Friday, 10 November 2017

Top 10 Photo Editing Apps for 2017

With every smartphone company releasing devices with professional quality cameras, it’s no surprise that people are opting to take pictures on their phones rather than on a digital camera. 

As everything is becoming accessible on a mobile device, there also needs to be a high quality editing to go with it. There are so many different applications for iOS and Android that there is no real knowing of which photo editing applications are right for you. Photography and photo editing is a refined art, and the photographer is only as good as their tools. Here are some of the best applications for 2017 for both iOS and Android.

The best photo editing applications usually come with simple and intuitive interfaces, which means that it is easy for any person to begin to use straight away, without any outside help. It’s equally as important for the application to be able to support any import options or size of image from your phone. As well as this, it must also include a wide range of editing tools and effects that allow for a professional or artistic finish, and it must also allow for online file sharing so that you can show your work to the world.


This is a professional level application which is admired by many photographers and graphic designers. It has stylish editing features which allow for a professional finish and more features can be unlocked because of in-app features. As well as these features, the application also allows for quick edits, and some of the quick edit features include white balance, shadows, exposure and highlights, similar to that of Instagram. This application is great for creating natural and interesting effects on a photo, but the downside is the fact that you have to make those in application purchases if you want to use the more professional features.

Adobe Lightroom:

One of the best things about this application is that fact that both iOS and Android users can have access to the app, and that it is available for free. This app is home to unique features such as gradient and clarity settings, which make for a crisp and professional looking photo finish. One of the biggest downfalls for this application is the fact that it’s quite difficult to use, so first time users may find difficulty when using the app.


Enlight is great for localised image editing, as there are a wide range of leaks, light, textures, frames and borders which make for a really impressive interface and finish. One of the downfall of this applications is the fact that only a paid version is available, and this is restricted to iOS.

Photoshop Express:

Photoshop is a widely respected photo editing tool, so the express version is merely an extension of this. The popularity of this app stems from its interface and advanced tools. This application is simply a more mobile-friendly quick style version of Photoshop and can deliver the same quality of edit.

PicsArt Photo Studio:

For the quirky artists and photographers, PicsArt is the perfect editing tool. It allows the user to add in various different special effects, artistic filters and vibrant colours. The finish on the photos are eye catching and can be created in the free editor application, as with any application the paid version has better features.

FilterStorm Neue:

This application is great for the more advanced photo edits and has some of the best interactive features in the market. These features are perfect for those particularly tricky and complex edits that need to be taken care of quickly. Again this is a more advanced application and can mean that you will struggle if you are a beginner using the app. 

Google Snapseed:

This app has quite an unusual selection of editing tools, which are used to tweak the brightness, colouring and contrast of the  images. These advanced features are great for features and filters such as a glamour glow, lens blur, noir and frames. This application is great for both novelty and professional images. Again, it takes some time getting used to.

Photomate R3:

This application doesn’t fair well will your bank balance and has quite a hefty price tag for an application, but it is coveted by professional photographers and editors. The Photomate R3 has a tool that can easily process JPEG images, which will make them quicker loading. Some of the best advanced features include a localised colour corrector, a lens corrector, blur adjustments and features such as image sharpening for those crisp finishes. This application is also only available for Android users.


This app was not originally designed for photo editing, but users have been so impressed with the ability to be able to develop customised images. With Prisma you get a whole range of professional looking frames, graphics and different filters. If you’re looking to develop artistic style images, then this is perfect, but it’s always good to use other tools as well as this, as it is not a true editing app.


This app is used to remove any blemishes or to make any cosmetic adjustments to a person, as with most applications, this comes with a free and a paid version, so the free version has very limited options. Both versions of the app work on iOS and Android and also come with a powerful feature set. As with most applications, this is quite a tricky application to use for beginners.

Bio: Alice Porter is an avid writer who works for the App Development company in Manchester. She is big on technology and applications and enjoys sharing her knowledge with like-minded individuals.

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