Monday, 1 January 2001

Guest Post | Write for Us !

                Yes, you can submit your Guest Posts to TechzClub and we will provide you backlinks to your Blog or Website. But your post should satisfy the following rules, as we will be reviewing your post.
Current Stats of TechzClub – Page Rank : 1
                                      Alexa Rank : 77k
                                      Daily Page Views on Avg  : 1K (Google Analytics)
                                      Monthly Page Views on Avg : 30K (Increasing)
          We would allow articles related to Blogging, SEO, Innovative Tech Reviews, Reviews on Good products( Like apps, Mobiles, Tablets, etc) and also Tips & Tricks etc..

Please Note : Very Important : I will accept Guest Bloggers who really want to write a good content which is helpful  to the Viewers and not for the sake of Backlinks.

What are the Benefits you Get for Guest Posting on TechzClub ?
First of all you will get 2 Backlinks to your Blog or your Profile which ever You wish to have.
TechzClub has around 30k Monthly Visits. So you will get Good amount of Targeted traffic which will Increase your Visitors.
TechzClub is Linked to most of the Social Networking Sites Like Facebook, Twitter and Feedburner also, So we have around 7K followers all together (Increasing Constantly). So your Post will be shared in all of them.
And Last but not the Least, you will be exposed to Blogging and Writing Good Content. J

What are the Rules to be Followed in Writing the Posts ?
If it satisfies the below rules then we will be publishing it! J
Rule #1: You must have prior Knowledge about writing Posts.
Rule #2: Your Content in the Post Must be detailed and unique (Only English).
Rule #3: The Content must be fully your Own And never Published anywhere (copied posts will be rejected).
Rule #4: Post must contain atleast 400-500 words (and also include 2 – 3 Images).
Rule #5: If any viewers post comments you must reply to it.

Now How Can you Submit your Guest Post ?
You have to send your article to our e-mail :
And we will review it and publish if it satisfies all the Rules.


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