Sunday, 18 June 2017

10 Incredible New Technologies That Have Changed the World

Do you know that Bill Gates was a college dropout? Yes, the founder of Microsoft, one of the top grossing companies of the world, was a college dropout. Does this give you some serious goals?

Taking cues from the current scenario, information technology engineering is evolving at a fast pace. There are products and services in the market which the common man could not even believe existed some time ago. There is no looking back now, the rate at which technology is developing; there is so much ahead.
From nano robots to 3-D printers to self-driving cars, technology advancements have changed the face of business spheres. Here are some of the most impressive technological inventions that have made the technology world incredible.
1. Nano Robots
Imagine a very tiny sensor performing surgery on you or detecting cancer. This is what nano robots can do for the world. These tiny robots are currently in research and have already been tested to deliver drugs to a specific body part.
Quick Fact: The parts/components of a nano robot are close to the scale of a nanometer (10-9 meters).
2. 3D Printing Technology
3D printing is a type of additive manufacturing technology where a three-dimensional object is made from scratch by piling up the layers of a material. You can use 3D printers to print anything from teapots to guns to anything you like.
The automotive and aerospace industry has already been using it for a long time, but the printers are another experience altogether.
3. Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence is the latest trend, which will drive how we consume and execute the current and forthcoming data needs.
Artificial Intelligence does everything from facilitating semantic data extraction to aiding consumer experience with information. After being amongst enormous stockpiles of data in the past, Artificial Intelligence is a positive change for the technological world.
4. Voice Interface Technology
Voice recognition/ Voice Interface technology aims at changing the user experience and how we operate our daily lives. VUI uses natural language interface to perform its voice recognition function. In future, even for a simple task like operating google maps, VUI would be the ‘in thing’.
5. Face Detecting Systems
Face detection is a computer technology which is used to identify human faces through digital images. It is one of the latest evolutions among other biometrics like fingerprint, retina recognition, hand geometry recognition etc.
The face-detecting systems technology is being widely accepted and used in China to do even minor things. It helps to authorize payments, provide access to facilities, track criminals, etc.
6. Graphene
Graphene is a layer of graphite that is just one atom thick. The layer is strong and an excellent conductor of heat and electricity and is said to transform mobile devices and revolutionize technology.
So, how does it really work? Imagine having a flexible smartphone or an ultra-thin strong condom or a flexible tablet. In fact, they are in the process of coming up with an ultra-thin condom made of a layer of latex and graphene.
7. Vein Identification Device
Another latest technology in the field of biometric identification and security device is the vein identification device. Like our fingerprints, the vein patterns are also unique to each individual. It focuses on the security features by identifying the vein pattern in the palms of our hand.
As compared to the traditional methods of identification, this technology is much easier to manage and more reliable as well.
8. Self-Driving Vehicles
One of the greatest accomplishments in the car industry are self-driving vehicles which are an artificial intelligence marvel. With a number of accomplishments in the car industry, this one absolutely steals the show.
A self-driving car is a robotic vehicle, which helps to transfer a person from one place to another without a human operator.
9. Brain Controlled Computers
Brain controlled Computers are a boon for people who are physically challenged. These computers are controlled by the brain and would be a great investment for the people without arms or legs.
10. Agricultural Drones
Have you seen flying cameras at marriages and various events these days? That is exactly what agricultural drones are supposed to do.
Farming requires a lot of physical labor and hard work. These drones autopilot themselves from take off to landing. Besides this, they also take extensive pictures of a farm on a daily basis. These would help in pointing out where we are going wrong with the whole procedure of farming and show where the problems are being faced.
There is a lot more in store
Besides these technologies, there are a number of other upcoming ones as well. So, don’t give up on flying cars and men and hoverboards just yet! With the advancement of technology, everything will go into the development stage today or tomorrow!
Editor Bio - Ms Sahiba Sadana is a professional content editor and an avid book-reader. She is a regular contributor to Sharda University, Business Town, and, Munfarid Consulting. The editor is well-known for her Content Marketing skills and has dealt with more than 150 clients.


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