Wednesday, 6 July 2016

5 Tools to Help You Organize Your Documents

      When the digital age came, we were happy to declutter our desks with the latest document scanning and online storage solutions. The idea was to organize our space digitally and reduce the paper in the office and at home. However, decades after the digital revolution, we got ourselves into another problem — we stored so many documents on our computers that we started to get lost among all the digital files and folders. Now we are constantly upgrading our digital storage space, deleting duplicates, cleaning our caches and looking for inspiration on how to organize our work.
      Luckily, online document storage is a big industry full of hefty solutions that can help us organize in a better and more efficient way. Below is a list of 5 tools that can help you declutter your workspace and organize your files in a better, more efficient way.

1. Google Drive

Obviously, no online storage list would be complete without Google’s solutions. Not only that it’s free, but it has so many great options to create and manage files that it is an all time favorite for many. With Google Drive you get 15 GB of free storage and you can share its files with anyone (even if they do not have a Google account) from any device you want. You can also create your own PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, Excel sheets and keep them in folders and subfolders. Additionally you can also personalize your experience by adding plugins that are tailored to your personal or professional needs. Just because it has so many options available to boost your experience, for a complete beginner it might seem a bit overwhelming at first. However, it is easy to get used to the simple user interface and soon you will get the jist of it.

2. PDF to Excel

This tool is very useful to help you organize and reuse your PDF tables. PDF to Excel converts all native PDF documents into editable Excel sheets. This way, instead of keeping monthly PDF files in a separate folder, you can convert all their information and transfer it into one Excel sheet you can further edit. By doing so, your accounting work or personal finances will always be up to date, and all readily available from the same source.

3. Zoho Docs

Zoho is a similar solution to Google Docs (it actually even integrates with it), however it is made for enterprise. This means that Zoho adapts to different types of industry professionals, even on different devices. For example, it has solutions for sales, marketing, IT, HR, finance, and business operations. This is important as each business unit within a company has its own priorities and processes and Zoho smartly recognizes that.

4. Data Hero

Data Hero is one of those tools that does not directly help you organize document data, but it helps you make sense of it - which is important especially when deciding which documents to discard and which are of use to you. Since a lot of data can be discarded once it’s analyzed, you could let DataHero do the work and then get rid of everything else you do not need.
That way, you use this tool through a simple drag and drop system that does the heavy work.

5. Keybreeze

Keybreeze lets you find any file on your device that you need and interact with it immediately. For example, quickly find an email and reply to it with a standard message. Another cool thing you can do with it are calculations, just insert the equation you need. Basically it is a search engine designed specifically for your computer, and can be personalized to fit your needs.

With these tools, you can rest assured that the productivity won’t miss you. And, as it is really difficult to name all the useful tools that can help you organize your documents, please feel free to comment in the section below. Which software is your favorite to organize your digital life?

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