limitation is recovered it can be saved back into a PST format file without surfacing file size limitation issues. Firstly because the output PST would be of Unicode formatting and secondly, the software offers a split by size option.
    5. PST files in ANSI, Unicode or password protected form are recoverable using the software demo as well as licensed edition as per the testing done.
    6. Once the PST file is completely recovered; after previewing its items, one can export the items (emails, contacts, etc.) all at once or selectively as per their suitability.
    1. The software doesn’t work without installation of Microsoft Outlook. This makes it quite difficult for users who have worked on Outlook in past but are currently only having orphan PST files as the archives.
    2. No solution is rendered for the PST files that may have got deleted accidently or otherwise. This could be one of the complaints users might have with this application.
    Apart from these few cons, the software seems to be an appropriate help for users that have encountered issues with PST file integrity or accessibility in any case.

    After complete overview of the tool, post its trial and testing would be that it is an appropriate and highly suggestible solution for users having usability issues with their Outlook data.
    However, a few of the flaws if taken care of can make the tool work more precisely. On a scale of 10 this tool can be rated 9.5 which is great distinction and hence, make the tool considerable for most Outlook users.

    Friday, 2 May 2014

    What does Cloud Computing even mean, you may ask? You can think of it like this – cloud computing is an offered service that allows several computers to use a single program or an application simultaneously over the internet.
    Now, we could get more technical about this and explain in detail. We could give a long and drawn out explanation and walk through on the difficult task it is to create an effective cloud computing solution that can be set specifically for your company.
    The issue in question right now is this: is worth investing in? Well, that’s what we’re here for right now. Here are some benefits that you could get by investing on the right kind of cloud computing solutions.

                                     © smartdatacollective

    The thing about cloud computing solutions is that it is literally run over a series of networks, meant to link various devices with each other. These devices – be they laptops or phones or desktops – are connected via internet.
    This entails a hassle-free kind of network support as multiple deals could be dealt with simultaneously from the comfort of any place you desire. The caveat of a necessary internet connection withstanding, this promotes the accessibility that cloud computing solutions could offer to your company.

    Not only is cloud computing solutions cost-effective (given the fact that this is a specialized, systematic service that can be manned and managed by minimal expert staff on payroll) but also efficient in terms of time management and availability.

    Cloud computing solutions, once established, can mean that you can get much more work done faster and with less people required. When too many people are working on the one thing, it can get quite sloppy and misguided. When fairly distributed and categorized, compartmentalizing the labour through these solutions will merit immediate efficiency with fast results.
    There will be minimal need for new software, what with the connection of programs through the cloud; these solutions could be tailor-fit to the needs and betterment of your company.

    Should any of your current plans fail – or there should there be a new direction that your company needs to take – cloud computing will make the transition that much easier, with the flexibility that this service can provide. The resources that are provided will be maximized and can be fully tailored with whichever direction you should wish to take.
    Your company’s inner infrastructure will not falter nor fail for the cloud computing solutions services offer a firm foundation to which you can twist and turn to your leisure. Perhaps you meet a method that beckons a different strategy in order to reach a particular goal – cloud computing will make integration of devices and network services that much easier with its synchronization and maximization of resources. No hassle, no fuss – and it all comes at lightning quick accessibility.
    Investing in these innovative cloud technology services are aimed and dedicated to benefit you in the long run. It’s simple, really – or CMS IT can make IT simple.

    About the Author: Doreen Wallace is a Business Consultant for CMS Information Technology Ltd PtyWallace, Born on the 21st of June 1975, was graduated from the University of Sydney in Australia. She is actively involved and up to date with the latest news on technological trivia and advancements by her involvement in CMSIT.

    Friday, 25 April 2014

           Nokia phones are appreciated for their colourful displays, and the newly introduced Nokia 630 looks amazingly vibrant. Nokia 630 smart phone is centreon the cost conscious demographic. Nokia 630 is a dual SIM phone, and the connection arises from the recent Windows 8.1 connectivity. Nokia has introduced the Lumia 630 with a vision to bring in the best dual connectivity.
           Nokia 630 sports a colourful display and is strikingly similar to the new Nokia X, the phone is draped with high tech polycarbonate material, and the exterior frame is sold in many shades, which is amazing for a mid range phone. The visual effect is stunning, and the quality of 4.5-inch display is amazing with Nokia branding and classy primary camera at the back. Sources were not too satisfied with the absence of side camera key, there is however a volume rocker and power off or on button.

           The marvellous visual display is contributed by 4.5 inch 840 x 480FWVGA display, and the display effect is stunning taking into account the low resolution power. The display is world class from every possible angle, and the additional effect is heightened by Gorilla Glass3 protection, and there is finger print magnet feature as well. Nokia 630 is tailored with rectangular frame, and the back panel is detachable. The back is tailored with refined matte finish and the feel effect is wonderful, and the handling effect is splendid. The back portion is strategically and the compartments are well organized and it is easy to locate the micro SD card and dual SIM slots.
           The prime focus of advancement is Widows Phone OS 8.1 which is loaded with upgraded features like wall paper support, lockscreen theme, and action centre on homescreen. Microsoft announced that it has opened 80% API, which implies that many more features are stacked on WP 8.1. Sources were satisfied with new UI and their impression was pretty good except in areas where there were disturbances while browsing through many apps and on home screen. Sources were impressed with the outcome of dual SIM feature, and the efficiency levels with both SIM’s were excellent at all times. The two SIM’s are functional all the time even if one SIM is used constantly.

           Nokia 630 is powered with Snapdragon 400 1.2GHz quad core processor, and runs on powerful 512MB RAM and the interior memory capacity is 8GB, which can be extended to 128GB via exterior memory support.   512 MB RAM is brilliant for a smooth user face operation.

           Nokia 630 comes with 5 megapixel camera at the back, and there are loads of photo editing tools. The image resolution is good, but the main concern is the absence of front camera and flash. The battery output is admirable at 1,830 mAh, and the connectivity options are GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G. Consumers can speak for hours on end with 16 hours of talk time.
           Prices of various SIM variants of Lumia 630 have been announced, the price of the single SIM phone is $ 159, and for the dual SIM variant it is $169. The Indian prices of the new phone are expected to be between Rs 13,000 and 15,000. Nokia 630 is among the best phones to own, for its high quality display and Windows tailored SIM, but Nokia will have to face the stiff competition battle with other phones like Lenovo A526, HTC Desire 310 and Motorola Moto G.

           There are six tiles on start screen, and one of the amazing colours can be chosen as background, which is an exciting experience, than just a black screen. The factor that makes the display look stunning is the parallax effect. A signature feature of Nokia 630 is Action Centre, which collates notifications to Windows phone, and users can chose from the various apps, and there are about four tiles to organize settings at a faster pace. The other interesting features are Word Flow Keyboard, which enables users to choose from gesture or swipe style typing. There are Sense features where users can browse through the utilization capacity of Wi-Fi, storage and data usage. As mentioned earlier, Nokia Lumia 630 offers among the most rewarding usage experiences, where consumers can actually choose their own background screen colours, from a series of attractive shades such as back, orange, yellow, green and white.
           The main drawback with Nokia Lumia 630 is the absence camera button, and the capturing effect is pretty smooth. Despite the camera defect sources were satisfied with the operation of on screen controls, which was extremely versatile, and on the software there was a pre production feature. The phone is reliable with respect to general usage output, the controls were smooth to operate on, and the icons rotate frequently to match the display orientation. There are reliable options as well, where the colour of navigation bar can be modified to match the theme display according to the colour of the screen.

    Operating System:
           The feature that makes Nokia 630 stand out is the Windows Phone 8.1 dual SIM connection with Nokia Cyan. The insertion of Windows 8.1 and Nokia Cyan implies that user can meddle with latest software both sides. The Windows v8.1 is different from the earlier used; there are many changes, with respect to new action centre and new keyboard witthe new trace entry and also action centre feature.

           There is a new camera app as well with many more Nokia features, and among the new insertions is the SensorCore app. The Sensor Core app is a fitness app, and users can monitor the duration of their exercise regime as well. The aim of the app is to provide users with the theory of fitness tracking in low power state.

           Nokia Lumia 630 is an amazing budge phone, the features like the new OS and Dual-SIM has resulted to be a great pick for the buyers. The two SIM’s are operational at all times, even when one SIM is constantly used. The other source of excitement is the display and background screen colour which can be changed according to users liking. There are also loads of connectivity and app options to choose from.
    Also you can check out nokia lumia 630 review here.