Friday, 9 June 2017

How Tablet Computers Can Be Viable Tools to Shape Your Business

It’s been approximately five years since the first tablets, Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab, reached the consumer market. Ever since then, tablets have become omnipresent. We have all acknowledged their use for sending emails or for entertainment, but tablets PCs can do a lot more than this. The unique blend of portability, touch screen capabilities, and processing make them a preferred choice over notebooks and laptops when it comes to handling business. A large number of tech-savvy business owners are now incorporating tablets for their daily business needs.

No matter the business is small or big, tablets are serving every business in one or the other way.They can serve as catalogs, POS devices, concierge devices, and customer service connection.  Moreover, they don’t necessarily have to burn a hole in your pockets. There are numerous good configuration Android Tablets under 5000 that are widely available in the market which effortlessly combine display features with performance.

Let us here take a look at different ways in which tablets are proving to be an essential tool in a modern business.
Digital Portfolio
When you present your business to your prospective clients, a digital portfolio works wonders. From photographers and fashion designers to real estate agents, tablets are a boon. Have your impressive catalogs ready toshowcase clients, which can alsobe shown on larger screens using USB/HDMI ports.

Presentations & Trainings
Tablets are quite handy in creating presentations or conducting training sessions irrespective of your location. Their portability makes it easier to carry around to a meeting room or to the podium. Most of the tablets these day scan be easily linked to projectors or larger screens for an impeccable demonstration.

Work on the Go
Whether it is checking emails or viewing documents, these lightweight and handy tablets are the best devices to use while on the go.  Tablets also provide multiple apps that help you to edit and save the documents. Because the screen size of tablets is bigger than mobiles and smaller than laptops, they become a perfect fit for mobile business workers.

Meeting Notes & Minutes
On connecting a keyboard to your tablet, it unifies the benefits of mobiles and laptops when taking notes. Along with the quick note-taking options, they provide easy options to access other documents, incorporate photos, videos, and voice recordings. Further, their portable nature makes them less intrusive and easy to take to the meetings.

Tracing inventory
The tedious inventory process can be made a lot easier with the tablets. There are several apps available on different operating systems where you can keep a track of inventory. Moreover, you can also create your own database to track the inventory process.

Tracking time
When the employees are paid on an hourly basis or when they work from home, tracing their working time is important. Several tablet apps help in managing time tracking of the employees in an easy way no matter where they are working from.

Manage finances
Tablets are very helpful in issuing estimates, sending invoices and scanning the receipts. Apps such as Freshbooks, Quickbooksetcare quite good and helpful for managing the accounting needs of a business.

Tablets these days have become much affordable, that even small to mid-size business can think of incorporating them in their day to day activities. Tablets ranging from under INR 5000 to up to no limits are available in the market to suit every need.
Whatever is a business model, everyone can benefit with the incorporation of the tablets in their business. The functionality, size, and adaptability of these computing and communication devices make them the future of business technology.
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