Tuesday, 6 June 2017

How to Get Back into Blog Writing After a Long Break

Any creative job is somehow at risk of bringing a person to a point of a creative burnout. This is especially true for writers who put all their heart in their works, and often find themselves stuck and having no ideas on how to continue the good work you started.

That is why, writers often take breaks. They switch to a less creative job, leave writing behind only to get back to it sooner or later.
However, the process of getting back to writing might be complicated.
Most writers feel stuck not able to answer the question of where do I start and what should I talk about after all this time.
It is completely normal. And since you gained some new strength and experience and are ready to dive into blogging, let’s go over some practical things you should bear in mind when returning on this path.
Ways to get back to writing after you paused it for some time
· Realize that the first steps would be the hardest
You should keep in mind that the first steps might be hard to conquer. The thing which so many of writers forget is that after you put something on hold, you need time and effort to get back on track.
There is nothing wrong with you; it’s just how it works. Therefore, remember that you should not count on very productive first days of writing. Let your mind dive into these things again, and do not pressure it with your high expectations.
So, be ready to spend a few days getting used to a long-forgotten feeling of putting the words together into sentences and finding your inspiration on the way.
· Look up to the pros
All creative people face these hardships at some point. You are not alone. But this also means that you can look up to them and follow their footprints. How did they get through this hard time? How did they get back to work after a long break them took?
You are likely to find answers to these questions in their blogs or interviews. So, if you are really willing to learn how to get back on track, check out how the greats did this.
· Get inspired
You need to find a real source of inspiration, because even though you had a break and gain back the strength, you still need to find something that will ignite your inner genius to produce some great works.
Therefore, we recommend you to find a few books that you always wanted to read, but never really had time or read some professional literature that can help you improve your writing skills. If you ask your fellow writers for a piece of advice on this, you will get an extensive list of great books. So, do not waste your time and get down to reading them right away.
· Get organized

It’s not a secret that success comes to those who are organized and disciplined. So, if you are striving to become successful, you need a good plan. You need to create a schedule for your day or at least add several hours for writing into your day. Specify when you will take breaks, how much you want to write within that time, and who you will be accountable to.
Being accountable to someone is an amazing way of always staying on track. So, do not hesitate to ask your friends to be there for you during this time and keep you accountable.
· Start somewhere easy
It is better not to rush into anything from the beginning. On the contrary, you need to start with creation of a text that is not too hard for you to work on. This way, you won’t put too much pressure on yourself during this time. Do not go straight for a blog post series but rather create a good content plan in which the content is developing from something easy to something slightly more complicated.
· Proofread your texts
You need to accept the fact that you will make mistakes, maybe more than you used to. So, to ensure the high quality of your writing, you need to pay special attention to revision.
Some say that revision might take up to as much time as writing does, so be ready to dedicate some significant amount of time to it.
But don’t worry, proofreading your blog post can be much simpler if you use technological solutions like Grammarly. Make your life easier – and opt for technologies.
It’s great that you want to get back to your blog. It takes courage. And to make this transition easier you can use our tips that will lead you step by step to blogging regularly after a long break.
Bio: Christina Battons is a web content writer and blogger from LA. I am a graduate of the University of Southern California. Currently, I write for various blogs. I am interested in topics about education, writing, blogging. My writing I use as a tool to further the education of others. You can connect with me through Twitter. I'll be happy to hear you, just drop me a line!

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