Saturday, 10 January 2015

Top 5 Android Apps for Tracking Your Lost or Stolen Device

      Losing our smartphones has become one of the major issues in the present times. So its better to take up some precautions as the saying goes precaution is better than cure. All you need to do is select a good anti-theft app and install it on your device.

      But out there on the playstore there are like hundreds of apps which does these anti-theft functionalities so which among those are trusted ones and which is the better one. So to solve this confusion among you here we bring to you the Best Top 5 Apps for Tracking Down your Lost or Stolen Device.

WheresMy Droid

      Its the first of its kind on the Android App Market and still it continues to be the best and most used Anti-Theft App on the Google playstore. It has got lots of features like it can send a SMS of the GPS coordinates to another device or take a snapshot of the user secretly or remotely wipe down the data or lock down the device, etc.

LookoutMobile SecurityPlanB

      Lookout acts as an Antivirus as well as it has got the Anti-theft features too allowing the user to remotely wipe the complete data or set the phone to scream aloud and allows safe browsing, etc.

      Whereas PlanB a product by Lookout Mobile Security itself is an alternative app that is as the name suggests its a Plan B. When you don’t have an anti-theft app installed in your device at the time you lost it then you got this option left i.e. PlanB. All you need to do is goto a PC and open playstore on it with the same gmail account as in your lost mobile and install PlanB from it. The app will get installed on your device and immediately send you the location.

PreyAnti Theft

      It is one of the most popular anti theft app not only for Android but available on various platforms. Even laptops could be traced with this app. It is really a very robust app. It helps you to track and locate your lost or stolen device. You can have a track of 3 devices for free on one single account.

      This is also one of the popular apps for anti-theft. It also has the usual features like remote data wipe, remote alarm alert, etc. But along with these it has a special features by which it tracks the location travelled by the stolen phone on the map.


      This app lets you remotely control many features of your device via the internet or SMS. For example, SMS lock and unlock, erase SD card, wipe phone, activate alarm, etc. Also allows you to take pictures from front cam or the rear camera.

      There are tons of apps out there available on the Google Playstore but these are a set of the top 5 most popular and best apps to protect your device from the threat of getting stolen. So if you have a better app on your list then do comment below we will so try to include it onto the list here.

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