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Developing Social Media App – 5 Key Features That You Should Consider

When it comes to considering social media from a business perspective, it is one of the most promising markets. Undeniably, this industry is completely occupied by many big players; however, the rapid development of technology is bringing enormous new opportunities for the understanding of new ideas.

At the time of developing a social media application, it is important to comprehend that having an application is a need for the success of any project. Moreover, you also need to comprehend that you should not load up your app with enormous features than required at the outset as it can effect on your app’s success. 
By including more features in your social media app, you can confuse your users and deceive them of the core functionality and purpose of your app that will lead to increased abandon rate. Therefore, it is essential to include key features in your application and allow your users to use it without any hassle.

To make it easy for you, we have listed below 5 key features to include in Social Media App:
Instant Login
Social media channels allow users to connect with their family members, friends, and relatives across the world. Making social connections are easy and instant that demands simple methods of drawing in.
It would be great if you provide them easy login options. By offering easy login option, you can decrease the abandon rate and allow users to come back to your application on a daily basis. Try to make your application more user-friendly as this way you can increase the chances of being rated highly.

Most of the social media apps profile-centric. For professional developers, it only means that a database with personal details of the app’s members is at the majority of social network app development.
One of the simplest ways to develop a user profile is to connect the application to social networks that users are already using. For instance, some basic profile info can be taken through REST API calls from social networking channels like Google+, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
Moreover, you can also allow users to enter an email and password to sign-up as an alternative; however, it needs some work so that people may be less inclined to select this option. It is also imperative that an application offers some tools, which can help users to personalize their profile. Here are some of the basic functions to include:
        Background Colors
        Customizable bio with different animated options, showing hobbies, interest and other favorites.
        Hipster photo effects
        Settings of themes that define content, layout, style of the profile.

Highly Engaging News Feed
As you all know that social media is all about expressing. Today, most of the users use the power of social media for expressing their thoughts, views and give opinions that influence the society. 
The news feed is considered as the most thrilling places, where users are sharing their stories and opinions in the form of content, pictures, status, videos, etc. Eventually, the news feed consists of highly exciting stories, informational content, and videos that can be linked, shared and commented on. 
It is must that your post must be highly engaging as engagement measure notices a new high as users get the concept, posting violently on the same.

Search & Address Book
With a huge data obtainable to access, you can provide a search functionality as it is a requisite for any social media application. Unlike traditional, the all new search functionality delivers an advanced search option for different groups and communities, allowing users to look for the desired results. 
It would be good to add a relevant filtering option that enables users to instantly find the content that they have been looking for. Moreover, you also need to take care of placing buttons and bar at the right place as it plays an important role. Make sure that you place it at the right place.
Along with the search functionality, you can opt for address book, allowing users to send invites to their friends and peers. The letter comprises of one template with the message that can be composed by users.

Privacy and Security
There are various development firms that are bothered about these aspects from long and most of them have already invested a lot in covering their aspects of the business. Today, it has become important for developers to have the highest rate of security features in the app as there are real users with their personal information.
With regular updates fixing, the breach corners and bugs can be raised the standard and value of your app; therefore, it is advisable to do the required regularly.
These are the top five features that you can include in your social media application. By including these features, you can make your app safe, secure and widely adopted. Moreover, you ensure that you hire a veteran mobile app development company that has proficiency in developing social media applications.

About Author – Jyoti Bharwani is a sr. content developer at Space-O Technologies. She loves to write blogs on different topics and share information that she has. In her free time, she prefers to read non-fictional books and Quora writing. 

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