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  • Tuesday, 1 April 2014

           When Galaxy Note was introduced in the year 2011, Samsung stated that it has started something big, however a lot of experts believed that it will never catch up, however Samsung proved everyone wrong and with introduction of new devices in the series, Note is now an established brand. The latest addition to the Note series is Note 3 which is introduced last year and has improved hardware, better specs and plenty of new features as compared to its predecessor. Let’s find whether it’s the best device so far by the Korean giant or not.

    Design and build
           The exterior design of Samsung has never been good as its devices are usually made up of glossy and slipper plastic. However, with Note 3 the manufacturers have proved that they do know how to build good looking smartphones.

           Note 3 has balanced proportions of bodywork and the sleek appearance of the device looks nice. The chrome surround peeks further beautify this powerful gadget. The power key is nicely embedded on the top left of the device. The thickness of the device is just 8.3 mm which makes it quite sleek. The durability isn’t that bad either and its one of the best hat you can get in this price range.

    More colors
           So the news is that Note 3 will come into three different color variants which will make it look even funkier. Unlike some of the color back panel accessories; these new variants will be having the color combination to the S-Pen as well as front panel. The colors are not available all around the world yet but will be launching in phases.

           There is a huge 5.7 inch touch screen on the device which is nothing short of a brilliant display due to its robust colors, brightness as well as contrast. The sharpness is also much more impressive, thanks to the full HD 1920 x 1080 pixel screen having a density of 386 ppi. Even under the direct sunlight, the performance of the screen is fine.

    Hardware, connectivity and web
           Note 3 comes with plenty of storage options.  Even the 64 GB version of the device comes with a provision for microSD card. Apart from that, you can take advantage f the 50GB of DropBox storage. For connectivity, almost all the options are available in this device including Wi-Fi direct, NFC, GPS, MHL TV-out, Bluetooth 4.0 etc.

    Resource Box:-
    Anzer Khan is a professional article writer who loves to write on mobile and technology. Galaxy Note 3 is a brilliant device. You will find plenty of useful information about this great Samsung product at various review sites. Do look out for it.
           Sometimes things are popular because they are good at what they do. The Apple iPhone changed mobile phones and made them good, and the Android came along and it was a good operating system alternative. Between Apple and Android they have kicked the OS ass of Windows mobile, Blackberry and Nokia. The Android has a healthy number of features that are put to varying degrees of use depending upon which mobile device you choose. Here are a few of the best Android features to look out for.

    ► Widgets are on the Android
          There are some people who do not like them because they take up too much of the screen, and that is a point, but you can change your widgets to be a little less intrusive on the page. You may also turn many of your widgets off too. There is a sense of satisfaction that comes with being able to glance at your tablet and know the time or weather without having to look at an app. The same is true if you have email or you have made money via Google Adsense on your blog.

    ► SwiftKey Text Prediction
          The SwiftKey program means that predictive text is now even better and you can use Swype to increase your choices when it comes to gestures and ThickButtons mods which allow you to use bigger buttons as you type. The Swype gesture based typing has been used to break the Guinness World Record on the world’s fastest text message.
    You can control your phone from your computer
    There are apps that will allow you to do this, and the Android system has settings that allow you to control your Android from your PC which is both handy and fun if you decide to give it a go through a secure service.

    ► Custom ROMs
          Your Android operating system is open source and it means you may customize your Android in order to get a better user experience from the whole thing. You can legally make system level tweaks to your Android if you wish.

    ► Automation is good on the Android
          There is an application called Tasker which allows you to turn your tablet into nothing short of a super tablet (not really) where you can turn on certain settings and certain applications for certain areas. The most notable is how where your tablet will not update any of its systems or apps until you are in proximity to WI-Fi so that it saves you money on mobile Internet.
    You can even automate it to turn things on or off depending on the time of day or the location you are in. This means you can set your tablet to be on silent during work or lectures or when you are in the location of work. There is also a battery-saving app called JuiceDefender which also turns systems and apps on and off in order to save life on the battery.

    ► Removable storage and a removable battery
          Most Android tablets will allow you to remove your battery and many allow for removable storage. This means that you can save files locally and move them around with your SD card instead of having to do it via the cloud. Maxing out the storage on your Android tablet is not usually the end of the world because you have more options with regards to your tablet than you do with other devices.

    ► Customized Home Launchers
          If you crack or jailbreak your tablet then you may have access to deeper customization based on your own programming skill or the darker apps that only install on cracked tablets. However, there are home launchers with the Android that allow you to do most of the customization you may ever want.
    There is no need to risk the health and security of your tablet if you can do your customization via a Home Launcher. It allows you to set up different gestures compared to the ones that come pre-set with the device, and you can set up different shortcuts and you may even set up your tablet so that it runs faster. There are apps called LauncherPro and ADWLauncher, both of which are third party home launchers and both of which offer a great amount of customization.

    ► You get an alternate keyboard
          This is around the idea that with most Androids you get a choice of keyboards. There are also things such as Swiftkey and Swype and 8pen. The Android gives you choices and there are even apps that can improve your options even more so.

    Author’s bio:
    The guest post is written by Sonia Jackson from She writes essays on different topics and can give you useful advice.

    Thursday, 20 March 2014

          Apple may soon launch iPhone 6 in its flagship. Presently the company is making every effort to prepare a launch pad full of vibes, but the release date has not surfaced yet, according to some media reports.  The new make expects to steal everybody’s heart once it occupies an isle at stores.

          Before its mega launch several rumors are hovering around the air. The majority of rumors have proliferated with the size of the screen, which everyone expects it be bigger than previous products. The size of the earlier iPhone display increased by 0.5 inches from 3.5” to 4.00” and the new flagship is expected to have a large screen.

          For quiet a long time, Apple has been researching with wide array of screen sizes, with rumors saying that the company will make a shift in screen size from 4.7” to 5.7” to compete with other players.

    Two versions release
          Some rumors suggest that the iPhone 6 will come with dual presence in two different sizes. The iPhone 6 may feature a durable sapphire display. Rumors have further indicated that the new iPhone may employ thinner chassis along with a bezel free design.

          The company is reluctant to give up the one handed aspect of usability. The pressure from users’ expectations and competitors is forcing the iPhone giant to experiment with larger displays. As per the reports of the company CEO, it will not comprise with the features like resolution, app quality and power management for larger screens and is presently working with alternatives to meet these challenges.

    Screen size
          Rumors regarding screen size have varied a bit as the company is testing with different options. The earlier reports indicated that the size might vary 4.7” to 5.7”. Presently analysts cannot determine the exact size of the screen. Apple is very cautious about introducing new resolution to minimize fragmentation of app developers, but a rise in the count of pixel may be the one and only way to introduce large screen to retain a retina-quality display.

    Type of Glass
          Apple presently uses Corning Gorilla glass having durable and damage resistant features for iPhones. A rumor indicated that the company could shift to sapphire crystals for future displays.

          Earlier rumors hinted at iPhone 6 having a curved display, but present rumors suggest that the device will continue to have a flat screen. A recent rumor says that the phone will come up with an edge to edge to design along with a bezel free display.

    Processor upgrades
          The company will continue to embed a 20-nanometer A8 chip small in size and energy efficient for iPhone 6. A rumor appeared in February 2014, indicated that the A8 chip will include quad core graphics and quad core 64 bit processor.

          A recent rumor suggested that the new model would exhibit 8 mega-pixel camera present with earlier makes. Recently, the company has enhanced the camera features by increasing pixel size along with aperture. You may also find dual LED flash with software upgrades featuring this phone.

          The new intelligent device is expected to arrive October 2014. Keep an eye on this space for more updates on iPhone 6.

    Wednesday, 5 March 2014

          Whether you are hitting the road or want to fly high in the sky this season; just take your digital companion with you that can assist in planning the itinerary. Just ensure that you are taking your tickets and having all the connections lined up. You can also have a plenty of time to carry out all the things that is required for an amazing trip. This can only become possible with the sterling Android apps which are exclusively designed for guiding you in the right path so that you can really add some good memories to your vocational list.

    TripIt ◄ 
          You can name it as a personal agent as using this app; one can really become its own personal travel agent. Plan every detail of your whole trip that may range from restaurant to lodging using TripIt. One can also develop the customized journey circuit or simply forward the mail for the rental car, flight, hotels and train tickets.

    ► NextBus
          Next comes a very useful app namely; iNextBus and this has been designed for all those who employs the bus at the highest rate for transportation. The app will aid in retrieving the bus schedule of a plethora of cities and it will be proven as the best option to those who actually lives in those cities. This can also be the optimum solution for those who live in the big cities and finding the right way is a bit complicated. It is also yet another app which is simple for grasping. The user just needs to prompt where one has to go and one can also see the nearest bus location.

    Poynt ◄
          Here comes a traveling app that employs the GPS in order to find the nearby business locations. One can easily seek the restaurants, movie times, events and even the gas stations. The movie search will offer the definitive guide to the box office. Moreover, you can call it as the mobile version of yellow pages. Event features also aids the users to seek for the special screenings and concerts. Google Play Store will offer you the best place to get this app downloaded.

    ► Roadtrippers
          If you have planned of travelling in the US; then this is the perfect app to have especially for road travelers. The map interface is very easy to use as one can easily select the history, attractive hotspots, food, shopping, pop up, nature hikes and much more for checking out, One can meet up with their group and chat while roadtrips. However, it is highly exclusive in the US.

    Flight Track ◄
          One can simply follow the path of the thousands of amazing flights using the zoomable maps. It aids the users to retrieve all the information including cancellation, delay and even the airport departure gates. It can be proven as the handful, if you are waiting for the arrival of your friend or loved ones.

    ► Tourist Eye
          It is a bit different, but it will definitely help the user in organizing the trip and finding the best prices and options for the planned trip. The user can easily build a “to-do” list of all the plans and the destinations that needs to be visited along with all the enviable experiences. No matter, how much your trip is fancy just like an once-in-a-lifetime trip? You will either find the app interesting for annual family vacation or for a few days trip.

    Postagram ◄
          Here comes your modern postmaster. As we all know, postcard is the most classical thing in world of communication. Similarly, Postagram will also aid you in experiencing the similar tradition in the digital era by allowing sharing of all the personalized messages and photos with relatives. They will get them on actual postcards at the price of just $0.99 per piece. 

    ► Hipmunk Flight and Hotel Search
          This is the most amazing app that can be added to the list. The app will offer a really cute chipmunk mascot; however, it features the option using which one can easily dig-out the hotels and flights. It carries out the process by comparing the rates of the websites and precedes it by showing the results.

    Layar Reality Browser ◄
          You need not to pay a single penny for getting this browser. It is very much akin to Wikitude and is well-known as augmented reality browser app designed for Android that display the digital information placed at the top of images coming from the Phone camera. Using the app; one can also add the various layers to the image including Wikipedia, Twitter, Yelp and others.

    Author Bio : Lucie Kruger is a tech savvy writer who works for a leading Android Development Agency. You can also contact her, if you are looking forward to Hire Android Developers.
           Moto X was the first result of a close collaboration between Google and Motorola. Even though times have changed and Motorola has gone to LG, Moto X still remains a popular device. The device does not have any over hyped or high end specs, yet it offers some differentiating features which makes it as a worth smartphone choice for the user. Following are the top 5 new features of Moto G.
     Voice Commands
           Like in other popular devices including Chrome and Google Glass, this feature in Moto G allows the user to control the operations in the phone with simple voice commands. Using this feature the user has to just say the command prefixed with “Okay, Google Now” and it will be done. It helps in setting up alarms, making calls, browsing net, opening apps etc. So, gone are those days when you need to touch the phone to perform various tasks.

    Brilliant Display 
           As Motorola has sported an AMOLED screen on the device, it provides nice results without affecting the battery life too much. Like in case of some Nokia phones, the display offers notifications even without unlocking phone, which some of the competitors are lacking.

     Quick Capture
           The device is equipped with a shake gesture which directly opens the app of the camera. If you shake the device twice, it will turn on the camera and capture something simultaneously. Also, the camera is capable enough to take multiple pictures quickly.          

     Authentication through wireless devices
           You can setup the authentication settings with trusted Bluetooth and other wireless connections, thus eliminating the need to unlock the device every time to establish a connection. Whenever a trusted connection is available, the device will get synced with it automatically and perform various tasks.

     High Customisability
           Every user wants his or her device to look different from the rest and the customisability that Moto G offers cannot be matched by any other device. It comes in 18 back covers along with various colour accents rings around the camera, accents around volume and power control etc. You can even get a personal message etched on the phone. All these features make Moto G a unique device.

          All in all, Moto G is a value for money product. Its definitely a device that the manufacturers were looking to built since quite some time now and since its appealing to the smartphone users, Motorola should definitely look up for further upgrades to this device.

    Resource Box:- Anzer Khan is a professional article writer and mobile and technology are his favourite topics. He has written a lot about both Moto X. Find out more information about this great device on the website .
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