Friday, 2 December 2016

SQL Server Error 8946: Causes and Troubleshooting Techniques

    In the present arena most of the IT industries uses MS SQL Server for the proper management of their data. As it comes up with high-tech tools as well as techniques for the management of database. However, sometimes while working over it, users face SQL error 8946 due to the corruption. Due to the occurrence of such error, they are unable to access their database records. In the following section, we will discuss the causes and solution to overcome the error issue.

Cause Behind Occurrence of Error

SQL server error 8946 arises when there is an invalid page header that is assigned to the specific page. All these types of problems appear when the header of the database page is damaged because of various reasons like power failure, malfunctioning of hardware, random shutdown of machine, virus infection, etc. The corrupted headers damaged the whole database and cause a data loss situation. Therefore, it is important to repair the corrupted or damaged SQL database.

Techniques to Remove Error 8946 In SQL Server

There are some workarounds that makes easy for users to resolve the error issue without any issue.
Solution 1: Restore the Database
     Choose the desired database and right click on it >> select task >> restore>> database.

     Now, select both the full backup and transaction log backup file.

     Click on the ok button to check the execution process.

     Once the execution is completed, the SQL Server will give the completion message.

Note: The method can only be executed if you have the complete backup of the database.

Solution 2: Repair Pages of PFS
PFS pages are unable to be deleted as it has fixed part in a database. Moreover, these pages cannot be rebuilt, as it is difficult to identify that which page is allotted.
This process is quite lengthy as well as time consuming. Moreover, it is almost impossible to rebuild the PFA pages as it has fixed database.

Experts Solution
In a way to overcome the limitations of above-mentioned methods and to fix the SQL error 8946, there is a software namely, SQL Database Repair. The application is designed in such a way that it makes easy for users to remove the error as it repair the corrupt MDF and NDF files. The software is designed in such a way that it supports all SQL Server editions and Windows OS as well. The utility supports both primary as well as foreign key for the data recovery.

Highlighted Features
     Recover both NDF and MDF files
     Retrieve all components like Triggers, Rules, etc.
     Recover deleted SQL server data
     Support ASCII and Unicode XML database

How to Utilize the Software
Step 1:
Download and Launch the software on the system. Click on the Add files to browse the files from the stored location.

Step 2:
Once the files are loaded, the tool will scan all the files and repair the corrupted data files. After scanning the files, it will preview all the data on the software.

Step 3:
Click on the export option to store the data after recovery.

Step 4:
Once the conversion is completed, the application will display a completion message.

Occurrence of corruption creates a hurdle in the working and database management due to which, users face SQL Server error 8946. In the above-discussion, we have discussed the causes and way to resolve an error so that one can continue their work by recovering their data. If there, is some issue then, feel free to put a comment below the matter will further be looked by the experts.

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Friday, 25 November 2016

Uber will soon sync with UberEats to provide more Effective Service

    Uber is introducing some changes in its services, so the users have to modify the way they use the services. With this, Uber plans to sync the Uber raid-hailing service and UberEats together, by this Uber plans to deliver the ordered food to the customer’s location by the Uber cars. This service also aims to ensure the late night food delivery arrives the customers on time and also to ensure whether the customers reach home safely after spending their evening out.

Let’s take a look at the process with the UberEats.

UberEats is the online food delivery service of Uber. In the United States, it was called as the fastest restaurant delivery service.
UberEats had been launched by the Uber in 2014. It was launched with the intention to offer a limited number of food items with high range and high quality restaurants.
One year after the launch of UberEats, Uber launched the expanded version of UberEats in 2015. This expanded version of UberEats increased the number of restaurants, delivery cars and food items to enter a wider range of food delivery market.
Basically, UberEats is the answer to the, what Uber can do with the food delivery service and it is also the competitor for Seamless, Foodler and GrubHub.
Since the day of launching, UberEats had been popular among the American cities and it was well reviewed too. Some people visit UberEats on the daily basis also.
After launching in some of the places of America, Toronto was the final city, where UberEats has arrived. Initially this stand-alone app was launched in Chicago, San Francisco and Houston and then it was launched in Los Angeles. Uber has promised that, it will launch UberEats in Atlanta, Dallas, Austin, Melbourne, Paris, New York, Seattle and Washington D.C.
The users can prefer food from any of the hundreds of restaurants in the area. From the menu available, the users can choose the food, which they need. UberEats offers services till 10 P.M every day. Uber will deliver the ordered food to the user’s doorstep within 30 minutes.
If the user selects the instant delivery, Uber will deliver the food within 10 minutes. During the weekdays, instant food will be delivered within 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
The Product Manager of UberEats, Chetan Narain said that, ordering and delivering the food are two different experiences.
Uber has to follow few things to have the successful business. Uber drivers should not arrive too early to the restaurant and waste their time there, because they will be preparing the food by that time. And they can’t arrive too late, as the food will become cold. Uber uses its route mapping algorithms so that the drivers can reach at the correct time to the restaurants.
There is also a group of drivers who will be handling the UberEats deliveries and they differ from the drivers who pick up passengers for the ride.
According to Uber, partnership with the instantly delivering restaurants will require special arrangements for the delivery.
The orders for the restaurants will come through the app, and the drivers will arrive at the restaurants, they take food and deliver it to the customers. The details about how Uber and the partnered restaurants will share money is not described anywhere.

How UberEats works?

Ordering food from UberEats is simple. It is like ordering for the Uber ride or any other Uber service.  Steps to get the food delivered at the doorstep of the user are,
·        Open the Uber app, and slide it towards EATS, which will be on the right of the screen. This option will appear, if the user’s location is in the UberEats coverage area. UberEats will be denoted by a small plate, fork and knife icon.
·        Enter the delivery address and then select “view menu” option. Then the user has to select the food which they wish to order.
·        Then the meals will be waiting at the doorstep of the user within few minutes.

The system will allow the restaurants to make a variety of food, before the user makes an order. Delivery packages are distributed to all the active drivers, when the user makes a request via the app, the request will be sent to the driver who carries the food, which was requested by the user. By this way the UberEats works.

Uber car service and EATS works in the similar manner, only food and vehicles differ.
It is important for the user to check, whether UberEats falls within their coverage area, before making an order. Different cities have different time and different areas. For example, in New York City, UberEats will be available between 14th street and 59th street from 11am to 3pm.
UberEats drivers are requested to stay in their vehicles when delivering the food. When the food is close to the user’s location, they must come in front of that location and receive the ordered food. The food will be delivered at the doorstep of the user, but still they have to be on the street or outside the delivery location.

Cost of UberEats

There will not be the same price for all the food items. Based on the menu selections the prices vary. Generally, they will be in the range of $8 to $13. And there will be the delivery fee for the order. The delivery rate for the UberEats in all the cities is $5. Although the user may order many food items, there will be a single delivery fee.
Tipping is optional in Uber. There is no restriction to the users that they should not give tips to the drivers, if the user wishes to give tips to the drivers they can give. And they must rate the Uber driver using the five star rating system. The driver must have the average of 4.6 rating to fit in the Uber.
The orders are not customizable on UberEats. This is because the meals are fixed and for the time being the orders can’t be changed. And the meals on the Uber will be delivered as advertised.

UberEats drivers

If the UberX drivers have very low demand, then they drive for UberEats. Delivering the meals between 10am to 10 pm can increase the income of the UberX drivers during the low volume hours. And there will be a separate team of drivers for delivering the food.

Caution for drivers

Drivers face some challenges while they work as the deliver personnel for UberEats. Delivering food is a new and logistical challenge.
Drivers have to take the frequent trips, sometimes there will be no chances for them to a   take rest. They will be busy all the time. And sometimes they will be in the situation of not delivering the meals on time, due to the traffic conditions, parking problems, etc.

User’s feedback

People feel good about UberEats. Many users have said that, the services are speed, exceptional and efficient. And some users have complained about the lack of choice, menu options and customization options. And another common complaint is that, UberEats is costly.
Finally, UberEats is a good service, but it is not perfect. And it manages to deliver high quality food within the specified time. This service is more convenient than waiting in a restaurant to eat the ordered food. The quality and speed of UberEats has to be appreciated.

Author Bio:
Anand Rajendran is the Co-Founder and CEO of Zoplay. He is a writer and coffee lover. He has is a graduate in Computer Science and Post Graduate in Entrepreneurship and leadership from Ulyanovsk State University, Russia. He is a passionate blogger & SEO Specialist. Zoplay is a Software Development company which has launched Cabily Script which is a Uber Clone with Android and iOS apps.
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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Import Outlook Express DBX file into Outlook by Exporting DBX to PST

    DBX file is an Outlook Express email folder file developed by Microsoft. These file are used to contain emails folder with .dbx file extension (like inbox.dbx, sent items.dbx, draft.dbx, etc.).
    A PST file is a data file of Microsoft Outlook email application and used for store emails, contacts, tasks, calendar, etc. Both .dbx and .pst files are used for storing email information or data but used by different – different email clients. 
    In this article, the you can get the information to how to import Outlook Express DBX file to Outlook, but to import DBX files into Outlook email application every person need to export DBX to PST format. Now, first we talking about why users want to export DBX files to PST – Now a day many advanced email clients are available in market Outlook is one of them if we compare outlook Express with Outlook so we found Outlook express is old or outdated email application it is not used amongst users. This is one of the reasons where the user wants to migrate Outlook Express to Outlook, but you can’t access your old email data of outlook express into Outlook because all old emails are stored with .dbx file extension and Outlook used PST file to store emails and other items. To access DBX file into Outlook first, you need to export DBX to PST. But the question is How to export DBX files into PST to access .dbx file into Outlook for this follow the give solutions.
How to Export DBX files into PST to Access .dbx in Outlook:-
To perform cross-platform migration between DBX file and PST you can use manual way and third party solution. In this section, we will describe all the possible ways to export DBX files  to PST.
Manual Trick to Export DBX to PST:-
1. First, you need to Download and install Windows Essential 2012
2. Then start Windows Live Mail application and then go to File then select Import messages.
3. Select “Microsoft Outlook Express 6” and click “Next”.
4. Click on “Browse” button and provide the full path of Outlook Express Folder, Then click “Next”.
5. Choose “All Folder” to import all emails from different folders then click “Next”. Now, go to “File” and select “Export Email” then click “E-mail messages”.
6.Select  Program” dialog box appear on your display, select “Microsoft Exchange”.
7. You will be notified with a confirmation message, Click “OK”.
8. Now, Select the “All folder” and click “OK”.
9. Now, you will get the confirmation message, click “OK”.
Now, Exporting process completed, we hope you have successfully exported your DBX file to Outlook PST format.
Automated DBX Converter Software:-
Automated tools are the easy & effective way to perform DBX to PST file conversion without any data loss. If you want to export Outlook Express DBX file to PST format without facing any technical difficulties so try DBX converter software.  The software help to export multiple DBX files into a single PST file after that you can access the PST file in all versions of Outlook including 2013. DBX converter windows based tool that can run on all  windows operating system. The exporting process with DBX converter software is quite easy. Download and install the tool then follow the given steps:
1. Go to Start > All Program > DBX Converter.
2. Then click on “ADD File” option, you can browse a folder which contains DBX files
3. After the all files are imported into the tool, the scanning process automatically starts, after completing scan process you can preview the DBX files in multiple views.
4. Then you need select PST file format and browse the destination location, then click on “Export” button.
Now, the DBX converter software exported DBX files to PST format.
In the above section you can get the solution to Export DBX to PST, that is easy ways to import Outlook Express DBX files to Outlook. You can also try both methods to export DBX files, but remember one thing manual method always has some disadvantages, so every person prefers automated solution to convert DBX to PST.The DBX converter reliable solution and it will help you to import Outlook Express DBX file into Outlook.
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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

How to Use Coolest Features of Apple’s New iMessage App

    iMessage is one of the most used application by youngsters these days. With the cutting edge options in its features, this amazing application has become downloaded by millions of users. There are variety of new features such as emojification, handwriting notes etc. which brings the coolest effects in this app.  Now, let us have a look at how to use these superb functionalities in detail.

Coolest Features of iMessage

The new features of iMessage app have hit the market incredibly with the usage of more users worldwide. Let us have a look at these features below:

iMessage Effects

This is one of the new features which give the option of sending the messages with the option of effects also. There are certain options such as appearing in the shower of balloons, get hidden by invisible ink etc. Now, to use these effects you just have to first type the message that you wish to send and then just do 3D touch on a send button instead of swiping the message as usual. When you 3D touch a button it will open up a library which will consist of various effects.


 This features means that you can also send the messages which are written by you. Means you can draw the message with your finger and swipe the send button. Also some of the users have a bad writing for which Apple has given some premade messages as well.


With the new “emojifications” you can easily replace the word in your messages. Isn’t this is interesting? Well with the usage of these emojis, the user can simply send bundles of texts by just tapping onto it. Also, the youngsters are enjoying this new option with full of happiness.

Digital Touch

The user interface of iMessage app is already superb. Well now its digital touch features has made it quite easier for the user to use with an advantage. Well the digital touch feature includes the messages which can be sent with taps, quick and easy squiggly drawings etc.
Play games inside iMessage app
After the successful download of iMessage on PC, you can find games inside the app which you can play it easily. Well, you can easily enjoy lots of games inside the app as well.


Therefore, just download this awesome iMessage app faster and enjoy the new and sizzling features of this application. Well, with the help of this app you can keep in touch with your loved ones. Not only you can send messages but also the audios, videos, documents etc as well.
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Thursday, 17 November 2016

Taxi Drivers Protest Against Uber in Montreal

When the two effects failed to stop the Uber’s pilot program, to protest against Uber, taxi drivers entered the streets of Montreal and started protesting against Uber and they demanded to meet their requirements.
The representatives of the taxi industry, said that, Uber, the mobile application based raid- hailing service, which bills the fares by itself has caused the taxi drivers to lose their revenue, because Uber fares are cheaper than the taxi fares. The existence of Uber has caused the taxi drivers investments to get lowered at a sudden rate. Uber drivers don’t purchase the taxi licenses, and it is not necessary for them to have such a license according to the new pilot program.

One of the executives said, they will take actions to meet the taxi drivers requirements, but there is there is no point in cancelling the pilot project.
About 1500 taxi drivers gathered in the streets of Montreal and started protesting against Uber and there was heavy traffic in the city. One of the taxi drivers said that, they have many expenses and they have to meet their expenses by driving a taxi, the drivers of Uber can use any cars and they need not pay anything for it, this act is unfair according to the taxi drivers.
The taxi driver briefs his expenses, the largest of all the expenses are in his car, he pays $515 weekly for the loan payment for his taxi license and annually he spends about $20,000 for the maintenance cost and the fuel charges, and at the end of the year he is left with $15,000, he says that, with that amount he can’t satisfy his complete needs.
The protest was initiated by the union of the city taxi drivers and by the group of owners of the taxi companies, but the major player of the industry didn’t participate in the protest.
Alexandre Taillefer, the person who is the owner of the city’s two largest cab companies didn’t participate in the protest, which was against Uber. Taillefer owns the electric cab company called Teo and he also owns two cab companies called, Diamond taxi and Hochelaga. These two taxi companies form about the 40% of the city’s taxi services.
The pilot program calls the Uber drivers to cancel the sales tax for each ride and to charge an extra fee starting at 90cents. The base rate for Uber will remain same as taxis that is $3.45
Taillefer has estimated the new fees of the Uber driver will be about $10,500 per year. The electric cab company Teo pays about $11,700 annually on each taxi license and it rents for the permit holders to $250 per week.
During the protest, the cabs kept on honking their horns and created the traffic, which lasted for more than two hours.

Taxi drivers protest in other parts of the world
In Indonesia
In Indonesia, taxi drivers in Jakarta, protested against the app based raid-hailing services such as the Uber and Grab. The taxi drivers complained that these raid-hailing services made it difficult for them to lead a living in the highly congested city like Jakarta.
Some of the protesters started attacking the other drivers who didn’t take part in the protest.
The raid-hailing services, Uber and Grab started creating confusions in the transportation industry across many parts of the world. The taxi drivers said that, they have experienced a loss because of the app based raid-hailing services because their regulations and the fares don’t match with the traditional taxi industry.
The protesters blocked the roads in front of the major buildings like, administration office, parliament and the ministry of communication, which in turn created the high traffic jams. Drivers who moved to Jakarta said that, it was difficult to have a living between the taxi price wars.
One of the taxi drivers said that, they pay taxes for their vehicle, but Uber uses the private cars and they don’t pay the taxes. The person who operates the Bajaj taxi said that, he earns up to 100,000 rupiah per day that is $10 or 7 pounds, when these apps entered their city, his income started decreasing.
Hans, the person who got affected during the protest, said that, the taxi drivers saw another driver taking the passengers for the ride; they stopped the driver and started disturbing the passengers and they started to destroy the mirrors of the vehicles.
The government of Indonesia appeared in divided roles in the issue. The transport ministry was supporting the traditional taxi drivers because; the app based raid-hailing services didn’t register as the public transport. Whereas, the communication ministry said that, companies like Uber and Grab are allowed to operate within the country.
The president of Indonesia, Mr. Joko Widodo, said that, the technology should be encouraged they should not be banned.
Uber has expanded aggressively in the recent years, and it also has conflicts in different parts of the world, including, Asia, US and many European cities.
In order to achieve the market share, Grab has offered 20 free rides for the commuters.

In India
In Mumbai, the traditional taxi drivers started protesting against cab aggregators. All the taxis stopped its operations for one day that is on the day of the protest. Uber also stopped its services for a day, except Ola, no other cab taxi operators functioned on the day of protest.
The Delhi government plans to bring out the new policies for the taxi services. Officials of the transport industry, said that, government plans to bring all the taxi services on the single platform. And the Delhi government plans to set an Upper limit for the taxi operators, no taxi providers, including the Uber and Ola are allowed to exceed the rate fixed by the government, so that everyone will have the satisfying environment to work.
One of the taxi driver said that, this is what the decision they want, this will help to have a fair market. In this scheme getting the customers will depend on the driver’s luck. The requirement of all the traditional taxi and the auto operators is that, the app based raid-hailing services should come under the control of the state government and they also demanded that these app based raid services should not provide any discounts to the customers.
One of the traditional taxi driver said that, the traditional taxis cannot change the fares because they have the government regularized meter. If the customers move to Ola and Uber, then it will be unfair for the traditional taxi drivers.
Shashank Rao took the leadership of the Mumbai auto rickshaw Union. They demanded that, the taxi drivers display their badges whenever they asked to do so, whereas, Ola and Uber don’t have such badges, and they are treated as outsiders by the traditional taxi drivers. Their second demand is that, in Mumbai, every cab driver should have the badge, which should describe him as the government authorized driver.
In Karnataka, the officials have filed 300 cases against the Uber and Ola and they have stopped 1000 taxis from functioning. As a result of this, Uber and Ola drivers protested against the transport authorities and they called this act as harassment.
Protests happen in all parts of the world, the success of the company can’t be achieved only by the positive reviews there will be some hardships too. It is the responsibility of the company to make some improvements as a result of the protests.

Author Bio:

Anand Rajendran is the Co-Founder and CEO of Jeato, is a one stop solution for all your mobile application needs. He has is a graduate in Computer Science and Post Graduate in Entrepreneurship and leadership from Ulyanovsk State University, Russia. He is a passionate blogger & SEO Specialist. TruDrive - Uber Clone Script is a turn key script to launch an instant app like Uber.
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Saturday, 12 November 2016

Top 5 Apps to Turn your Android Smartphone into TV

    Today, smartphones are not just used for calling and sending SMS to people.Smartphones have outgrown as a means of entertainment and there are various options to keep you entertained. For people who don’t have time to watch the television shows by sitting at home in front of television can rejoice now. There are many apps available in the market which enables you to watch television shows on your mobile phone. You can either stream live TV or watch all the channels available on television on your mobile phone through apps. In this article, we have enlisted top 5 apps that can turn your Android smartphone into television.

SPB TV – Download Link
    SPB TV app lets you watch lots of television channels on your mobile phone. Live streaming is fast and you don’t have to wait for your favorite serial to buffer. The user interface is neat and easy to understand. Almost all the content is available without any charge, although some premium channels are also available for which you have to pay charge. The SPB TV offers a wide variety of content to keep you entertained.

Showbox – Download Link
    The Showbox app turns your smartphone into a television and lets you watch all the tv channels on your smartphone. The app can be downloaded for free from their official website as this app is not available on Google Playstore yet. You can watch high definition videos and tv shows through this app on your android smartphone. The app is also available for iOS and desktop.

Crackle-Movies & TV – Download Link
    Crackle app is a free application for watching television content on your mobile phone. You can watch movies as well as tv shows through this app. Crackle has a customer base of 25 million fans who use the app on their phones. Crackle has also won many accolades for being one of the best apps for accessing tv shows and movies on smartphones. The app can be downloaded through Google Playstore.

Hotstar – Download Link
    Hotstar is one of the most popular apps for watching live cricket matches and tv series on your phone. Hotstar app is owned by Star India Group and offers a wide variety of content like tv shows, live sports events and Bollywood movies on your mobile phone. Hotstar also has the facility wherein you can download the movies andwatch them later in offline mode.

Popcorn Time – Download Link
    Popcorn Time is a famous android app for watching TV shows and latest movies on your smartphone. The app is also available for PC, Xbox and iOS devices. Through Popcorn Time, you can watch television content in high definition without paying any amount. There is no need to sign up on the app for watching the content, you can download the app and begin watching your favourite movies and TV shows right away.

   You can choose from these top five apps to enjoy seamless entertainment on your phone. You can search the television channel you want to watch on any of the above apps to start watching it. So you can now enjoy your movies and tv shows anywhere and anytime.  
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