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Friday, 16 August 2013

    Most of the Students doing their courses in Computer science & Information Technology using windows 7 or Windows 8 find it difficult to use few programming language because of few compatibility reasons. And one among them is MASM 8086 Software also, which doesn't run on windows 7 systems easily whereas in you find it easy to run this software on windows XP, windows server 2003 and also windows 2000!

              So in order to run this software the solution to change the OS doesn’t sound good or easy right! :D So to get rid of these compatibility issues we have a open source software named the DOSBox! This is basically a X86 DOS-emulator that uses the SDL-library which makes DOSBox very easy to port to different platforms. DOSBox has already been ported to many different platforms, such as Windows, BeOS, Linux, MacOS X...! Presently 0.74 is the latest version of DOSBox.

Video Tutorial

       Well, now let me come to the point i.e., the tutorial on how to run MASM 8086 Software on your System. I will explain it to you step by step :-

► Initially you will have to Download two files to proceed with the further steps. So download the below given two files :-
File 1 - DOSBox 0.74 Installer – DownloadLink !
File 2 - 8086 Assembler – Download Link !

► Now as you are done with the downloading part next you gotta open the second file which is a compressed file so you have to extract the files in it to the C Drive of your system.
For that just select the 8086 folder > then click on extract to option > then select C Drive > finally Click on Ok!
Follow the image shown below step 1-4 !

► Then next you have to open the first file i.e., the DOSBox file and Install it which is simple just keep clicking next > next > install and finally close.

► A shortcut of the DOSBox will be created on the desktop so goto your desktop and open the DOSBox icon.

► Then you will find that a black screen pops up. Now enter the command as shown below :-
           MOUNT C C:\8086 (and press Enter)
A message will pop up saying Drive C: is mounted as Local Directory C:\8086\

► Next type the below command :-
           C: (and press Enter)
So now it will enter into the C Drive !

► That’s it you are done! Finally you need to Enter the following command to enter into the MASM Software.
           EDIT filename.ASM (and press Enter)

Now you will enter into the MASM Software Screen. J

Note : If you are a XP users you need not download the DOSBox you can directly download the 8086 Assembler and run it through the Command prompt as usual.


  1. awesome bro, you finally saved me ! Appreciate your effort to disseminate the knowledge to others !! Thanks . GOD BLESS YOU !

    1. Thanks a lot for ur comments dude ! :)
      and ur welcome ;) :)

      Stay Tuned.. :)

    2. bro,can u plz send me the whole 8086 assembler compressed file so that i can easily download it from my mail account
      ....i'm having problem downloading the file actually......
      i'll be thankful for ur this act of kindness

    3. bro, thx for ur instruction! but the link for 8086 assembler now seems invalid... can u check it out? or please send me the 8086 assmebler file directly through email. my address:

    4. @Johnson : Bro I just verified all the links in the post all are working perfect !
      If you still face any problem then write to us @ ! :)

  2. i hav installed both files and started executing but it gives an error dat cv is illegal command plzz help me

    1. @pooja : As i'm not much aware of assembly programming i've just tested a small program on addition of 2 numbers and it worked perfectly for me!
      so i suppose you have to change your cv command!
      I Suggest you to Try below commands :
      masm filename.asm
      link filename.obj
      debug filename.exe
      then type "t" and Enter for Memory Windows !
      U can also use "u" , "g" ,"e" etc !
      Hope this helps You for cv is illegal command error! :)

  3. Thank you so very much brother! You've just made my day! After 2 days of googling finally found your page! I'll try to promote your page as much as i can! thanx again. God bless you :)

    1. Hey! Your welcome :) Good to hear that it helped you!
      follow our official page on facebook @ Ok :)

  4. Awesome bro...
    Worked fine for my Windows 8.1......Keep up this job..!!

    1. Thats Great ! Thanks for the Info.. that it works on Win 8.1 too ! So that I can share it with all ! :)

  5. thannx champ for giving such a valuable info.
    during compiling this problem occurs:
    Run File [CHAR.EXE]: debug char.exe
    List File [NUL.MAP]:
    Libraries [.LIB]: .lib
    Link: warning L4051: .LIB : cannot find library
    Enter new file spec:
    //now i dont know what to do now..the memory window is not opening

    1. Did you Check Out the Video Bro ?
      I think I've made a Video executing a file too.
      Well, regarding the comments and all I can't help you much cause am not aware of the MASM language ! I just found a way to Run it so I put up ! And you can see the above comments it worked for almost everyone ! :) Anyways check the Video ! Hope it'll help you out :)

  6. should I write MOUNT C C:\8086 every time I want to program ?

    1. @Tonton : Ya you gotta do that each time you wanna execute a program. Bcoz we are implementing MASM with the help of DOSBOX so you have to mount it on that then only you can use it!

  7. Replies
    1. @Sukesh : Your welcome :)
      Stay tuned to our blog :)

  8. Awesome bro,Thank you very much...........

    1. Your welcome Bro :)
      Stay Tuned to Our Facebook Page TechzClub for more Techy Stuff :)

  9. its showing me
    illegal file EDIT
    wat to do??/
    where i am wrong??

    1. I think you should have a check on the commands ur using bro ! Coz it worked perfect for all !

  10. Thanks a lot.Works Perfectly.Awesome work!

  11. bro i tried to mount in xp,but it says command not found

    1. If its XP then you wont be needing DOSBOX bro ! You can just directly try installing MASM !

  12. my sys is win 8 and i cannot able to install the 8086 assembler and how to run the asm file man

    1. Bro it has been tested on Win 8 and 8.1 also and it works perfectly fine.
      Just follow the Video there is nothing in installing masm. You need to install DOSBOX and then emulate MASM over it. See the Video for detailed Instructions.